Chapter 16 – Wide Sea And Sky* (Part 4)

*Means : boundless open vistas / the whole wide world / chatting about everything under the sun

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Hua Kai: “Ouch, it’s so cute. I haven’t seen this kind of heavy taste. So, did we finally come out with a pair of male CP’s for the women’s volleyball team to worry about?”

Yao Xin Ran gazed at the screen, stomping her feet and spoke, “A group of children who don’t know the human suffering ah.” When waiting for someone to gather, Wen Ru Yu sent a message, and charged forward with a consistent smile. “I heard that our boss is reunited with your sister?”

“You can do it ah, put in undercover with my help.”

He he, both in the same boat.”

“I don’t care about you.”

“I said, didn’t we get along well when we worked together? You were  quite delighted sending me the photos of your sister. Why do you eat gunpowder every moment now? Classmate, being tranquil and even-tempered) can live a hundred years ah.”

“That was before. Now, I, this old woman[1] don’t want to see you. Get out of my way and don’t block my eyes.”

[1] “this old woman” is a proud way of referring to oneself or stressing how important he or she is.

“That was an accident, okay? I can see, I’ve got eyes. Can’t you stop holding it against me because my eyes worked properly, now, can you?”[2]

[2] at the gathering Wen Ru Yu happened to see Yao Xin Ran coming out of the bathroom nude.

“Please insert yourself.”

Jiang An Lan and Yao Yuan went shopping after dinner. After shopping, they took a taxi directly to Yao Yuan’s apartment. As soon as he entered the house, he heard his cell phone ringing. Jiang An Lan took their groceries to the dinner table to see the cell phone lying there. However, he merely glanced at it yet refused to answer. Instead, he  turned to arrange the stuff in the kitchen. From behind, Yao Yuan silently watched  his actions. “Won’t you answer the phone?”

“No hurry.”

Since the person involved said so, she did not inquire further. But as soon as his cell phone stopped ringing, her cell phone rang. The number was unfamiliar. Yao Yuan picked it up and the other side spoke, “Hello biaosao[2], I’m Zi Jie.”

[2] meaning older cousin-in-law.

Thanks to Yao Yuan’s good memory, she still remembered Zhao Zi Jie who was on the other line of the call, but still his way of addressing her kept her silent for two seconds, “Hello, do you want to find your biaoge[3]?”

[3] meaning older maternal cousin.

“Yes ah, I called him and he didn’t answer, so I called you.” Zhao Zi Jie said like an acquaintance, “Are you all in Jiang Ning city? I’m at home now, just flew back from LA.. Biaosao, where’s your address,? I’ve brought you some presents. I will send them. It happens that I also have to talk about some business with my cousin. “

At this time Jiang An Lan came out of the kitchen and asked who was calling.

“Your younger cousin.” (biǎodì)

The young master narrowed his eyes. “Do you mind if I talk to him?” Yao Yuan smiled and handed her mobile phone to him. He spoke, “Zhao Zi Jie, are you free?”

“An Lan, I’m with my parents. I’ll come over.”

“Since you’re at home, spend more time with your parents.” Said Jiang An Lan, totally unimpressed.

“I brought back a bottle of perfume for biaosao. It’s a limited edition, just been released by Dior this year.”

“She doesn’t use perfume. Thank you for your kindness.”

Zhao Zi Jie was stunned by this “thank-you”, and immediately reflected that it was actually meant “stop sticking your nose to other people’s business, stay where you are and behave”. It was probably due to biaosao‘s presence, so he had said it so implicitly, otherwise he would have scolded him like spitting one’s head and covering the face[4], and the accusation was to go beyond the sacrificial altar and take over the kitchen[5]. Although Zhao Zi Jie did not learn Chinese well, his brain was flexible. “Oh, I got it! I sent perfume to someone else.”

[4] meaning to scold someone till one’s saliva spits everywhere.

[5] meaning to meddle in other people’s business.

“Hang up.”

“Wait, An Lan. I’ll report to you about my business trip.”

“Let’s talk about it later.”

Zhao Zi Jie knew it was of no use. “OK, then you can say hello to biaosao for me.” As soon as he finished saying that, Jiang An Lan cut off the line. Zhao Zi Jie muttered to himself, “How can this happen?”

Qin Yue, Zhao Zi Jie’s mother, coming out to water the potted plants. Upon having heard her son talking to himself on the balcony, she could not help asking, “What are you mumbling about?”

“Mom, I think An Lan will become more ruthless after he got married. Can you believe it?”

“What are you even talking about?”

“Have you heard of his girlfriend? He changed his Jiang surname for her, and changed it to his mother’s surname”

Listening, Qin Yue could not refrain from frowning and sighed. Her only sister passed out too early. An Lan had been too small at that time. When Qin Yue thought of this matter, her eyes reddened simultaneously. Seeing his mother’s melancholy and moody expression, Zhao Zi Jie immediately comforted her and said, “Mom, your little heart is too fragile.”

Qin Yue reached out her hand and hit her son on the head. “Your aunt is my closest sibling. When your maternal grandfather died on the battlefield, maternal grandma died in depression, your aunt was only fifteen, and I was only twelve, yet we became orphans. We were being passed over between several relatives, and had suffered a lot of supercilious looks and cold shoulders. At that time, your aunt saved whatever was useful and delicious for me. Later, the country praised the martyrs of the Anti Japanese War. Your maternal grandfather had been designated as the first-class merit. Many national figures came to give us gifts and condolences. Your aunt said, “Serving the country is my father’s lifelong wish, but he forgot what to do if his family did not have him.” although your aunt was petite and frail, her character was tough and independent. That’s the first time she had shed tears in front of so many people. Later, your aunt went to college and met An Lan’s father. When she got married, she told me that she was the eldest daughter, and the Qin family had always wanted someone to have qualified successors to carry on one’s undertaking. After giving birth to An Lan, your aunt had wanted to give birth to a second child later, so that the child’s surname would be Qin. Unexpectedly… ” Qin Yue stopped her narration, she could not help but wipe the corner of her eyes with her sleeves. “Ai, it’s all fate.”

Zhao Zi Jie embraced Qin Yue around her shoulder. “Every time you recount maternal aunt’s story, you always cry. OK, seriously, I heard this family story from a young age, now I can even recite it.”

Qin Yue looked at her son, resenting that iron could not become steel, and then exclaimed, “An Lan changed his surname to ‘Qin’, which could also be considered as fulfilling the cherished desire of your late maternal aunt. Say, An Lan’s girlfriend, have you met her?”

“I’ve met her. She is beautiful and in good shape. According to my colleagues in the company, her disposition is also very good. You also know how picky the older cousin is. He eats and uses cream of the crop, let alone a man.”

“That girl is our Jiang Ning person?”

“Yes.” Zhao Zi Jie suddenly got an idea and said, “Mom, why don’t you call An Lan to have dinner in the evening? He is in our city, let him bring his future wife along.”

So Jiang An Lan soon received Qin Yue’s call. After he hung up, he glanced towards Yao Yuan. She sat cross legged on the palm rattan cushion beside the tea table and was making tea with the Six Gentlemen of the Japanese tea ceremony. He approached to sit on the armrest of the sofa behind her, looked down at her moistening the tea leaves and flushing the water, then he spoke when the tea was ready, “My little aunt told us to go to their house for dinner in the evening, would you like to go?”

“Little aunt?”

En, my mother’s younger sister.”

Oh.” Yao Yuan slowly poured the tea into two purple sand cups one by one, and then gave a cup to him. “Go ahead, there is nothing to do at home anyway.”

Jiang An Lan smiled, “OK.” And the music has buckled the Tieguanyin tea that had just been bubbled out, and the tea fragrance lingered between the lips and teeth. “This tea is very tasty.”

Yao Yuan humbly  said,  ”It’s not expensive. I don’t think it’s more expensive than the high-end ones you usually drink.”

“I mainly see who made it.”

Cough, well.”This man ah has become  more and more eloquent.

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