Chapter One

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Ones used to be green plums and hobby-horse [1], ten years later, were reunited.

[1] meaning childhood sweethearts

On the blind date table, each one of them remained silent.

Jiǎn Míng Xià had not expected that she would meet Xuē Lì Héng on a blind date after ten years having not seeing each other.

As the initiator of the blind date, their mothers had already gone window shopping hand in hand right after saying a few words. They left a pair of youngsters staring at each other.

Finally, as a man, Xuē Lì Héng broke the awkward silence.

“Long time no see.”

“Indeed, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I almost couldn’t recognize you today.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià and Xuē Lì Héng were green plums and hobby-horse. Before entering senior high school, they had lived in the same building. However, like most green plums and hobby-horses, although they used to be inseparable friends, they gradually drifted apart from each other after knowing the difference between men and women and how to look at other people’s eyes. So after the building was demolished and they relocated, even though the parents of the two families were still in contact, they naturally kept away from each other. In result, it made them not see each other for nearly ten years.

Now to think about it, the whole matter was a bit ridiculous. She had been afraid of green plums and hobby-horse being called puppy love. She then dared not even exchange any words.

Although there had never been any ambiguous relationship at the beginning, since they were a kid they had played together, and occasionally one would miss the other. Jiǎn Míng Xià still remembered that big brother from before.

They had even kneeled to become sworn brothers and sisters.

Over the years, Jiǎn Míng Xià also wanted to get back in touch, but there was no opportunity. Moreover, Xuē Lì Héng did not necessarily care about the past. So she usually overheard about him when the two mothers were chatting.

This time however, their two families came up with a stupid idea, thus she was pulled to a blind date. Jiǎn Míng Xià originally refused, but thought that it was a chance  to get in touch again.

Fortunately, it seemed that Jiǎn Míng Xià had not been the only one with this thought. The opposite man’s eyes, filled with the joy of being reunited after a long separation.

Upon taking a careful look  at him, she found that he was quite different from her memory.

Originally, the high spirited, wanton and unrestrained youth had disappeared. It was replaced by a mature and handsome man which exuded a hundred percent lofty aura as an elite.

“In fact, I visit your home with my parents every new year.”

En, at that time I hid away ahead of time.”

“I haven’t been there for the last two years. I’m afraid you don’t want to see me.”

“In fact, after I graduated from high school, I’ve been very busy every year. Since you went to college I’ve never met you when I went to your house.”

“Still writing novels?”

To have heard what was said, Jiǎn Míng Xià could not help rolling her  eyes.

After she had gotten into junior high school, she fell in love with magazines. She not only liked to read them, but also started writing. At that time, she still felt good about herself, but in fact, it was just a patchwork and illogical things, which was about the deepest longing for love in her heart at that time. In her novels, the male lead always fell in love with the female lead at first sight, and his love for the woman was inexplicable and infatuated.

In a word, nutjob must be impervious to reason, contents are absolutely killing people. Now if it were to be put on the Internet, it was estimated it could also ascend the throne of thunder king.

However, Jiǎn Míng Xià treated her own writing as a treasure. Back then, Xuē Lì Héng was curious about what she wrote, so he secretly took it to take a peek. When she found out, they quarreled and which started their tug of war in the school corridor. Boys had reverse psychology. If you forbade them from reading it, the more he wanted to read it. Fighting for it, Xuē Lì Héng simply read while hiding.

Then the whole school knew that there was a boy named Xuē Lì Héng who openly read love letters to a girl named Jiǎn Míng Xià in school.

Although it had been an unexpected mishap, in the eyes of students who do not know the truth, that was the fact.

Jiǎn Míng Xià had become the idol of the puppy love club since then. They were just unreasonable.

Fortunately, before long the entrance examination was conducted, the two decided to take different roads and urge the horses on and hence went to different high schools.

A few days ago, Jiǎn Míng Xià’s mother mentioned to her, said: you are so big, still refuse to find a partner, refuse to fall in love, have you ever suffered any emotional setbacks?

Then, after a few days, she brought Jiǎn Míng Xià Xià to a blind date. The object was not  other people, but the “setback” that Jiǎn’s mother thought she had.

Jiǎn’s mother thought that it was necessary to whoever hung the bell on the tiger’s neck must untie it[2] when she is young. At the beginning, the child was too young to correct the problem. In fact, the two children were really able to talk about growing up from childhood. Now, it is a good thing to think about it. If you know the truth, you will not be cheated. I just hope it can be made up for now.

[2] meaning that everything has to be solved by the initiator.

But in fact, Jiǎn Míng Xià and Xuē Lì Héng had never been in love at all. Jiǎn Míng Xià even had helped Xuē Lì Héng write a love letter. Although the love had died , Jiǎn Míng Xià still recalled that it had been intended for  the school flower, the prettiest girl at school.

While for Jiǎn Míng Xià from young age until now, was fond of white and tender beautiful boy type, the people around her, or stars, Jiǎn Míng Xià’s eyes always followed those delicate white faces. Like when she had been a sixteen years old, twenty-seven years old still like, an old woman who fancied beautiful boy, Jiǎn Míng Xià thought that her chance of love was really remote.

At that time, those young boys had not dared to start, but now they were older, they still dared not start.

Moreover, Jiǎn Míng Xià was  pessimistic of love by nature. She believed in the existence of love , but she did not not believe that she could always love one person for a lifetime.

Think about it. It was a painful thing to live with someone you did not love in the future.  It was better to be single.

Just as Jiǎn Míng Xià knew Xuē Lì Héng. She would never forget the sentence “How do you like this sissy type” he had said himself. In fact, Xuē Lì Héng had not been  much better ah! He was also a white lotus lover. Why should he despise her!

So it was evidently impossible for them to get together.

But Jiǎn Míng Xià still wished to see him. When one got old, people began to miss and reminisce about the past.

In addition to him, Jiǎn Míng Xià also wanted to see Little Tail.

Now hearing Xuē Lì Héng mentioned about novel writings, Jiǎn Míng Xià rolled her eyes towards him, grudgingly said: “Writing a novel, this matter has become my psychological shadow. Now, you say, do I still write?”

Xuē Lì Héng said with a smile, “I guess you still write.”

Just as she had expected of him, he also knew her. She was able to integrate into the small group of boys and play together. Obviously, she had not been an obedient girl. She did not participate in any of the bad things she had done before.

So naturally it was not so easy to give up their old hobbies, maybe change to more severe[3].

[3] meaning only becoming more intense.

Jiǎn Míng Xià could not resist a smile from blooming, agreed tacitly to this sentence, she said: “Speak, what about my original notebook? Did you throw it away?”

Xuē Lì Héng shook his head: “I don’t know. You refused it when I wanted to return it to you back then. I gave it to Lì Yán and asked him to pass it on to you.”

“That might as well be thrown away. I was angry with you at that time, and even angry with Lì Yán. He came to me several times, but I didn’t see him. And he never mentioned it again. “

Xuē Lì Yán, the younger brother of Xuē Lì Héng, was five years younger than Jiǎn Míng Xià, but he always liked to play with them. Jiǎn Míng Xià had a profound image that every time Xuē Lì Héng goes to school in primary school, the Xue family was like a battlefield. Because Xuē Lì Yán wanted to go to school with him, he refused to listen to what others said. The little kid would wail and roll on the ground. He had been very stubborn that he still would not have a change of mind even when the rod had been broken off.

And every time Xuē Lì Héng had come out to play, Xuē Lì Yán would follow.

Such a clingy child was very eye catching.

People liked to call him a shadow, and most of them hated him. Jiǎn Míng Xià thought that she was a girl and could not be so vulgar, so she called him Little Tail. As the only girl in the group, Jiǎn Míng Xià naturally was a little more gentle and careful than the boy. When he fell down and cried the boys would be annoyed by him. How did the girl comfort him? Therefore, when they had been playing together, the Little Tail basically followed Jiǎn Míng Xià.

After all, Jiǎn Míng Xià had not seen him for years.

When children became older and had their own social circle, they would stop sticking to one person anymore.

Obviously the day before she had been admitted to the University of her city, the kid still said that he wanted to join her, so that she could be the host of the city and take him to have a good time. As a result, school terms passed in a blink yet not even his shadow could be found.

In a flash, people graduated already, and the two amusement park tickets that had been bought by Jiǎn Míng Xià now were yellow in color.

Children were fickle, happy and emotional.

Jiǎn Míng Xià had just been thinking about this child when through the glass window, a somewhat familiar face could be seen.

Two pairs of eyes that belonged to these two people met. Staring blankly at each other.

After a while, Xuē Lì Yán pushed the door in, looking at the two people present. His expression looked a little dazed, it was a bit dull, and a little silly.

“Older brother, older sister Míng Xià, did you make an appointment?”

“Yes ah!” Jiǎn Míng Xià smiled and nodded: “Your elder brother and I are in the middle of a blind date. Little Tail, how about me being your sister-in-law?”

Xuē Lì Yán frowned for a while, then loosened, and very slowly said, “Oh, that’s also good.”

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