Chapter Nineteen

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“Why?” He asked right beside her ear.

Jian Míng Xià could not help but to shy away, the heat which radiated from his mouth made her ears tingle.

“Because I wanted to agree, so I agreed.”

“I thought it would be a long journey of waiting for me.”

“Do you feel a sense of grievances because you have been prepared to brave a long war of resistance and yet got the victory in one strike?”

He loosened his embrace to put some distance between them. His hands were still wounded around her waist, looking at her in the eyes as he  said: “I just suddenly feel that if I’ve hesitated for too long. I’ve missed too much time. Suddenly there is an urge to go back to the past.”

Jian Míng Xià felt that his line of sight was too heavy, simultaneously she avoided it by looking down before saying, “Actually, if the time was  half a year earlier, when you were a student, I would never think about it. I can only say that the timing is better now.”

He did not comment on that and just simply  nodded. He kept on looking at her like that in silence.

“Don’t you think we should talk in another place, or let me go first? My feet hurt.” She did not sound like she had suffered any grievances in her tone.

Hurriedly letting go, Xue Lì Yán looked at the flat fake high heels under her feet, and asked: “Does it hurt? Isn’t it too tiring to go to work today, let me carry you.”

Jian Míng Xià refused: “No, you also think of me. That’s over the top.”

He just wanted her to be more spoiled.

“What do you want for dinner?”

Jian Míng Xià thought for a while, and said, “Steak, I want to savour cream mushroom soup today.”

He nodded naturally in agreement.

Even though Xue Lì Yán’s favorite steak was not one of them.

The two walked side by side. He stole glances at her, his eyes rested on her hands with the bouquet.

“Hold it if you want.”

Jian Míng Xià wondered , was he too proactive? But she really could not turn a blind eye, he almost stared at her hand till his eyes popped out of their sockets.

Xue Lì Yán took the bouquet away and swiftly captured her right hand.

It started very lightly, then slowly it tightened. His palm easily wrapped her whole hand.

His palm felt very hot and damp, but Jian Míng Xià did not find it annoying.

Nancheng had not been too cold in Winter, otherwise it would have been be a good choice to warm his hands.

After a while, he spoke, “Why is your hand so small?”

“It should be genetic. My father is nearly 1.8 meters tall, but his fingers are about the same length as mine.”

Xue Lì Yán thought about it. Thinking that he had not noticed. He had never held another girl’s hand, so he had no idea it was so soft and tender.

Of course, he had no desire to have a comparison either.

Jian Míng Xià had not noticed how other couples were holding hands, but she felt as if he was holding her like a child, paying attention to her pace at all times, always keeping his eyes on what was in front of her. Jian Míng Xià need not have to pay attention to the pedestrians and roadblock in front of her.

Jian Míng Xià did not ask where Xue Lì Yán would take her.

He was such a meticulous person, Jian Míng Xià felt that even if one were to have a head  as empty as anything[1], still did not have to worry about getting lost.

[1] meaning is to be absent-minded, or being muddled.

In fact, he really did not disappoint. He took her to the famous sky restaurant in Nancheng. The two enjoyed an authentic Western meal, from appetizers to desserts.

Fortunately Jian Míng Xià’s habit was to wear professional skirts to work, otherwise she would be troubled.

Jian Míng Xià was really a lazy woman from head to toe. Her working clothes were all formal outfits, and her Autumn and Winter casual clothes all consisted of windbreakers and boots. Her hair was kept short all year round.

Fēng Zhēng once said that she was too lazy, not like a girl at all.

Jian Míng Xià refuted back: “A woman is a person who cherishes herself, but I don’t have a boyfriend. Who should I dress up for?”

Fēng Zhēng had been driven into speechlessness, and finally with a flustered expression she said exasperatedly: “Jian Míng Xià, don’t you have any awareness of being an independent woman in the new era? It is women’s nature to love beautiful things. Can’t we not dress up without having male partners? Stupid girl, a woman should know how to be good to herself, because she is the real deal. The only one in the world who loves yourself unconditionally. You should treat yourself well, understand!”

Jian Míng Xià had only nodded then. There was no difference between back then and now.

Not that she did not understand the truth of Fēng Zhēng’s logic, she had just been lazy. In addition, according to her opinion she looked pretty enough.

But in fact, Fēng Zhēng was not necessarily good towards herself. People always talked about other people’s affairs in a clear and logical way, but when they were faced with their own affairs, they ignored lots of things.

Jian Míng Xià thought she should call Fēng Zhēng and tell her that her best friend was currently in love. However after thinking about it, she took the idea back.

The food in the sky restaurant was not necessarily the best in Nancheng, but the night view was definitely second to none. Jian Míng Xià absolutely had a very good time.

Although in her opinion, it was not necessary to make it so formal. Her picky taste had reached the point of swallowing with her mouth over the years, and she was not a poor and fastidious person. She was just a layman, like a group of people who enjoyed having authentic Chinese food. But who was to blame that he liked it? At least today, it should be as he wishes.

They did not talk much during the meal. Though he would look at her from time to time, as if he could not get enough.

It was to the point of making Jian Míng Xià could not help wondering if she had become more beautiful.

Nowadays, it was not the age of youth and ignorance. She naturally was aware what it means for a man to stare at a woman.

When she was in her younger days, she would say a few words in literature and art. She did not understand love, but even she knew it in her heart. She could tell that it was shenanigans when she said two more words in her studies. In today’s era when the Internet, film and television paint holding two brushes[2], no one really not knows anything at all about feelings.

[2] meaning to be flexible and working two tasks at the same time.

A boy knew Xiǎo Lóng Nǚ[3], a girl knew Lǐ Xún Huān. She spoke of not knowing what love was. She surely had not had her fill.

[3] it is referring to the Little Dragon Girl from Jin Yong’s famous work that has been adapted to numerous TVdramas; “The Return of the Condor Heroes”.

Jian Míng Xià felt that there were no people in the world who had really low EQ. The key laid in whether he put some thought about it and whether he took it to heart.

So after a relationship had just started, most people would possess long-anticipated feelings.

Jian Míng Xià sat there. Her heart was full with surprises.

All this had early signs, but she dared not to even  think about it before.

After dinner, which had taken more than an hour, the two headed home.

Because taking into account Jian Míng Xià’s still recovering wounds, Xue Lì Yán had no other arrangements.

Neither of them drank, but the glass was stained with lips print.

He asked her in the car: “Tired?”

“It’s not too bad.” Jian Míng Xià did not say that she was not tired. There was no reason not to be tired after working all day.

Looking at his calm face, Jian Míng Xià inquired: “Why did you drive me so slowly that first time?”

He answered honestly: “Because thinking of you sitting next to me, it got me nervous. When I’m nervous, I am afraid of accidents. So I didn’t dare to drive fast.”

Jian Míng Xià laughed: “I guessed it, but your expression was so calm and I couldn’t see it at all.”

He was not embarrassed to be seen through. Instead he merely smiled when he heard that, revealing an obvious dimple.

Jian Míng Xià could not restrain from poking at it with her index finger. In fact, she wanted to poke people’s dimples everytime she saw it. She wished to have two dimples before. Someone lied to her and said that dimples were all poked. They would be poked until her face was all red, and no dimples could be seen anywhere.

Later, upon knowing that she was cheated, she wanted to retaliate when she saw someone with dimples.

He said: “Don’t make trouble.”

She fooled him: “I heard that dimples would be getting deeper and deeper.”

“Won’t that hurt the muscles on my face?”

Jian Míng Xià was left speechless.

The sky restaurant was not far from where they lived. Xue Lì Yán did not drive at the speed of a snail this time, so they soon arrived.

After parking the car in the parking lot and being led by Xue Lì Yán for a few steps, Jian Míng Xià questioned, “Why are you driving so fast today, are you not nervous anymore?”

He said: “Thinking that every day in the future, you will sit next to me. Hence I feel nervous no more.”

“You must be pleased with yourself.”

Jian Míng Xià glared at him.

Xue Lì Yán only smiled at her. Jian Míng Xià thought it was better for him to smile less. When he smiled, he appeared to be younger and looked soft and cute.

Unlike Xue Lì Héng, who had a clear water chestnut and was particularly masculine spirit, Xue Lì Yán appeared softer, and he took more of his mother. Even now, Xuē’s mother was a middle-aged beautiful woman who could shine in front of people’s eyes.

When he arrived downstairs of Jian Míng Xià’s building, Jian Míng Xià stated, “I’m going up.”

En.” He answered.

Jian Míng Xià pulled the right hand he was holding without moving.

“If you don’t let go, how can I go?”

He said, ” Let’s hold hands for a while.”

Standing there, she had guessed that Xue Lì Yán might have something else to say to her. She was not in a hurry and just stood with him like this.

The street lamp downstairs had been broken since the past two days. In the darkness, all you could see was the contours of each other’s face.

“Jian Míng Xià?”


“Are you serious?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know.” He said in an uncertain tone: “I hope this is true, but I’m not sure. I don’t know if you’ll regret it when you turn around, or if you woke up tomorrow morning and told me that you just made a joke with me the other day, don’t take it seriously. So Jian Míng Xià, tell me, are you serious?”

After a long silence, she said, “I’m not sure.”

She wanted to give him an accurate answer, but she simply was unable to.

“Xue Lì Yán, sometimes I feel that you seem to know me better than myself. Just a second before you asked me this sentence, I was still asking myself whether my decision was wrong.”

“I don’t know if I will regret it tomorrow, or I will regret it in the near future. But at least for now, Xue Lì Yán, I can tell you that I can’t find an excuse to refuse you.”

He said, “Then don’t try to find any more. Look, I also won’t give you an excuse in the future.” In the end, she promised, “I promise you that I won’t give up easily, okay?”


Without giving him time to answer, she continued: “But you also have to promise me. If I wanted to break up in the future, you can’t keep hanging around me and let me leave quietly. If you wanted to break up, please stay away from me, don’t show up in front of me again, and leave me the last bit of dignity, okay?”

She could not see his expression, only his bright eyes that refracted the faint light were visible. There seemed to be something faintly flowing inside.

He lowered his head and hugged her tight into his embrace, with so much force that it was suffocating. She heard him say in a much lower voice than usual: “Jian Míng Xià, you must also remember that if I do not hold on to you, it does not mean I don’t love you anymore.”

Jian Míng Xià nodded vigorously: “I will remember.”

How can I forget you, my Little Tail.

She muttered in her heart.

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