Chapter Sixteen

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“Good morning, Jian Míng Xià.”

Jian Míng Xià responded with a face: “Good morning.”

She went out half an hour earlier than usual, but she had never expected that upon descending the stairs she would be greeted by someone with a blooming smile.

Jian Míng Xià wanted to find a corner to calm down.

He squinted his eyes and said, “I’ll send you.”

“No, I’ll take the subway. It’s faster.” Jian Míng Xià felt that there was no more reasonable reason than this.

“Either  you get in the car, or I will pick you up, you choose yourself.”

Jian Míng Xià glared: “Did you look in the mirror when you went out today?”

He nodded.

“Then, have you noticed that your style of painting is different today? Go home and change the style of painting again and go out again, so as not to frighten the children.”

He said innocently, “Didn’t you say that fierce girls are afraid of stalkers? I think I have decided. If I want to chase you, I shouldn’t be so conservative.”

” Stalkers have been arrested by the police these days.”

Absolutely true, ah! Stalking school girls crossed the line of what is proper, they would definitely report it to the police ah!

Getting back to the main point, Jian Míng Xià looked at him and said hesitantly: “Do you really like me?”

“Jian Míng Xià, you should ask, do I still really like you.” Early in the morning at the corridor, the two looked at each other in a drafty place.

Jian Míng Xià shivered.

He said: “Get in the car.” Jian Míng Xià did not refuse this time. She had never had trouble with her health.

After getting in the car, Xue Lì Yán fell silent.

Jian Míng Xià could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

She felt that something was amiss. Why would Xue Lì Yán send her a text message like that, and said it had been sent four years ago.

Was it a prank?

Jian Ming Xia was not someone with no heart, the attentiveness and care from Xue Lì Yán, she understood. However in her opinion, Xue Lì Yán was probably wounded, hence he wanted to find a woman who could nurse his wound.

It was not malicious speculation. She was already a 27-year-old woman who had had no boyfriend and was now betting for the second half of her life in blind date. In the eyes of men, she was probably cheap.

A little bit of sincerity would make her feel shedding tears of gratitude, especially since the said man was so many years younger than her. He was definitely a meat pie that falls from the sky (TL: to have something fall into your lap), and he would not be captured so easily.

Of course, these were Jian Míng Xià’s version of the story.

She still could not comprehend that the original Little Tail would become such a person. In the end he said that he liked her, and that was four years ago.

Jian Míng Xià really felt like a dream, which was even stranger than her brain hole.

Maintaining her silence t for a while, Jian Míng Xià finally spoke, “Xue Lì Yán, what do you like about me?”

She could not think of anything in her that could have been liked by him, misconception contrary to what one might expect possible.

Xue Lì Yán gave her a sideway glance, with his smile perfectly still on his face: “I’m very happy, what you said first is not that our age is inappropriate.”

Jian Míng Xià frowned: “Our age is indeed inappropriate, we have a generation gap. “

“But your first response was asking me what I like about you, which means you are measuring this relationship. If you first had talked about age difference, then what you thought in your heart was probably how to reject me, but you had not. So you are considering the possibility of accepting me.”

Jian Míng Xià was dumbfounded once again. She then glared at him: “When did you become an emotional expert?”

“After imagining your rejection a hundred times in my head.”

Jian Míng Xià responded: “You haven’t said what you like about me?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

Jian Ming frowned.

Xue Lì Yán continued: “Jian Míng Xià, when you can only see one woman in your eyes, you don’t know what you love about her. Because all you need is just one look at her and you will be satisfied.”

She questioned, “Even though she is just a mediocre woman with a lot of shortcomings?”

“I don’t think she is mediocre, but I love her shortcomings.”

Jian Míng Xià lived to be twenty-seven years old. No one had ever said love to her, but she thought she probably knew how it felt.

She felt a little hot on her cheeks, she must have blushed.

Jian Míng Xià thought it was due to being too stuffy in the car. Obviously she was a woman who could  mingle with a lot of males and never knows what shyness is.

The number of times she blushed was too few to mention.

Li Lì Xiang once discussed with her what kind of man she would like in the future, Jian Míng Xià had replied: “At least the man should be able to make me blush.”

“In other words, you must be emotionally affected?”

Jian Míng Xià nodded.

Li Lì Xiang said: “What if you can’t meet him all the time?”

“I’m not interested in love anyway.”

“A person’s life is actually very short. There are always two extraordinary things to do, to talk about love that dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety, to have one. Just leave and leave all the shackles on the journey, so that when you were old, you would not feel that you had lived your life in vain.”

Jian Míng Xià turned silent.

“What are you thinking?”

Xue Lì Yán’s voice got Jian Mingxia back to her senses which followed by her asking, “You seem to always ask me what I am thinking?”

“Because usually when you are silent, that is when you’re having second thoughts. I don’t want you to ditch me when I was not present.”

Jian Míng Xià had never expected that he knew her that much.

Yes, she was about to beat the return drum[1] just now.

[1] meaning to turn back and give up.

Li Lì Xiang was right. But not everyone could afford the price of doing things impulsively.

To accept Xue Lì Yán, there were too many uncertainties. Of course, age was the biggest issue, and she could not see through his feelings.

Their parents were even more intimate friends, so if they were together, this would not just be their business alone. Moreover, she also dated Xue Lì Yán’s brother, and in the eyes of his parents, she was a candidate to be the wife of the eldest son.

But definitely not a suitable candidate for the wife of the younger son.

Of course, it was too far to even think about it.

This was the discrepancy in age. Xue Lì Yán’s love at this age was that I love you, and I hope you love me too. The love Jian Míng Xià had in mind was whether it could go to the stage of marriage. If not, it would be terminated.

But by rejecting him, she could not pass the hurdle in her heart, she knew that she was tempted.

She never denied herself.

Accepting your own ideas was actually not as difficult as you think.

Admit it, Jian Míng Xià, you had fallen.

Even before Xue Lì Yán had said he liked you.

Look, it was not that difficult.

To know yourself too much, sometimes kind of sorrowful. Because in this way, she could not deceive herself.

After careful consideration, she replied:”I can’t promise you.”

His tone was still calm: “Reason.”

“I don’t have the energy, and I don’t have time to talk about another love game. I am different from you. I am not young anymore. There is no capital to be hurt again.”

He stated, “You just don’t trust me.”

Jian Míng Xià did not refrain and just simply nodded, although the answer was somewhat hurtful.

He parked the car in the parking space at the side of the road, then looked at her side profile before he said, “Jian Míng Xià, I used to stay away from you for four years to give up and continue to like you from afar, but I failed.”

“This time, you gave me a chance to get close, so at least, I will take back a four-year from you.”

“Jian Míng Xià, you can reject me, but you can’t change my mind. As long as you have not married someone else, I have no reason to give up.”

“If you get tired of me, I can leave. I can even disappear in front of you right at this moment, I’ve done it once. However, you should know, that does not mean I do not like you. “

“Jian Míng Xià, do you believe it? Even if someone loves you more in the future, he will not love you longer than me. No one will be like me, from the beginning of understanding love, the person I love has always been you.”

He looked at her silent face and emphasised word by word: “Jian Míng Xià, I am a very despicable person. In this abyss, I have been walking alone for too long. I will drag you down, whether you want to or not.”

She said: “If this is your trick, really, you’ve won!”

“Unfortunately this is not.” After a stalemate, she stretched out her hand: “Give me your hand.”

Xue Lì Yán took his hand from the steering wheel and passed it to her hands.

After Jian Míng Xià touched it, the ambiguous atmosphere in the car disappeared . She jeered at him: “You are already this nervous and sweaty, what a big bad wolf.” Xue Lì Yán turned his head and suddenly felt that the weather had risen.

Looking at his transparent ear tips, she thought to herself, that he was still wet behind the ears ah!

Finally, she said: “I will consider it seriously.”

Every relationship deserved to be taken seriously. We might not accept our suitor, but we should respect him and respect his love.

His smiling brows were reflected on the car window.

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