I “Married” the Male God – Ch1

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Chapter 1 – Bumping into porcelain (1)

(TN: The title literally translates to “knocking into a porcelain person”, the expression usually used is “touching porcelain”, it basically means bumping into someone that’s so delicate that he could break easily. Usually, this metaphor is used in those scamming cases where people pretend to be “accidently” hurt by someone else in order to get money as compensation, or generally received any “damage” in order to ge something.)

Xiao Meng snuck out of work early. She was the person in charge of the security team of the Huanyu Group, but as the engagement ceremony of young master Luo was getting closer, Xiao Meng, the leader of the security team in charge of maintaining order in the venue during the event, was currently “missing”.

During his grandson’s engagement ceremony, Chairman Luo was planning on auction an invaluable Ming Dynasty hairpin, meaning the security of the hotel couldn’t be lacking in any way. However, at this critical moment, the leader suddenly disappeared, and the security team abruptly became a thunder of dragons without a head.

If anything went wrong with security, not a single one of their team would be able to keep his job.


A cold breeze suddenly blew by, rustling Xiao Meng’s overcoat as she was squatting on the path that young master Luo was supposed to go through.

Just as Luo Yun’s car was turning around at the intersection, a human figure suddenly ran in front of him from the side of the road. As soon as he saw the person, Luo Yun quickly stomped on the brakes, however, the dull sound of collision still resounded from his bumper, affirming he did hit the person that just appeared ——

Ever since he woke up on the morning, Luo Yun’s eyelids had been twitching nonstop but he didn’t know whether it was a good or bad omen. However, he was now certain, it was a bad omen.

Without a second thought, Luo Yun hurriedly got out of the car and saw a young woman wearing a green coat lying on the pavement in front of his car. Next to her body were splattered a few drops of blood on the asphalt road. When Luo Yun reached out to remove the hair hiding the girl’s face, he suddenly felt like he had fallen into a pit.

Did he just bump into porcelain? This time, it was obvious that Luo Yun was the target of a scam. However, the scammer he bumped into wasn’t the usual old lady who would cry to get compensation money, instead, he actually ran into the woman who’d been desperately chasing him lately. (TN: Chasing as in romantically pursuing someone.)

Luo Yun quickly carried Xiao Meng into his car to send her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Xiao Meng dazedly opened her eyes as the doctor and the nurse were pushing her into an operating room. When she glanced around, she quickly caught the figure of Luo Yun who was intermittently raising his wrist to check the time.

Seeing this, Xiao Meng weakly raised her hand to grab onto Luo Yun’s wrist and tiredly closed her eyes again while tightening her grip and refusing to let go.

In her mind, Xiao Meng was desperately muttering: Can’t let go! Can’t let go! If I let go, the male god will run away to get engaged!

Seeing the deep attachment of the patient, the doctor and the nurse sighed at the young girl’s deep feelings as they kept dragging the absent-minded “boyfriend” along the patient bed.

At the door of the operating room, the nurse tried pulling Xiao Meng’s hand off Luo Yun’s wrist, however, she was desperately clutching his wrist into a death grip, refusing to let go.

The nurse exclaimed in surprise at the amount of willpower the patient had to keep on grasping her boyfriend’s hand so tightly despite being barely conscious. The nurse sighed again at the girl’s strong feelings and kept on dragging the semi-conscious patient towards the operating room.

“Don’t … Go … Don’t …” Xiao Meng was being strongly dragged away by the nurse and she could barely open her mouth to softly mutter a broken sentence in a pitiful voice.

Luo Yun’s eyes sank and he softly reassured her: “Not going.”

The little nurse, upon seeing this tearful parting at the doors of life and death, couldn’t help being once again touched by the moving scene.

Xiao Meng’s thoughts were in chaos, and she shivered in pain as she felt like the bones of her whole body were shattered to pieces; but she could see that Luo Yan, as he promised, didn’t leave, and stayed at the doors of the operating room.

Xiao Meng tiredly closed her eyes and lamented in her heart: the trick of injuring oneself is considered successful, however, the cost was simply too high! Her waist and bones were completely falling apart.

On the other side, at the engagement ceremony’s venue, Chairman Luo was urgently running around the hotel looking for his grandson. Luo Yun’s fiancée and her parents had arrived at the scene, and only Luo Yun himself was still missing at the moment.

Chairman Luo’s face was so black it could drip ink. He lowered his voice and asked Assistant Wang with a somber tone: “why hasn’t the bastard come yet?”

Assistant Wang wiped the sweat on his forehead and nervously answered: “I’ve already called the young master, he said that there was a traffic jam on the road, and that he should arrive here soon.”

However, half an hour later, the other party’s parents were starting to get grumpy: “Chairman Luo, when will your grandson arrive? How can I entrust my daughter to him when he’s late for his own engagement ceremony?”

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