Chapter 15 – I Might be Cruel But I Will Never Hurt You (Part 4)

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 In the first semester of her sophomore year, Yao Yuan went to work. Her first job had been waitress at a high-end restaurant. Her salary was very good. She had been required to have a good appearance and good English because foreigners were the majority consumers there. As a result, she had not been working there for a week before she met with a troublemaker, a table of three or four foreigners bullying a Chinese at the next table. That day, the manager had just left. Her colleagues murmured that they did not know what to do. Then without much thought she came  to help her compatriots and said to the foreigners in English, “He didn’t mean to. I’m sorry, I’ll cover your bill, ok?” As soon as she finished, Yao Yuan regretted that she was short of money. What kind of hero was she? No, she was a spendthrift and foolish[1]. But now that all had been said and done, it was too late to take them back. Fortunately, there was no violence in the end.

[1] meaning somebody with more money than sense.

“You paid me twice though the next time, I didn’t think it was necessary.” Did she look so easy to be bullied?

As for Yao Yuan, naturally, she was not a person who does good things everywhere. She had lived a hard life since she was a child. Of course, she would lend a hand to people when they needed it, but after all, there were very few people who would catch people and scatter their money. As a result, Yao Yuan had been at a loss for words.

“Do you want to pay a debt of gratitude…”

Jiang An Lan interrupted her helplessly, “I think our relationship is more like Romeo and Juliet.” In addition, he had never been a lay practitioner of Buddhism, but he was so adamant on paying  a debt of gratitude? It was only because the other party was she that he looked at her in a different way and deliberately magnified that kindness.

“Yao Yuan, let’s start over again ok?”

If only her heart could be a little harder, she would have said no to him. Unfortunately, she was not decisive enough.

There were always people in the world who made you feel without the freedom to act independently and powerless. Even the twists and turns in the middle were just for you to see the helplessness more clearly.

After a long time, Yao Yuan sighed. Looking at the person who she once dared not face. “I often think about you recently.”


“I didn’t want to think about it, but I can’t help thinking about it. And then I wouldn’t be able to sleep.”

Jiang An Lan had been unable to take one’s eyes off her, his breathing became  a little shallow. She feared that he would interrupt her next words accidentally.

“I may not be able to get along with your relatives without any grudge.”

“I know.”

“I simply like you …” She was still somewhat broken-hearted when she said that.

“I know.” Jiang An Lan reached out to embrace her and closed his eyes deeply. The relief as if relieved from a burden was so obvious. The man who only knew how to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses , not a word or movement[2] was too lazy to hide his mind at the moment. He had already revealed his previous feelings to her clearly, so he had not mind admitting his previous anxiety and uneasiness at all, “If you had still rejected me this time, I really don’t know what to do, fortunately… Fortunately.”

 [2] meaning someone who only exercises one’s strength and always remains calm and collected.

They had  reconciled, were they not? Both of them had not fared well. Now they were finally together, the contentment they were feeling was indescribable. There was a light fragrance in the room. Yao Yuan thought that it was the fragrance of lavender dried flowers that her aunt had asked her to bring back from the countryside today to calm her nerves.

“What are you thinking?” Jiang An Lan looked down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Thinking about the lavender in the dining room.”

They just sat snuggled on the sofa in the living room, speaking one minute and being quiet the next.

When Yao Yuan fell asleep, Jiang An Lan’s mobile phone lit up. It was a text message: “How is it?”

As if Jiang An Lan, the sort of man who was filled with cleverness, who could trifle with him?

Those in the family would come to her, all of which he did not make a word or movement . Even such a big event as changing his family name, he finally did it. This kind of thing was difficult enough to operate even in some ordinary small families, not to mention the Jiang family, this kind of famous family with generations of influence. In fact, according to his expectation, even if she had not called him, he would come to her one of these days.

“Last Qingming[3], when I went to my mother’s grave, I told her that I would take you to see her this time.”

[3] meaning the Tomb Sweeping Day where one visits his deceased family’s grave to pay one’s respect.

“I didn’t know much when my mother died. I learned about her later by listening to others and reading some notes she left behind. My name was also chosen by her; “My child, I hope you can have a peaceful life, without waves and without swelling water, so it’s called An Lan.” Although I haven’t lived a peaceful life, I haven’t died early…”

“My parents met when they were in college and fell in love on their own free will. Mother sacrificed a lot for father, gave up her dream and married from Jiang Ning to Beijing. My mother wasn’t in good health. She couldn’t adapt to the food and environment in the north. But for father, she swallowed it as sweet as syrup[4] . I’m probably more like her, maybe I’m more extreme. I will spend more means than her, regardless of cost, never to stop, just to get what I want.”

[4] it is cited from the Book of Song and has the meaning to endure hardship gladly.

Xiao Yuan I am cruel, but I will never hurt you.”

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