Chapter Fourteen

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Never be angry with a couple, or you would end up getting angry by yourself.

This was the truth that Jiǎn Míng Xià had known since long ago.

But the one inside was her friend of many years, so how could she leave her alone.

No matter what kind of person Jiǎng Jié was, rabbits would still bite people when they felt threatened. What was more, people were impulsive and ignored everything.

Jiǎn Míng Xià heard the sound of glass shattering. She was especially worried about who would do something irreparable on impulse.

So she could only sit at the door of the bathroom and listen to what was going on inside.

Maybe it was too serious. The phone rang for a long time before she heard it. She answered the phone and answered silently.

“Jiǎn Míng Xià.”


“Can I come in?”

She did not respond for a while. After getting back to her senses, she asked: “Are you at my door?”

He replied: “Yeah.”

“The door is not locked.”

Finished speaking, Jiǎn Míng Xià hurriedly hung up.

Xuē Lì Yán walked in quickly. He squatted down in front of Jiǎn Míng Xià, watching her with his eyes.

Avoiding his gaze, she did not like to be stared at like the way he did .

“Why did you come to my house?”

He said, “I heard sounds of people arguing in your house. I was worried about you, so I came over to take a look.”

Oh, it’s not me who quarreled.” Jiǎn Míng Xià responded casually, in fact the mind was not here at all.

Xuē Lì Yán took her arms and urged, “Get up, it’s cold on the ground.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià borrowed his strength to get up, and then sat back on the sofa with him.

Maybe due to the feeling of having someone on her side, so she had enough confidence. Jiǎn Míng Xià’s heart was not as nervous as before, but she was evidently still worried. Had nothing else to say, she blurted out instead: “My friend and her boyfriend are quarreling inside. I’ m very worried about her.”

Xuē Lì Yán put some distance between them before sitting down beside her. He assured softly, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià knew that she should not get him involved into this kind of thing, she had troubled him enough. But this time she really needed a person to accompany her, otherwise she might do something stupid.

She was not joking. She did get a strong urge to call the police.

It might have appeared like making a big fuss over a minor issue, but that issue was unimportant compared with the safety of Fēng Zhēng.

Now that Xuē Lì Yán was here, if Jiǎng Jié were to hit Fēng Zhēng, she would not be afraid of having no one to help her.

Sometimes, for certain things, women felt less capable than desired. Like at moments like this, women thought that they still need a man.

Before sitting outside the bathroom, Jian Ming Xia also had thought about it. If she had had a boyfriend, would she not let Jiǎng Jié enter the door? If he were not to overlook, nor spare Jiang Jie and beat him directly, would that not be better?

Jiǎn Míng Xià only hated that she was not a man.

Xuē Lì Yán asked her: “What are you thinking?”

Jiǎn Míng Xià truthfully replied, “I wonder why I were not a man. If I were a man, I could kick open the door of the bathroom and pull out the person who bullies my friend and beat him up.”

He looked at her and said seriously, “I can.”


“I said, I can beat him for you.”

Really contemplating the idea, Jiǎn Míng Xià said in the end: “Forget it, I just simply entertaining the idea. People are only quarreling. If I was to really beat people up, then it would be me who was being unreasonable.”

Although Jiǎn Míng Xià was very excited, she had wanted to beat Jiǎng Jié not just for a day or two.

The main reason why Jiǎn Míng Xià moved out of her previous residence was that Jiǎn Míng Xià never told Fēng Zhēng that she felt that Jiǎng Jié was not decent sometimes, and he always stared at her insidiously. When living together, he also would introduce Fēng Zhēng as his main wife and Jiǎn Míng Xià as his youngest wife to all his friends.

Jiǎn Míng Xià had felt very disgusted. But Fēng Zhēng just laughed it off, not giving much thought about it.

It could be that Jiǎn Míng Xià was too serious. Anyway, she could not continue to live under the same roof with such a person.

At that time, she really could not comprehend what actually Fēng Zhēng fancied in Jiǎng Jié.

The bathroom seemed to have calmed down. Jian Míng Xià waited in a panic, so she tried to diverge her thoughts and said to Xue Lì Yán, “You’re not working today?”

Xue Lì Yán said, “Today is the weekend.”

“Oh.” Jiǎn Míng Xià turned her head awkwardly. Looking at Xue Lì Yán, she was also a fool for a while and forgot what day it was today.

He asked: “How are your feet?”

“They’re recovering well.” The two went silent again.

Jiǎn Míng Xià disliked the feeling of awkward silence, but even after desperately looking for topics, she still could not speak at all.

It was better to be silent than to say something wrong.

However, Xue Lì Yán took the initiative to find words: “Is it Fēng Zhēng?”

En, do you remember her?”

“Remember, I remember that the four of you played very well at the beginning. Are you still in contact even now?”

Shaking her head she replied: “No. One was married two years ago and has two children. Another one is about to get married. I don’t know what her future husband is even called.”

This was really not a beautiful conversation. Jiǎn Míng Xià could not help but be reminded of those past events. Suddenly she felt a little bit depressed.

“What about you? In these years, do you have no one you like and want to live with?”

When he asked some questions, he  always did it slowly. Even his tone of voice had always been very light, so there was no aggressive feeling when talking to him.

It was also easy for people to let down their defenses.

Jiǎn Míng Xià shook her head: “I think I am missing the string from the god of love.”

Not wanting to continue this topic, Jiǎn Míng Xià changed the subject: “I feel that you have changed a lot, and time really does not forgive people.”

“Where has changed?”

“In the past, you always looked well behaved, but you were actually very rebellious. You skipped class and played on the computer all day long. Every time I went online, I could see you. Your account level was even higher than mine. But everyone said that you are obedient. A good boy. Now, I thought you had a weird temper at first, but after getting along for some time now, I felt that you had a good temper and have become a mature and steady man.”

He refuted, “In fact, I still have a bad temper. “

She looked at him. His hair was well groomed. He felt like a good little brother next door, so she said, “I really can’t see it.”

He smiled:” If you met my friends, they will definitely tell you that there is no one who is more temperamental than me.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià was curious: “How did you get better now?”

Xuē Lì Yán turned silent. He seemed to give it some thought before he spoke, “No one likes a bad tempered boyfriend, does she?”

The question he added at the end of the sentence made Jiǎn Míng Xià unable to make any sense of the matter. After thinking about it, Jiǎn Míng Xià responded: “It should be, but it depends on the situation. If the temper is too soft, you’d cringe when you help your girlfriend out.”

“You told me this before.”

“No, I’m still telling you this?”

He nodded, his eyes narrowed with laughter: ” You also told me that if you want to marry in the future, you will marry a butcher. It is fierce enough that you won’t be bullied by outsiders when you become his wife.”

Jiǎn Míng Xià could not believe it. She actually said these things to Xuē Lì Yán, although it really sounded like something she would say.

Jiǎn Míng Xià still remembered clearly that there was a time when she read divorce novels. The husband was cowardly and incompetent, and his wife was bullied, so she did not dare to stand still and voiced her opinion. Therefore, at that time, she had such a feeling: it is better to marry a pig killing man than to marry a hollow on the human body.

She did not remember who had said to her: What should you do if you are domestically assaulted?

Jiǎn Míng Xià struck her neck and said: That’s better than being bullied to death by outsiders!

She had to admit: “It’s like something that I would say, but how could I tell you this ah?”

Xuē Lì Yán was also meditating, because he did not seem to have considered this issue either. Why had she talked to him about this at that time?

They had discussed too many things, even if it was him, he still could not recall them one by one.

——Little Tail, my friends are all in love, but I don’t want to fall in love at all.

——Oh, then just don’t fall in love.

——Little Tail, in the future I will find a fierce boyfriend, preferably a butcher.

——What if he hits you?

——I’ll ask you for help.

——What can I do for you.

——Yes, you’ve been beaten up together. When are you going to grow tall ah?

——Why don’t you speak anymore? Little tail?

——You are very short! Nobody is allowed to tell the truth ma?

——Jiǎn Míng Xià!

——What are you doing? You must call me, elder sister. Where is your manner, be careful you will not grow taller.

——Inevitably there will be a day, I’ll tell you to shut up.

——Youth, have ambition, come on! Take it as your responsibility to be taller than women, and grow up!

——Did anyone say you’re mentally abnormal?

——Little Tail, don’t tell the truth in front of people ah!

——You have had enough, I am going to sleep.

——Have you written your homework tonight?

——Haha, I definitely didn’t write, Little Tail. Older sister will send you the material ah! Don’t be afraid, passing is not a dream.

——Really asleep?

——Okay, good night.

Inbox: Good night, Míng Xià.

Jiǎn Míng Xià  stood up and said, “I’m going to listen to what’s happening.”

She did not wish to eavesdrop on their conversation, just to see if they did anything.

Perhaps from the sidelines, Jiǎn Míng Xià always felt that couples would fight when they quarreled.

She did not know, if one day she were to have a boyfriend or husband, would they also fight?

Jiǎn Míng Xià felt that the most intolerable thing for her significant other was that he would do it to herself. If he did that, they would be over.

Of course, this was still a maiden concept.

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