Chapter Eighteen

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Many things had happened at that time, she could not recall all of them.  But after digging through some memories in her mind, she could see more clearly many things that she had overlooked before.

Before Xue Lì Yán moved over, he had asked her in a text message if he could live here. Maybe he had really been really asking her for advice at that time, so he said this morning that she had given him the opportunity to get closer.

Although she had had no idea at that time.

He remembered all her dietary taboos. The dishes delivered by the housekeeper every day always suit her taste. his, really just a boy’s attentiveness?

After some careful deliberation, for whom did he invite this housekeeping? Who was really benefiting now?

He said that person was someone who said she wanted to make her own novel into an animation. Although she had no desire to be so narcissistic, was it really such a coincidence?

Thinking back carefully, he should know these things. Jian Míng Xià might have really told him, after all, he had always been a good listener.

He introduced Lù Yù to Xue Lì Héng. He said that it was not because of guilt that he helped Lù Yù. If it was not guilt, what else could it be? At that time Jian Míng Xià felt that he had emotional entanglements with Lù Yù, so she did not think much about it. But now giving it some serious thought, a man, no matter how big his heart was, would not wish the person he liked to become his sister-in-law. Seemed like  she was still the most powerful driving force. It was torture to meet his brother in the future. Who would do that?  

But what if he had not introduced Lù Yù to Xue Lì Héng? Maybe Jian Míng Xià would still get along well with Xue Lì Héng. Jian Míng Xià could not deny that she would not contact Xue Lì Héng, but who could be sure about the future. If both of them were single, there were chances they would feel that it was better to get together in the future. The two really made do with it, which was also possible.

But now there was no such possibility. Lù Yù was very suitable for Xue Lì Héng. Even though it had only been once, Jian Míng Xià could see that their feelings were heating up rapidly. Moreover, Xue Lì Héng might know Xue Lì Yán’s thoughts. After all, he was his own younger brother. He knew each other so well that he could see through the hidden means in every move. Therefore, when the three of them returned to Nancheng together, Xue Lì Héng threw Xue Lì Yán and her out in front of her community, together.

Obviously, Xue Lì Héng was more familiar with Jian Míng Xià, but Xue Lì Héng was the one who acted more alienated when he was in contact. If Jian Míng Xià was talking to Xue Lì Yán, Xue Lì Héng would basically stop talking.

However, Jian Míng Xià did not dare to seek confirmation with Xue Lì Héng whether it was really the case.

What did he think?

Jian Míng Xià thought it was better not to think too much.

Editor-in-chief Yán looked at Jian Míng Xià and said with a smile: “So, he is still very good to you. Regardless of age, this boy is indeed older than or far more mature than his peers.”

Jian Míng Xià said embarrassedly. “No, when he is alone with me, he blushes and sweats his hands due to nervousness.”

“There is no conflict between the two. Who stipulates that a mature boy can’t be nervous in front of the girl he likes?”

There really was no such rule.

“And if you think about it from another angle, what kind of situations are the boys who are not nervous in front of the people you like? One was born calm and self-sustaining, and the other got the experience of too much acquired day after day. The younger generation nowadays have more emotional experience. It’s really not like the people before. When I was in a relationship with my husband, every time he came to see me, he was too nervous to eat. He didn’t know where to put his hands in front of me. But now, are there any such people?”

“Everyone has experienced this stage. He is being shy, It’s your blessing. This shows that he has less experience.”

“The view of some young people now is that the more affection a man experiences, the more pain he will feel. Anyway, I can’t accept it. In our era, if we really want to fall in love, we want to experience everything. Isn’t it fresh. Love is nothing like starting from scratch, experiencing and growing together. This is the greatest joy of love.”

Jian Míng Xià said: “It’s better in your age. The relationship is simple and unsophisticated.”

Editor-in-chief Yán nodded: “That’s our generation. It should be regarded as the true first generation of people who love freely in our country. It is more ample than the top, more abundance than below.”

Jian Míng Xià also thought that her parents were those who had the freedom to love. They were in contact for many years before getting married. Jian’s father often told her that it was not easy for him to pursue Jane’s mother at first. At that time, he was poor, and every time he came to visit, he was put in trouble by his wife’s family, but he ended up marrying her as a wife.

In fact, Jian Míng Xià sometimes could not imagine, being looked down upon by the wife’s family and even everything was made difficult, how Jian’s father persisted. You must know that the men in this generation, if they were to  encounter this situation, let alone continue chasing, it would be good if he did not throw off his face, and he would be humbled to please his wife’s family?

What had been very common in that era was now something that many people found intolerable.

Not only these, the same applied with being true in love. After a month without success, if the woman did not accept it the second time, then get out, who was so special, there were millions of women in the world, there was no shortage of you, you look down on me, it was your loss. Looking down on the wife’s parents’ home family in the future? That was nothing new. Next year we were to become prosperous. Let’s show off in front of your door.

Yesterday I loved you like a fire, but I did not care about you today. This was the common situation now.

Therefore, some people said that people’s hearts had always been exaggerated, which was not as genuine and sincere as before.

Think about it carefully, this was indeed the truth. The age had changed, and now even sincerity could be discounted.

Jian Míng Xià beg to differ.

Take the simplest example. In the early years, some people always said that toads wanted to eat swan meat . Did anyone say that now?

It was  not that she did not want to eat swan meat anymore. She just wanted to eat it yet did not wish to pay.

Jian Míng Xià did not think that leprosy was a derogatory term. The real leprosy was actually a warrior, and he should take the beauty home.

And those people who had claimed to be leprosy were just a group of people who were too lazy to pay, waiting for meat pie to fall from the sky.

Since Jian Míng Xià could remember, she had met suitors, but she had never met the kind of person who was refused but kept pursuing, or who silently paid and waited.

If you refuse, I would look for someone else. If you looked down on me, then I would also look down on you.

Boys now possessed those mentality.

Therefore, it was really too difficult to talk about a straight-to-marriage relationship with peace of mind. Feelings were a little bit dissatisfied, and a little misunderstanding would lead to breakup.

If Jian Míng Xià were first moved by Xue Lì Yán because he happened to have her favorite countenance. Now after he confessed, she was moved by his personality.

He was undeniably attentive and considerate in every possible way.Jian Míng Xià did not believe that a person was born to be like this. This could only be something that came from his will and discipline.

He would only do this if he had seriously put this to a through consideration.

Such a person, such a person who was willing to take care of her. Jian Míng Xià had no reason not to be tempted.

Even if they had a huge age gap , and there would be so many conflicts in the future.

But none of this was a reason to retreat.

Promised it.

As for the future, let’s talk about it later.

Xue Lì Yán might never know, at that moment, how much courage Jian Míng Xià had used to decide to take that step. Even if the ten thousand fathoms[1]abyss seemed to be waiting ahead.

[1] meaning seems to be bottomless.

But no matter what the ending might be, Jian Míng Xià fully aware that she would not regret it. Because she was a person who took responsibility for her decision.

Finally, Jian Míng Xià said to Editor-in-chief Yán: “I want to try.”

Editor-in-chief Yán patted her on the shoulder and encouraged, “Then try, youngsters must have such determination and courage.”

“But I’m way too old to be called a youngster.”  

“In front of a middle-aged woman like me, saying that you’re not young, are you asking for a beating?”

Editor-in-chief Yán pretended to beat her aggressively.

Jian Míng Xià covered her head and said, “Don’t fight. I will go out later. Others must be suspecting that I was going to be fired!”

“You should have been fired. I go to work and catch fish[2] every day , so why don’t you go to work soon!”

[2] meaning catching someone who is slacking at work.

With reluctance, Jian Míng Xià went out. Ready to get off work, Editor-in-chief Yán was definitely the boss who destroyed the bridge after crossing the river, not one of them.

Upon Jian Míng Xià’s exit, she was suddenly surrounded by a few small editors who would like to inquire about information. After sending them with next week’s theme, Jian Míng Xià could not help sighing, how could no one believe that they had been purely chatting?

It could only be said that catching fish in the open, and it would gain a lot of attention.

After getting  off work, Jian Míng Xià was not surprised to see Xue Lì Yán downstairs in the lobby.

He wore a slim and straight suit, his slightly longer hair was well-groomed, and he stood like a green pine. He had all the capital to make young women stop and stare.

At this moment, he was holding a bunch of purple violets. His eyes were solely looking at Jian Míng Xià as he approached her deliberately, he showed a somewhat stiff smile.

A laugh escaped Jian Míng Xià’s lips.

She said: “You shouldn’t give me violets, because this reminds me that I am a bull by nature. But, luckily you didn’t give peonies.”

As a Taurus, most of them hated others sending them  peonies. Violet was not necessarily likeable, although this was the lucky flower of Taurus.  

He unconsciously tightened his hand and said, “Then I will change the bouquet?”

Jian Míng Xià smiled and shook her head, took the bouquet gratefully, and said, “Thank you.”

Jian Míng Xià did not think giving flowers was a vulgar thing. On the contrary, flowers were a timeless part of love.

In fact, no matter how many reasons a girl said, no matter how many excuses she found in her heart, she could not resist the charm of flowers. It was not because of flowers, but because of the meaning it represented.

Jian Míng Xià was very happy to receive this bouquet, so she accepted it generously.

On the contrary, Xue Lì Yán was a little surprised. He had thought that she would refuse.

“You must be thinking, why didn’t I refuse?”

She seemed to see through his thoughts.

“Because you once said that you only receive flowers from one person in your life.”

Jian Míng Xià was surprised: “What else did I not tell you before? It feels like I have no secrets at all.”

His face turned solemn as he said: “Don’t change the subject.”

“Yes, I admit, I’ve said that. I will only receive flowers from one person.”

“Whose flowers?”

“Too many questions, I’m hungry, let’s go eat! Come on!”

She looked left and right, but before she could say another word, she was interrupted.

He called her name: “Jian Míng Xià?”


“May I give you a hug?”

She froze, then spread her arms. She was allowing the man in front of her to bend down and hold her in his arms.  

He was very light, and he hugged her full of cautious and solemn[3]), but his hands were timid as they encircled her. Jian Míng Xià could not help but to have her eyes reddened.

[3] meaning is very gentle and full of cautiousness.

Many years ago, when she was a young   girl, Jian Míng Xià had written a sentence in her notebook: In the future, I will only receive flowers from one person, and he will be the one that I love.

Time flew by.

One day, a young man of the same age had opened this notebook, his eyes were fixed on the line.

Little Tail: Míng Xià jiě, for your 20th birthday, can I give you a bunch of violets?

Jian Míng Xià: Okay ah! You can send anything, but why is it a violet? I prefer peonies ah! I am a big Taurus who loves peonies.

Little Tail: Then I will give you peonies?

Jian Míng Xià: Boy, you really don’t have any humorous cells ah! Won’t tease you anymore. Seriously, don’t send me flowers, I won’t accept them, because I hate flowers the most. Are you asking for a beating?

Little Tail: Oh, I got it.

Jian Míng Xià: But, why would you want to send me flowers?

Little Tail: No, I just don’t know what birthday present to give you this year, so just casually asked.

Jian Míng Xià: Like this ah! Give me something. You are a junior high school student. I can’t bear to accept your gift. Just like that, I don’t want to ask for ten boxes or eight boxes of Godiva chocolates.

Little Tail:…

Little Tail: When I didn’t say.

On her twentieth birthday, Jian Míng Xià really received ten boxes of chocolates. That was the most expensive birthday gift she had ever received, from a junior high school student.

Later when the night came, Jian Míng Xià sent out a message.

Jian Míng Xià: Boy, has your butt been swollen?

Little Tail: That was actually Xue Lì Héng’s living expenses for the next semester. He lost to me in games. Now he works as a porter in a furniture factory. If you want to, please thank him.

Jian Míng Xià: This is the first time I have seen a younger brother defraud the older brother! Boy, I just want to say…

Little Tail: Well done?

Jian Míng Xià: …

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