Chapter 16 – Wide Sea And Sky* (Part 3)

*Means : boundless open vistas / the whole wide world / chatting about everything under the sun

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He.” Jiang An Lan sighed and smiled with pride, yet was silently cursing in his heart, “Those people merely know how  to be tactful, as the ancients have said, ‘It’s better to demolish temples than destroying a single marriage,’ engagement too could not be destroyed.” Sometimes, God’s mind worked like a child’s.

However, most of the time, it was just what you were bothered with. No, once they entered the restaurant where Yao Yuan often visited to have dinner with her older cousin, they met a large group of acquaintances.

Jiang An Lan’s classmates  in the university happened to have a party there. Though the gathering was not so bustling with noise and excitement, someone who was sitting facing the entrance had easily recognized him. Jiang Dashao was undeniably famoush. At one glance, the man was convinced that it was him. He got up and shouted his way, “Hey, Jiang An Lan! Dude! “

Jiang family educated the younger generation, which was more pragmatic in that circle. When their children went to university, they had to live in the dormitories like every ordinary person. The reasons Studying abroad was not allowed. Old Mr. Jiang had always been against that. Jiang Jie was an exception. That was evidently because in Mr. Jiang’s eyes, he did not pay much attention to the second wife’s children.

Jiang An Lan, had always been the most valued one, in addition that he was born with a poor physique. He chose the university closest to the hospital where he had been treated since he was a child. He also had promised that he would buy an apartment outside the school for him and arranged someone to clean and cook for him, but Jiang An Lan had replied that it was not needed. He was really tired of being treated like a weak man. When he went to university, Jiang An Lan’s physical condition had gotten much better. On the whole, he had a good four years and got along well with his classmates.

“I said, Jiang Shao, it’s a coincidence. Indeed such a rare chance to meet you here. Haven’t we seen him last six or seven years ago, right? Who is this beauty? Your girlfriend?”

Jiang An Lan stared at this classmate that could talk really well and nodded his head. He said to the waiter, “Give me a private room.” In normal times, he had no problem having a chat with former classmates. But today, he was not in the mood to entertain anyone. All his mind was on the world with only two people[1] .

[1] meaning being lovey dovey.

There were also female students who could not refrain from commenting”Jiang An Lan, it’s our old classmates’ Party in Jiang Ning city today. I didn’t expect you to be here, would you like to join us?”

Jiang An Lan faintly said:”No, you go eat, I’ll foot the bill.”

Everyone said how awesome that was. Yao Yuan looked around and thought that this man really dominates the situation in the first place. So the economic lifeline was the key.

When Jiang An Lan and Yao Yuan were taken to the private room by the waiter, the table could not help talking about Jiang An Lan.

“I haven’t seen him since I graduated.”

“Me too. Didn’t he go to Peking University or Tsinghua University to study for a Master’s Degree at that time?”

“No, it’s said that he went to see a doctor.”

“Didn’t he start a company? In Beijing?”

“His father is Jiang Wen Hua, the boss of Huaye Holdings, but he wanted to start his own company? I guess it’s for fun. Last time I saw a groundbreaking activity of Huaye in the news, he was present. It was awesome. We losers can only watch it on the TV. Alas, I envy being born in such a family, ah! “

“This is biased. Jiang An Lan’s own ability is not bad, right? Isn’t Wen Cheng, who has always been pretentious, even admired him very much?”

“Jiang An Lan can be a human being, but he doesn’t love people of reason. Despite his cold personality, there were many girls who fancied him in college. I feel that one just now is Jiang An Lan’s girlfriend, right? Isn’t she a pretty girl?”

The girl who had invited Jiang An Lan to have a meal made a supercilious look, “Are there few beauties in the world? Aren’t all the female stars on TV the beautiful ones? It’s so rarely seen, very strange[2] (TL: to express amazement due to lack of experience / naive expression of excitement due to ignorance). All right, stop talking about other people and eat.”

[2] meaning being immensely amazed due to one’s lack of experience.

Just now, on the other side of the small box, Jiang An Lan already ordered a meal and was picking up the tea on the table to have a sip. Yao Yuan suddenly spoke, “I think two girls in that group just now take fancy on you.”


“What?” Jiang Dashaoye choked

“Woman’s instincts are very accurate.”

Jiang An Lan said quietly: “You think too much. Besides, I have a high vision. For example, I look like you and have a similar personality too. I don’t think more points are enough, and less points are insufficient.”

Yao Yuan was embarrassed to say more that she took the tissue and kneaded it into a ball before throwing it at him. Jiang An Lan laughed but still caught it, “I’ve said it in all honesty, furen does not believe it.”

Yao Yuan’s face was flushed by the long lost address. “You are the well-fed and cannot know how the starving suffers.”

“Is Furen a starving man?”

“I didn’t say I am ah!” Yao Yuan retorted.

Jiang An Lan, who had always been the cold and handsome type, teased her, “You have me, are you still hungry and thirsty? It’s too unsatisfactory.”

Yao Yuan thought that she was a scholar who met a soldier. The soldier used to be very polite, but now he completely used both carrot and stick[3].

[3] meaning to use both hard and gentle measures.

Recently reconciled, should not she have the upper hand? Why did this man act in a diametrically opposite way?

At the same time, because Hua Kai kept on preaching that: “Our family Xiao Jun and Jun Lin Tian Xia are suspected to have reconciled.” For a while, people in the game could not keep their calm.

Ami: “Really fake, ah!”

Hua Kai: “Have a meal together. You dare say it’s fake?”

Ami: “En, when the guild leader went to dissolve the alliance with the people of World Clan, didn’t Jun Lin Tian Xia say, ‘Follow you, but don’t make her number automatically? Was that to warn our Boss not to terminate his engagement with elder sister Jun without authorization?”

Asia: “I suddenly feel that maybe Xiao Jun and Jun Lin Tian Xia have never been “bad” at all, whether in the game or in reality. In fact, the leader of our guild didn’t want to see Wen Ru Yu of the World Clan. They’ve been in love and wanted to kill each other ever since they first met online?”

Hua Kai: “Pfff, the truth of Xiao Ya! However, in any case, Xiao Jun will be fine.”

Asia: “The issue lays on the clan leader. I want to take more of the light of the World Clan. As a result, the clan was torn down.”

Shuǐ Shàng Xiān: “I want to curse!”

Asia: “Hahaha, you’re here, clan leader.”

Shuǐ Shàng Xiān: “I’m too lazy to talk about you. OK, any group wanna do dungeons with me?”

Ami: “I just want to know if sister Jun and I have another chance. Tears. “

Duo La A Meng (Doraemon): “Elder brother Ami, why don’t I sacrifice myself, let’s be together? He, he.”

Asia: “Two goods attack match two goods received?”

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