Chapter Seventeen

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Because of her foot injury, Jian Míng Xià did not move much all day.

The direct supervisor called Jian Míng Xià to her office. Her famous nickname was guidance and education, but it was actually to take care of her so as not to be called out to run gathering materials.

Jian Míng Xià’s supervisor, Editor-in-Chief Yán, was nearly forty years old. She looked old-fashioned and solemn, but in fact she loved to chat and was a good-natured woman.

However, no matter how kind she was, the subordinates did not dare to really make friends with her until Jian Míng Xià joined the company. Jian Míng Xià’s aunt and uncle were all teachers, both of them were the type who like to preach, and they could hold you to talk for a few hours as you were the little ones in the family. As a teacher, it was actually easy to educate people, and they also liked to ask and answer questions. Jian Míng Xià and her cousins ​​privately called them male and female doubles in the education industry.

Jian Míng Xià grew up under this kind of education. Naturally she had a good understanding of interacting with elders, which could be summed up in six words: listen with peace of mind and answer seriously.

Therefore, after being caught by the editor-in-chief Yán and chatted a few times, the two of them felt a little sense of friendship  despite the age difference.

In fact, if you had more contacts, you would find that Editor Yán was a person who could not hide words, and had a blab. Although she was in her late thirty, she still had the personality of a child.

Jian Míng Xià sometimes felt that this was a state of a happy woman.

Jian Míng Xià loved to listen to stories, and editor Yán was probably one of the two most legendary characters whom Jian Míng Xià knew. The other one was of course, Xue Lì Héng.

Through editor Yán’s autobiography, Jian Míng Xià seemed to have seen the path of this woman’s life.

Her ancestral home was located in Guǎng Chéng[2], from a poor Valley in Guǎng Chéng. More than forty years ago, Editor Yán’s parents left their hometown and came to Nánchéng to work as a salesman to make a living. Editor Yán’s hometown was a place with different customs. Women work in the field and earn money to support the family, while men basically take care of their children and handle the housework at home.

[2] Guang Cheng means Guang City. The Cheng character here means City.  

So at that time, Editor-in-Chief Yán’s mother picked up two large wicker baskets, one with three children sitting in it, and one with goods in it, running from the south to the north, carrying the three children until they all grew up. As for Editor-in-Chief Yán’s father, she said that he had basically slept at home, enjoyed his sweet time drinking, and stayed drunk all day long.

Therefore, Editor Yán always wanted to marry a man who was able to support both heaven and earth (TL: of indomitable spirit) since she was a child. She refused to marry one like her father, living a muddlehead, hateful and yet lamentable existence.

Editor-in-Chief Yán’s mother had died of overwork. At the time of her death, she had been less than 40 years old, and the oldest child in the family was only a teenager. Editor-in-Chief Yán’s brother dropped out of school and began to shoulder the responsibility of raising the younger siblings.

Editor-in-Chief Yán said that her brother had suffered the most. He was young and did not want to do anything. She remembered that one year, her brother and her second brother paid their tuition fees in exchange for catching birds in the mountains.

These were unimaginable in the era of Jian Míng Xià. How come the tuition fees should be paid by catching birds?

Editor-in-Chief Yán said that many such people, especially in the township, each and every family depended on the land to feed their children, where there was spare money to send their children to school. There were not a few people like her family to send their children to school. In exchange for money, Editor Yán’s brother’s classmates took him there.   

Jian Míng Xià asked: “What happened later? How your brother brought you up? “

Editor Yán said, “How could he be ah! He was a child himself, how could he afford the two of us, in the end he only provided for my second brother. But I don’t hate him. Everyone chooses this way. The second brother was our family’s hope. No one would expect a girl to bring the family to become prosperous. But in the end, it’s a difficult wish.”

“What about you? How did you go to college?”

“I could go to university, and now I think it’s the same dream. I once passed by in front of the city government door and found a wallet. I stayed there and returned the wallet back to the owner. The owner appreciated that I had picked up money and did not hide it. She gave me money to go to university.”

Jian Míng Xià was a little surprised, it turned out to be such a twist.

Editor Yán said with a smile: “Actually, I don’t know how to pick up money and not hide it. I also wanted the money in the wallet. When I returned back so much money, my heart was dripping blood. But I dared not ask for it. I wanted to take it. I would have been ruined in my entire life. Think about it, who would dare to ask for the money picked up around the city government? At least twenty years ago, no one dared to ask for it.”

After that, Editor-in-Chief Yán’s life began to go on the right track. She kept in touch with the owner of the wallet. In order to repay the favor, Editor-in-Chief Yán would often take care of the old lady during holidays. When coming and going, the grandson of the old lady fell in love with her. She said that she was a filial and a dutiful housekeeper. At that time, she felt inferior and did not dare to agree. The grandson of the old lady chased her for two years before she nodded and agreed. After graduating from university, she married him.

Her parents-in-law also liked her, saying that she was a decent person. In the following twenty years, the Editor-in-Chief Yán’s life went smoothly and never suffered.

The only regret had been that there were no children. But everyone, including her parents-in-law, had not criticized her, let her relax and not feel burdened.

Two years ago, Editor Yán finally gave birth to a child, a healthy boy.

When the child was one month old, Jian Míng Xià had visited Editor-in-Chief Yán’s family. They were really kind and friendly. They treated people kindly and warmly, especially Editor-in-Chief Yán’s husband, just like Maitreya[3], who always smiled.

[3] it is the Bodhisattva that will be the next to come after Shakyamuni Buddha.

Therefore, the suffering of the first half of her life had not caused Editor Yán to distort her mind.

She had become the most enviable kind of woman, with a big-hearted, calm, and a child’s temperament.

Once Jian Míng Xià asked: “What about your father? How is he now?”

Editor Yán said with sarcasm: “He is very good. He was raised by his wife when he was young. His wife had no son to support. Now he has married a young woman. Everything is served by someone. It’s good.”

Jian Míng Xià had seen the hardship of a man being such an irresponsible person in Editor-in-Chief Yán’s mother’s life. Therefore, in recent years, Jian Míng Xià also hated Feng Zheng’s boyfriend more and more.

Jiǎng Jié was born in a generous family. When he was in high school, he had three thousand yuan as pocket money every month. His grandparents also subsidized him from time to time, which was more than a month’s salary for many people at that time.

When he entered college, he could ask for however much which his parents always gave. He was a man who grew up in a honey pot[4]and had never experienced the sufferings in life.

[4] meaning privileged living environment.

Fēng Zhēng initially loved his heroic and unconstrained spirit, but now she disdained his childishness.

At the age of twenty-eight, Jiang Jie had never had a formal job and was still asking his parents for money. His parents were not confused. After graduating from university, in order to make him independent, they only gave him a few thousand dollars a month for living expenses. Also did not give anything else.

The concept of money might be different. In the eyes of Jiang Jie’s parents, thousands of yuan was living expenses, but this was enough for Jiang Jie to do nothing and wait to receive money every month.

When it was not enough, he could get it from his grandparents, or ask Feng Zheng. The experience of childhood made Jiang Jie think he had the right and self-confident  to ask people for money. This kind of thought about whether his behavior was right or wrong would never even enter his mind. Because as he grew up, he did not have those concepts in his mind.

So sometimes it was really unnecessary to get angry with someone, because the other person was really different from your three views.

Anyway, every time Jian Míng Xià heard Feng Zheng tell her about Jiang Jie, she felt jittery. Thus consequently, she felt Feng Zheng was hopelessly stupid no antidote is possible and that she just could not get through her.

A hundred kinds of rice fed a hundred kinds of people, and a hundred kinds of people had a hundred lives.

The more you grew up, the more you saw, the more you would be moved by this sentence.  

The work came to the end of a phase and Editor Yan began to chat with Jian Míng Xià again.

Jian Míng Xià had been in her hands for so many years, she also had regardedJian Míng Xià as her own junior. She often said: “If my child had been born early, I would let him marry you as a daughter-in-law. At that time, we would be the most compatible pair of mother and daughter in-law in the world.”

Jian Míng Xià laughed: “He is not even twenty years old now. If you really did this, he would definitely think you are the most unreliable mother in the world.”

Editor Yan could only give up this unrealistic idea. But she was still very concerned about Jian Míng Xià’s life long event, and from time to time she would ask Jian Míng Xià to help her examine some young man.

Then there was no more information. She would always pick out the fault of others, so the person she introduced usually failed even before they could meet on blind dates.

Although she did not like blind dates, Jian Míng Xià was still grateful to her because she had been really careful. Unlike many matchmakers, who said everything in a good way.  Many people thought that perfecting a pair of mandarin ducks was a great thing, even though the process involved a lot of lies, but as long as it could be done, it was still a good deed.

There was a professional matchmaker in Jian Míng Xià’s community, and introduced Jian Míng Xià to nearby people. Every time they introduced a repulsive person to Jian Míng Xià, they would have sung their praises for  the person to the sky, but they were just passable.

It was not Jian Míng Xià being picky. Let’s take the person who was celebrating the Chinese New Year last year. They met only once. A few days later, the man asked Jian Míng Xià to meet again. Jian Míng Xià had a low-grade fever that day. To be honest, the man asked her to pay attention to her body. Finally, ask her: Are we still going out tonight?

At that moment, Jian Míng Xià could not help but suspect that the person with the fever was actually him. After that, she decisively blacklisted him out.

The following days, Jian Míng Xià went home and refused to go on a blind date again. It was useless for the matchmaker to break her tongue.

However, Jian Míng Xià would still give Editor Yán face. Although Jian Míng Xià had not seen the shadow of a man until now, it was quite interesting to listen to Editor Yan digging into other people’s intelligence.

This time, Editor-in-Chief Yán tapped another young man with potential.

It was the son of Editor-in-Chief Yán’s mother-in-law’s friend who had just returned from Shanghai. He was one year older than Jian Míng Xià and planned to find a wife before the Chinese New Year before then go back to Shanghai to develop together the following year. He was nice, good-looking, and considerate. He was not such a fool. After telling him about Jian Míng Xià, he became interested in Jian Míng Xià and hoped to make an appointment to meet her.

But Editor Yan thought there was still room for investigation. A man who got such a good qualification ah! How did he suddenly come back and was in a hurry to seek a marriage partner? Could it be that  women in Shanghai could not catch his eyes, that one had to come back for a blind date? Therefore, it was necessary to investigate, observe and study, but it was also possible to meet.

Jian Míng Xià hesitated and said, “Editor-in-chief, I don’t want to think about this matter now.”

Editor Yan shook Jian Míng Xià’s hand and reassured, “It’s nothing, don’t feel pressured, just meet each other. If it suits one’s taste, try to get along. If not then just count it as making friends.”

“It’s not for this reason. I have no energy to think about other things recently. To tell you the truth, you might laugh at me. I met someone who was my former neighbor. Growing up together. He said that he had liked me since four years ago, and I promised him to consider him seriously, so I could not meet this person.”

Jian Míng Xià felt that she could not go on a blind date while thinking about Xue Lì Yán.

Hey! So you regard me as an outsider. I was just joking at you. This is a good thing. Come, let’s not talk about that. Tell me about your neighbor, how is he?”

“He is fine.” Jian Míng Xià hesitated and said, “But he is five years younger than me. I don’t think it is appropriate.”

Editor Yan frowned and said, “Those are not important, Xiao Xià, what is the most important thing for a woman’s life? It’s that you have a satisfactory life. Not how others define you.”

“When I married my husband, my friends said that he fancied me for being young and beautiful, and that he would look for someone younger and more beautiful once he got bored of  me in the future. They said that my parents-in-law appreciate me then because it’s a matter of no concern to oneself. When I really became their daughter-in-law, they would definitely start to look at me unpleasantly, and maybe they would think that I am going after their family’s money. I was also very scared by them. I had been living cautiously since my earlier life. Later, I was married for more than ten years, I couldn’t have children. They said to be prepared , otherwise I wouldn’t know when I would be swept out.”

“What do you think now? Xiao Xià ah! Life It’s not what others say, but you have to feel it yourself. Good or bad, use your own heart to measure, instead of others saying that wind is wind and rain is rain. I live my life well. What other people say, does it have anything to do with me?”

“The same reason, you worry that this boy is too young for you, others will look at you with strange eyes, but these have nothing to do with you. What you need to care about is whether he treats you well or not. Whether his heart is true to you or not. This is what a woman should care about. As long as he is good to you and true to you, is there anything more important than this? Make sure of this first, and then think about other things.”

Jian Míng Xià felt a little ashamed by editor Yan. After all, she was an old senior in the field of emotions, and she had a thorough understanding of emotional issues.

Editor-in-Chief Yan asked: “Do you think he is good to you now, is he true to you?”

“I don’t know.” Jian Míng Xià shook her head, she was barely aware of this matter, how could she think so much.

“Look, feel, and then make decisions with your heart.”  

Jian Ming Xia pondered and nodded: “I will, thank you editor in chief.”

“You don’t need to thank you. Come and tell me what’s  this young man like? How did he chase you?”  

Jian Míng Xià was a little embarrassed, but she thought carefully about what she could say, and for those who really care about her. Jian Míng Xià felt that there was nothing to hide.

From this reunion, Jian Míng Xià began to narrate slowly.

Outside the editor-in-chief’s office, few editors speculated, whose small report was editor Jian hitting this time?

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