Chapter Fifteen

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So when Fēng Zhēng and Jiang Jié walked out of the bathroom with a good facial expression as the usual, Jian Míng Xià could not understand.

Obviously, before entering, she had made a solemn vow to say that this time she would really settle the score. She also had spat out that Jiang Jie was a piece of shit. After a while, they already made up again.

Fēng Zhēng took Jiang Jie’s hand and smiled at Jian Míng Xià: “Xià Xià, we’ll go first. Jiang Jie’s hand was scratched by the glass. I will take him to get it treated. When I’m free, I’ll come to play with you ah!”

Jian Míng Xià had the strong desire to ask her, are you drunk? Did notyou say you will not be stupid again?

How come they got reconciled again, with a sweet smile on her face that was.

Jian Míng Xià felt really foolish.

She asked in a daze, “You have reconciled?” Fēng Zhēng had a smile on her face, but there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. She said, “Reconcile, don’t worry about it, Xià Xià, you don’t know me yet. When I get angry, I just want to die. If my temper is smooth, nothing will happen. Alright, we’ll go first.”

She glanced at Xue Lì Yán, who was standing next to Jian Míng Xià, and said, “Next time when I have time, I have to tell you something.”

Jian Míng Xià did not  have the slightest interest to speak any more and watched them leave in silence. Jian Míng Xià commented, “I think I am the clown in other people’s love.”

They staged a farce, but in the end only she was losing oneself among them.

Xue Lì Yán withdrew his gaze from Jiang Jie, and frowned upon hearing this speech.

Jian Ming Xia continued: “I’m so stupid, really, I actually believed her. I thought she really understood, but she still treated a pile of shit as treasure.”

“Jian Míng Xià.”

“I’m fine, just a bit upset. But for such a scumbag, we don’t even have to be friends. She said she was going to break up. I was so happy ah! It turned out to be an amusement.”

“Jian Míng Xià.”

He gathered her in his arms, she struggled for a while, and was embraced by his two hands.

Really did not mind this, she became too lazy to move.

Xue Lì Yán felt the warm liquid seeping through his clothes and burning his skin.

“I don’t know what she’s trying to do with him. It’s been six years, shouldn’t it be better to give birth to a son then? Six years later, his son could already go to school, yet that man is still being supported by his girlfriend. He never thought about the responsibility of a man. Fēng Zhēng has undergone abortion for him three times. Does he not think about Fēng Zhēng at all? Who will be responsible for not having children in the future?”

“Why are people in love so stupid?”

In her heart she felt particularly afflictive. Sometimes she did not know who to blame except for herself for being too rational. She just could not bear to see others make stupid decision.

But she can’t help but care, don’t get angry, they used to be so good friends, love is not a game, can’t want to delete, want to start from a new start.

“Jian Míng Xià.”

He called her name and put his hands behind her to comfort her.

She cried out of breath and called him, “Xue Lì Yán.”

En, I am here.”

“If I became foolish one day, you should wake me up. If you can’t wake me up, just beat me to death.”

“No, Jian Míng Xià won’t be stupid.”

“People are stupid,” She retorted.

“You will not.”

Only then did Xue Lì Yán realize what she was afraid of.

She lived too level-headed, so she was afraid of everything that made people irrational, including love.

She was such one stubborn woman, no antidote was possible[1].

[1] meaning beyond redemption.

Jian Míng Xià took a few deep breaths, and slowly recovered from the fierce mood just now. She had always been able to control herself. Her mood came and went quickly.

Even though she was hysterical, her mood had become tranquil and calmed down now.

However, after all, it was not as sensible as usual.

Suddenly on a whim, she put her ears on Xue Lì Yán’s chest and said with a little mischievous tone: “Your heart beats so fast.”

Xue Lì Yán was thinking about how to comfort her. He had not expected that she would suddenly come out with such a sentence, and he felt that his heartbeat was shocked and missed a beat.

Stupefied, he said nonchalantly: “Maybe holding you, makes me nervous.”

Having heard that, Jian Míng Xià got out of his arms, patted his shoulder, and said meaningful and heartfelt words (TL: sincere and earnest wishes): “Young man, your skin is too thin, you still need to exercise ah!”

He counterattacked: “You’re blushing.”

She nodded calmly: “En, it’s red.”

Xue Lì Yán thought she looked cuter when she was crying. Not that he wanted to see her sad, but at that time, she looked more real, not like she was now, full of defenses.

If only she had been honest with him all the time.

Jian Míng Xià said: “I wanted to clean up the bathroom, entertain yourself first, or just play with your mobile phone.”

This was actually a vague First Emperor’s Order to expel foreigners[2].

[2] meaning giving someone a signal to leave.

If he were any other person, perhaps he would retreat because of her indifference, and then stay away from her. She really had destroyed the bridge after crossing the river.

But who told him to have ulterior motives?

Xue Lì Yán looked down at her unnaturally standing feet and said, “I’ll go to clean up, you go to have some rest.”

She refused: “No need, I can tidy up.”

“Jian Míng Xià.”


“I think we shouldn’t be in such a strange relationship.” He said this very seriously.

Serious enough that Jian Míng Xià could not help but reflect seriously.

Xue Lì Yán looked at her with a wicked smile on his face: “When I used to fold the quilt for you before, you had not been so polite.”

“No way!” Jian Míng Xià denied, he helped her fold the quilt? Who were you trying to fool? She got no recollection of that.

He asked, “Really don’t remember? Someone quarreled with me because I saw something I shouldn’t see.”

“Stop talking!” Jian Míng Xià used her hand to cover his mouth, this time uncovering a big red face.

She remembered that Xue Lì Yán used to play computer in her room when she was still in high school. Sometimes he could not stand the mess in her room, so he would often clean her room up.

She also asked him to clean up, which was called by the glorified name of the Internet fee. As a result, once she smeared the quilt. She had not had time to take it down and wash it when she went out in the morning. When she came back , she found that the quilt was already folded neatly, and the smeared piece was placed on the top of it, which was as eye-catching as a flower. Feng Zheng went home with her at that time. When she looked at the quilt, she immediately laughed and said that she was really talented!

Jian Míng Xià was mad and had a big fight with Xue Lì Yán.

Of course, it was just that she was noisy, but it was rare for Xue Lì Yán to answer ten sentences.

It was out of her expectation for Xue Lì Yán to remember this incident. Even now he would have never thought that it was a mass of red ink.

Jian Míng Xià felt a piece of her face as an elder, lost so completely!

Retracting in the room with a head and face filthy with grime[3], Jian Míng Xià pretended to be alone at home.

[3] meaning being dejected or depressed.

After half an hour, came a series of  knocking on the bedroom door and followed by his voice talking to her through the door: “I will go back first, Jian Míng Xià.”

He seems to always like to add her name on his every sentence. It was necessary to distinguish the speaker in this way.

Jian Míng Xià shrunk in the quilt, a little sleepy to turn her body over. She felt really sleepy, after all, immense sadness and joy was the most distressing.

Outside the door, Xue Lì Yán asked, “Do you still remember the last text I sent you four years ago?”

Jian Míng Xià replied without even thinking: “I don’t remember.”

How could she remember so well? How could she still remember the text messages from four years ago?

He spoke , “Then I’ll send it to you again.” The door became quiet again.

Jian Míng Xià heard the sound of the door being opened then was closed, but did not hear the phone text message prompt.

She cheered up and waited for a while, but did not wait for this so-called text message from four years back.

Lying down, she tried to close her eyes and heard the beep again.

Look, or not?

Jian Míng Xià’s consciousness contended with sleepiness, and finally curiosity defeated sleepiness.

What information needed to be delivered even after four years?

The eyes were used to the dim light, and the brightness of the phone screen was a little dazzling. Jian Míng Xià squinted for a while before seeing the information above.

Then she sat up suddenly from the bed.

Little Tail: Míng Xià jiě, if I said that I like you, is it possible between us?

Jian Míng Xià felt that her chin was not hers anymore!

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