Chapter Thirteen

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“Thank you.”

Fēng Zhēng also hugged Jiǎn Míng Xià tightly.

In an instant, Jiǎn Míng Xià could feel the long-lost friendship.

She almost fell for it.

Fēng Zhēng asked: “Can I stay here for a few days? I think I need time and space to think about how to go in the future.”

Maybe Jiǎn Míng Xià should not, but…

“My Dear, you finally grew up.”

“I know, I know, these years I have been ignoring you because of Jiǎng Jié. Xià Xià, don’t be angry with me, okay? We are still good sisters for a lifetime.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià went silent for a while, gave off a smile: “Second sister.”

“Third sister!”

When they heard this long-lost nickname, both of them became emotional.

Fēng Zhēng said, ” Xià Xià, do you remember our previous dreams?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià nodded.

Feng Zheng said: “I had a dream some time ago. In my dream we were still young. When we returned, we shuttled through great streets and small alleys of the city every day, singing our favorite popular songs. We were still so beautiful, nothing to consider, worry-free. When I woke up, I thought, if only I could go back to that time.”

The scenes she had described seemed to be vivid in one’s mind.

“I wanted to call you, but I dared not. I know you hate me because of my and Jiǎng Jié’s relationship. I will be single again in the future. We will still live together. We will have fun together like before, okay?”

Faced with the other’s glistening eyes, it arouse a lot of emotions in Jiǎn Míng Xià’s heart. She exerted herself physically to nod her head and said, “But we are not young anymore, people would’ve called us crazy aunties.”

“Crazy aunt, then so be it. It’s also not bad, isn’t it? Not all aunts dared to be crazy, even if they were aunties, we are still the most special aunts.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià could not help but laugh, then she asked: “You’ve really decided to break up, not just sulking?”

Shaking her head, Fēng Zhēng explained: “Really not. I wasted six years of youth on him. How many more six years can I waste?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià said uncertainly: “You can figure it out.”

“I’ve really figured it out. You know, a woman in love has no sense. Now I’ve woken up and I’ll never be stupid again. Sometimes I don’t know what I love about him at first. He looks ugly and is not good to me. I can only say that when my eyes were covered by shit, I would treat a pile of shit as a treasure.”

She described Jiǎng Jié as a pile of shit. Jiǎn Míng Xià wanted to laugh when she thought about it. Fēng Zhēng smiled, and her face became paler when she smiled.

Jiǎn Míng Xià asked: “Are you sick? Your face looks ghastly white.”

Fēng Zhēng was silent for a while, and said softly, “I abortion last month.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià frowned. She did not know how to speak for a moment.

On the contrary, Feng Zheng talked some more and even became more open: “It’s okay. If I can’t give birth later, I don’t want to. Besides, I don’t want to get married now. It’s good to be free.”

These things were also parts of your future Jiǎn Míng Xià changed the topic: “It’s eleven o’clock, if one does not pay attention, I’ll make you a delicious meal to reward you!”

“Forget it, just your cooking skills, let me do it myself.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià looked at her contemptuously: “Can you eat what you made? I had a stomach ache when I ate what you made last time, don’t you remember? “

“Don’t know me for three days, have a whole new level of respect for me ( to sit up and take notice of sb’s improved performance etc), wait, sister will show you two hands.”

Fēng Zhēng sounded in a high spirit . She went to the refrigerator, and exclaimed: “My God, Jiǎn Míng Xià, how long has it been since you last opened the fire? There is nothing in the refrigerator!”

Jiǎn Míng Xià had never said that she had been freeload for food recently, but said: “Let’s go down, let’s go shopping!”

“Just forget it, I’ll do it alone, but you will pay for the food.”


“Stingy! You come and bite me ah!”

Of course Jiǎn Míng Xià did not go and bite her. In the end Fēng Zhēng took Jiǎn Míng Xià’s wallet to buy vegetables.

Taking advantage of this chance, Jiǎn Míng Xià called Xuē Lì Yán’s housekeeper and told her not to deliver food at noon.

Hanging up the phone, Jiǎn Míng Xià felt that it was not a problem to keep free load on eating like this, could it be that she was going to move in? This was making a big fuss over a minor issue.

Perhaps she should talk to Xuē Lì Yán.

What kind of mentality did he have to take care of her like this? She was not his real older sister.

Jiǎn Míng Xià could not think of what he wanted to do with her. It could not be the case of him rearing her, right?

There was an old saying, to grasp a person’s heart, you must first grasp his stomach.

But this usually applied to what women do to get their men. Though it was also possible to occur the other way around.

But between Xuē Lì Yán and her?

Jiǎn Míng Xià shook her head. She could even feel her toes curled thinking that it was impossible.

Giving up guessing his motive, she could only treat it as some kind of silly trick.

Fēng Zhēng really did what she had said. After three days living together, her cooking has really improved a lot. Even several dishes had been made to a very high level.

Jiǎn Míng Xià asked her: “How did you practice your cooking skills ah?”

Fēng Zhēng said: “If you do more, you will develop one’s skill.”

“I don’t know. It’s inconceivable that you can cook by yourself.”

Fēng Zhēng seemed to reply out of instinct: “You don’t know many things, I can’t tell you everything.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià continue to happily enjoy her meal. She did not take it seriously.

In the afternoon, the two watched two coming-of-age movies on the computer. They talked about the plot and reminiscing about their youth. Wasn’t that a joy?

Jiǎn Míng Xià had not talked to people without restraint for a long time.

During their quality time, Fēng Zhēng had a lot of calls, but she refused to answer them. Later, the call came to Jiǎn Míng Xià.

Jiǎn Míng Xià looked at the name, it was Jiǎng Jié.

Fēng Zhēng took her mobile phone and said, “Don’t pick it up, don’t even bother to talk to him.”

She hung up Jiǎng Jié’s call, flipped through the communication records, and then pointed to one of the names and commented, “This Little Tail, isn’t it your Little Tail? What is he called?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià took her phone back. Later, she said: “His name is Xuē Lì Yán.”

“Yes, that’s the name.” Fēng Zhēng’s expression turned a bit weird, like a mixture of guilty conscience and disapproval.

She inquired, “You are still in contact? Did he tell you anything?”

Jian Ming Xia looked at her a little baffling, “What could he possibly be telling me?”

“Nothing, I’ll talk to you later.”

Fēng Zhēng’s way of abruptly ending their conversation had ignited a fire of curiosity in Jiǎn Míng Xià’s heart.

What could Xuē Lì Yán be telling her? In addition, why did Fēng Zhēng know that even she herself,  the person that was involved did  not know anything at all? .

Violent knockings on the door prevented her from voicing out her doubt.

Fēng Zhēng stated, “Don’t open it, it’s Jiǎng Jié.”

Her voice fell, the knocking outside the door increased, and someone shouted.

“Fēng Zhēng, I know you are inside. Do you think that avoiding me can solve the problem?”

“Fēng Zhēng, you come out. Let’s have a good talk.”

Fēng Zhēng sat on the sofa and shouted, “We have nothing to talk about. Get lost! Far away.”

“Do you want me to pry open the door?”

“You may pry if you can ah!”

The couple shouted back and forth through the securely-locked door. That was a bad idea. Jiǎn Míng Xià, as the owner of the house, became a bit unable to sit or stand still.

But she was an outsider, thus her hands were tied. She had no idea how to deal with what was happening now.

Seeing her dilemma, Fēng Zhēng spoke: “I’ll open the door and make him go.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià was afraid that they would start fighting, so she stopped her, “No, I’ll call the property’s staff and ask the security guard to take him away.”

“You think too much, he wouldn’t dare to touch me.”

Fēng Zhēng looked a little disapproving, she stood up and opened the door.

Jiǎn Míng Xià endured the tingling of her feet and followed suit.

The second Fēng Zhēng opened the door, Jiǎng Jié forced his way in. He then pulled Fēng Zhēng’s hand and dragged her into the bathroom before locking the door.

He moved so fast that Jian Ming Xia had no time to react. Thus all she could do was watch him pull Fēng Zhēng into the bathroom.

Soon there were sounds of objects being smashed and disputes.

Jiǎn Míng Xià knocked on the door and shouted: “Jiǎng Jié, I tell you, you are entering the house illegally, and I can call the police to arrest you! You’d better come out, or don’t blame me for being rude.”

There was silence inside.

Then Fēng Zhēng said calmly: “Xià Xià, let me tell him a few words, you should go to do other things first.” Putting down the painful hand, Jiǎn Míng Xià felt a little dazed.Both hands went limp by her sides, Jiǎn Míng Xià’s mind was at a loss.

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