Chapter Two

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Being Little Tail’s sister-in-law?

How could it be? Never mind that the two of them knew about each other’s past, let’s just take the present as an example. The memory of Xuē Lì Héng was a combination of a little devil and a bad teenager. The person in front of her was solemn and of few words, and his every move showed the maturity of water chestnut.

He had become the kind of person he once hated most. The so-called teaching director’s face, even when he smiled, it looked stiff.

Jiǎn Míng Xià guessed that he was a master of training people. Only by training enough people could one possess this kind of aura of a teaching director.

Jiǎn Míng Xià did not like people who were too serious. If she were to fall in love, she hoped the other party was a person who could play with herself and make a joke, but also had a clear conscience.

Although she could be said to be a nerd, her heart still longed for freedom and wished to travel all over the world.

Therefore, Jiǎn Míng Xià thought that she and Xuē Lì Héng were hopeless.

As for Xuē Lì Héng, from his eyes, Jiǎn Míng Xià could see the result, which was how one would be looking at children’s eyes.

Now from Xuē Lì Yán’s body contrast, sure enough, he looked at them in the same way.

In fact, it was the same. Jiǎn Míng Xià once called him brother for more than ten years.

Jiǎn Míng Xià had wanted to ask those close childhood friends whom one grew up with whether there was any contact, but after giving it a little more thought, let it be, so many years had passed with no contact, if they were to meet again and what might possibly be redeemed.

Seeing Xuē Lì Héng this time, she did not know when would the next time be.

Having such  thought, Jiǎn Míng Xià was evidently a bit disappointed. This outdated taste, many things to do but there was not enough time, and so little chance.

She was no longer of the unruly age.

Getting back to her senses, Jiǎn Míng Xià had no intention to tease Xuē Lì Yán, so she said: “I’m kidding, in fact, I just want to take this opportunity to meet elder brother. The original thing was a mishap. If I cut all  contact with each other because of this small matter, it’s very unworthy.”

Xuē Lì Yán had already seated down next to his brother. At this time, he was browsing the menu absent-mindedly and finally ordered a steak. Xuē Family’s house was not far from here, so he often came to this restaurant for breakfast.

Yes, breakfast.

Though it was almost three o’clock in the afternoon.

He looked at his elder brother and spoke, “It didn’t work if I tried to persuade you at the beginning. Now, how do you like it?”

This was obviously anger.

Of course, he also had reason to be angry. At the beginning, Jiǎn Míng Xià and Xuē Lì Héng had a falling out, but they did not seem very disturbed, however Xuē Lì Yán was very anxious. However, he really complied with that sentence.

Xuē Lì Héng shook his head with a smile and replied, “The original thing, in the final analysis, was my fault. You can forget the past. As a big brother, I’ll replace wine with tea and compensate you for it. After drinking this cup of tea, what relationship did we have before? It’s still a relationship now.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià drank the cup of tea. After that, she blinked her eyes and suppressed her sour feeling. She said with a smile, “If you ask me to say those words now, I can’t say them. The older I get, the more I can’t let go. To make their vows to become sworn brothers or sisters this type of folly, who came up with such a stupid thing as a white candle?”

Xuē Lì Yán looked up and flatly vetoed: “Don’t look at me, it’s not my fault.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià also had the same idea that it was not his fault. At that time he was still a little brat of several years old, so he had no right to speak.

“Initially I was supposed to use incense sticks, I didn’t know where to buy them, then as an alternative use the white candles at home.”

In the end, Xuē Lì Héng gave an answer to the question that had puzzled her for many years.

She thought, sure enough, boys were unreliable. Who would use white candles to make their vows to become sworn brothers or sisters ah! If this were put in the ghost film, properly summoning the malicious spirit, the rhythm of the mass extinction ah!

But despite this, every time she recalled  the chaotic scene at that time, Jiǎn Míng Xià could never hold back her smile.

Jiǎn Míng Xià asked about some of the moronic matter from back then, and the two men switched to bring up about the blind date. The same one-track path[2] was certain. Finally, the two discussed, not to mention busted, and put off the discussion until later after returning to Nancheng. After a rare holiday, they really had no desire to be tormented by this matter.

[2] meaning to use the same method on discussing one issue.

I don’t know when I’ll go home next time.

Xue Li Heng decided to drive back to Nancheng two days later. They talked about how they had fallen into this situation. Xuē Lì Héng never mentioned that he had thousands of admirals, but there were a lot of people chasing him. They were about to turn twenty-eight, but were still single. Either they had psychological problems or suffered emotional trauma.

Jiǎn Míng Xià’s mother was not very worried, compared with the doubt was lace, the trauma was light.

Now that society had become more open-minded, no wonder parents would be more and more anxious.

“I failed once. I don’t want to think about feelings for the time being.”

Regarding Xuē Lì Héng’s interpretation, Jiǎn Míng Xià put on restrain as so not to speak out “It’s not unexpected at all”. Xuē Lì Héng fancied that kind of girl who was very artificial and pretentious. If he was not in a relationship, he did not love it. Therefore, from the perspective of women, it would be weird for Xuē Lì Héng not to fail several times.

As for Jiǎn Míng Xià herself.

In fact, she was somewhat at a loss.

“I don’t know how I got to this age alone. I probably have no encounter, right?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià had not grasped recount impassable. When people encounter love, most of them would lose reason and have no bottom line. Although Jiǎn Míng Xià could say at the moment that she did not believe in love, but when she really faced it, whether the IQ would also became offline or not, this matter was still hard to decipher.

It was said that the later a person fell in love, the more crazy he would be. Because he would make up all the previous chances in one time.

In the end, they said two words of comfort to each other.

“It’s not a bad thing for a man to talk about his feelings when he is older. At least he can focus on his work.”

“Let nature take its course, right? If you are fated, you will find it eventually.”

Two people here kept on talking  about the scars of love and the melancholy of autumn. Sitting in a corner,  Xuē Lì Yán finished his steak, let his chin rest on his free hand while kept looking at the glass window motionlessly, never interrupted, it was unknown if he was even listening to the two people’s conversation.

Jiǎn Míng Xià asked him: “Toothache?”

Xuē Lì Yán shook his head and said, “Lost in thought.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià felt that he was still in a state of daze, which like how it had used to be. His face always looked somewhat foolish.

Had not seen him for nearly four years, Xuē Lì Yán had minuscule changes. His dark hair was dye in bright yellow and looked like golden instant noodles. One could not be sure  whether he was too lazy to take care of it or did not have time to do it. As a result, his face appeared somewhat coarse, it made him look a few years older than his actual age. Sitting side by side with his brother, Xuē Lì Héng, who had a carefully groomed appearance, seemed younger.

Jiǎn Míng Xià remembered that she used to like to have his hair cut. He refused to get his hair cut unless he got  caught by the teacher. His preferences had  changed. Xuē Lì Yán transformed from a beautiful boy to a vulgar uncle.

Retracted back her gaze from his face. Jian Ming Xia felt that it was too painful to look  at it for another second.

After sitting for a while, Jiǎn Míng Xià proposed to go shopping. In fact, it was just an excuse to say goodbye. Although she had been looking forward to this meeting, she got nothing to talk about after the initial enthusiasm had finally cooled down. After all, the time gap of so many years could not be filled in a few words. Some Things could remain the same, but people had changed.

Besides, Jiǎn Míng Xià and Xuē Lì Héng had not been in a close relation, with no gap[3] relationship. No matter how close they were,  between men and women as long as they were not lovers, there would always be some awkward times.

[3] meaning had not been in a very close without any restrain in between.

This reunion, Jiǎn Míng Xià did not know whether she was more happy or melancholy.

Xuē Lì Yán said, “I’ll send you.”

Xuē Lì Héng looked at his brother before saying, “Let Lì Yán send you over.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià shook her head and refused, “No need, I’ll go to the supermarket across the road. It’s more convenient to walk on the overpass.”

In the end, they did not insist.

The Xuē brothers watched her walking on the overpass. Jiǎn Míng Xià possessed a typical southern woman’s figure. She was neither short nor tall with a thin body and paired with a pair of  two thin legs, making people worry that she would not be able to support her weight.

Time had treated this woman especially nice. Even after so many years, her face did not undergo much changes, which in turn made her look much younger than her actual age, but her eyes let people know that she had experienced the  wind and frost..

Perhaps because of her thin figure, by a distance she appeared lonely, and she did not have the vigor that young people should have had.

Xuē Lì Yán squinted, feeling that the afternoon sun was a little dazzling.

When her person could no longer be seen. Xuē Lì Héng withdrew his line of sight and inquired, “Is the notebook of Míng Xià still with you?”

Xuē Lì Yán did not immediately answer, like a memory, after a while said: “Forget, Ill go back and check.”

Xuē Lì Héng frowned but did not press the matter.

So many years ago, if you lost something, it would never come back to you.

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