Chapter 16 – Wide Sea And Sky* (Part 2)

*Means : boundless open vistas / the whole wide world / chatting about everything under the sun

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The brothers naturally bid their goodbyes. Jiang An Cheng received a call from his mother as soon as he got into the car inquiring if Xiao Wu[1]was there. Jiang An Cheng glanced at the rearview mirror and tidied his gel-styled  hair. “Mom, don’t bother about the second uncle’s family.”

[1] It is Jiang An Lan’s nickname.

“He already bought the house in Jiang Ning city?”

“You also know about that?” Jiang An Cheng switched to Bluetooth to answer the phone and started the car. “Actually, I had no intention to hide it from you. Ma, An Lan wants to get married. Does it matter who his partner is?”

The Jiang’s family madam over the other line sighed, “We should pay attention that the families are well-matched in terms of social status , right? “

Jiang An Cheng said with a smile, “An Lan doesn’t seek power, and he doesn’t lack money. The company he runs has enough and to spare to support a family. Hadn’t even Zhao Zi Jie bought two sets of houses and several rounds of cars?”

Jiang Madam laughed and mocked, “Can their small company compare with your second uncle’s enterprise?”

Jiang An Cheng chatted with his mother for a while. He then turned up the stereo after their conversation had concluded and drummed against the steering wheel with his fingers in tune with the music rhythm to drive to the destination.

Among the Jiang An family’s descendants, he was the only one who wanted to seek power. “I really like the feeling of being in charge.”

Jiang An Cheng had been frivolous in his younger days. He was the epitome of the devil incarnate. Although he was muddle-headed, his mind was alive. That Zhao Zi Jie, a hedonistic son of rich parents, was a minor magician in the presence of a great one, which was himself. Of course, Jiang An Cheng to conceal one’s strengths and bide one’s time, he put on a slick and sly front at present. At first glance, he seemed very considerate to everyone. He carried a mature and stable demeanor. I really need to think about it carefully. There were not many people that could enter his eyes. In the end, he was the offspring of a famous family[2]). He was originally born noble and with great virtue, how could taint his upright born.

[2] Meaning that he is of blue blood.

When Jiang An Lan, the highest member of the Jiang family, walked into the corridor, a young girl who was running down the stairs almost ran into his arms. The little girl looked at the person and apologized with a red face, “I’m sorry.”

Today, he was evidently in a relaxed mood. He responded with a smile, “It doesn’t matter.” Just about to resume his steps, the girl said, “I’m a resident on the second floor. Are you a new one?”

Jiang An Lan did not want to waste any more time, but he added, “My girlfriend lives here.”

In a word, SecKill ((sports or online gaming) rapid dispatch of an opponent).

Later Jiang An Lan said to Yao Yuan, “I’m so good-looking that it’s easy to attract people’s interest. What’s your opinion on this?”

Yao Yuan was currently in a hurry to publish some papers in an academic journal. She merely waved her hand and spoke, “First, write the opening report and send it to my email. I’ll see to it and get back at you after reading it.”

Jiang An Lan narrowed his eyes and added after a long time: “Furen, shall we wash and sleep early? Of course, whether you like it or not, you have to put down your homework.” The grumpy side showed its face. On the other hand, Ph.D., a few papers and so on, get lost!

At present, Jiang An Lan got moving and headed  upstairs step by step, pondering: when could he sacrifice himself?

Of course, it’s just been made up. He was agitated, even his patience was running out thin .

So, on the occasion of the first sky clears after rain), two people watched TV for half a day. The channel had not been changed, still the one of Yao Xin Rans chosen previously. They did not have any preference and only snuggled up to each other. They were in a comfortable silence. It had not been easy for them to get there. For example, Yao Yuan; it did not mean that she does not have any knots in her heart, only that she was simply trying to follow her heart thus she took this step. Another example was Jiang An Lan; in some people’s eyes, some of his actions seemed to be disgraceful[3], but he thought that it was fine not to be  censured too strictly[[4].

[3] meaning that his behaviour is unfilial and is a deviation to the norms of society.       

[4] meaning that it is all reasonable enough.                                                                                                     

In this relationship, one person exercised some efforts while the other gave way . In fact, the time had proved that perhaps the difference between those two people were the paths they had taken. But still,, the paths had been walked and exhausted through the wide sea and sky..

At noon the next day,their refrigerator had run out of ingredients to cook hence they changed their clothes and went out for a mealYao Yuan remembered that she had gone shopping with her older  cousin the previous week. When they were on their way downstairs, Yao Yuan said, “After a meal, shall we go to the supermarket?”

“Sure.” Everything was as furen’s said.

Jiang An Lan walked in front of Yao Yuan. He had showered, changed his clothes to a white T-shirt and brown cotton thin pants. His hair had been blown to  70% dry, Yao Yuan could not help but reach for it. Jiang An Lan raised his hand and grabbed a hold of her hand. “If the full score is ten, how much would mine be?”

Yao Yuan became a little baffled, “What?”

“Myself. In every way.”

Yao Yuan could not hold back her laughter, “Is it in the virtuous, intelligent, physical, and beautiful aspect? Separately or rounded?” Precisely the main field of study of a proper teacher.

“All rounded.”

“Six points.”

Just when they got downstairs, Jiang An Lan pulled her to the side. His hand suddenly wound on her neck instead of holding her hand. He emitted the fragrance of her shower gel on his body. “Barely passed?”

“Don’t you have a bad character?”

“What’s the difference?”

“Even if what others say doesn’t count, you have admitted your bad temper.”

This pair of one handsome man and beautiful woman made a lot of noise. People passing by in the community could not refrain from giving them a second glance. Yao Yuan was wearing a light blue dress. Her skirt swayed and it rippled like the water.

“An Lan, let go first. Everyone is watching ah.”

“Then let them see.” Under the reflection of the sun, the smile on the man’s face was clearly seen.

In the taxi on their way towards the restaurantYao Yuan’s mobile phone rang again. Jiang An Lan, however, was  absolutely unique. He did not even bring his mobile phone out when he went out. Yao Yuan answered the call. It was from Hua Kai. She said that the flower shop was very empty today and that she wanted to ask her out for lunch.

Yao Yuan spared  Jiang An Lan who was looking outside the window a glance, “I’m about to have lunch with someone.”

Ah? Xiao Jun, your friends must be very nice people. Would they like to join us? Elder sister, will treat them.”

Yao Yuan took the phone a bit farther and asked the person next to her softly, “Hua Kai from our guild, she said she would like to have a meal with us.”

Jiang An Lan turned her way . “Tell her that you’re with me.”

Without much thinking Yao Yuan called the person at the other end of the phone: “Jun Lin Tian Xia is also…” Before she even finished speaking, Hua Kai over there was greatly surprised, “Jun Lin Tian Xia, ah? Forget it. Let’s make an appointment another day. Ha ha ha, have a good time, you two  have a good time! I won’t disturb you anymore. Bye bye Xiao Jun.” All that was finished in one breath and then the line went dead.

Yao Yuan stared at her mobile phone for a while, then looked at Jiang An Lan. “She sounded very surprised that we are together again?”

Jiang An Lan stated plainly, “To make a fuss out of nothing.”

“By the way, how come they were like  hearing the wind and losing the gall[5] when you are mentioned?”

 [5] meaning to be terror stricken when hearing his name.

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