LGC Ch 2.2 – This prince will not marry you

    Feng Xi Er lowered her eyes and pretended to cry. Ah, Seventh Prince, what I {Lao Niang} [1]wanted was this result.

    “This Prince is grateful to you for risking your life to save mine. However, marrying you is a different matter. I hope that Miss will not do anymore of such silly things in the future. Since you are fine, This Prince will leave”. After saying this, Seventh Prince waved his sleeve and left without taking another glance at Feng Xi Er. 

    Feng Xi Er looked at Seventh Prince’s back and sneered in her heart. 

    After the Seventh Prince left, that old emperor actually visited. When the old emperor entered Feng Xi Er’s dilapidated courtyard, his face looked very unpleasant. In front of her face, he yelled at the original owner’s cheap prime minister father: “We’ve long heard that Prime Minister has neglected the Miss, but to think that it’d be this much of a neglect. For the Prime Minister’s Eldest Lady to actually be living in such a place below that of servants’…”

    Father panicked, and tried to defend himself with a heap of excuses.  Feng Xi-Er secretly rolled her eyes, wishing for the old emperor to quickly get lost in her heart. That old emperor chatted with her for a while and Feng Xi Er had no choice but to respond and agree on the surface, perfunctorily responding back.

    Before he left, he threw behind a heavy bomb as he smilingly said: “Feng Eldest Miss could risk her life to save my son. This proves your love to Small Seventh (Prince). Small Seventh and Eldest Miss is the perfect couple created in the heavens and earth. We{Zhen}[2] will definitely bestow marriage for the both of you. Eldest Miss, wait for mygood news”.

    This is really a bad result. All her pretences were gone to waste.   

    Because of this, you can tell that that old emperor truly cares for the Seventh Prince.

    After the old emperor left, the cheap father invited a doctor for Feng Xi Er to get some good medicine. He also wanted to move her into a more decent room, but Feng Xi Er gave the excuse that she was used to the place and did not want to move. Although the backyard she lived in was dilapidated, but it was fortunately, quiet and remote, suitable for climbing walls in the future. Of course, she does not want to move. 

    The cheap old man had no other way, and could only order the servants to add some new furniture to her courtyard.The broken table was replaced with a new one, and the wooden bed was also added with a soft mattress on top. However, Feng Xi er felt that it was extremely ironic, as there were still bits and pieces of the original owner’s memories in her head. 

    As the eldest lady of the prime minister’s residence, the original owner led a life lower than that of servants’. Her mother died early, and she was weak and timid. Her other brothers and sisters loved to bully her, and insulting and injuring her was just common practice. If not for Xiao Tu Dou, this girl who was so eager to protect her owner, the original would not know how many times she would have already died. 

    Feng Xi Er did not like to bear grudges, but those who bullied the original owner, she will not just let them off like that.

    After all, courtesy demands reciprocation, so she will let those people have a taste of what being bullied feels like.

    There is still plenty of time, just wait. Feng Xi Er gnashed her teeth. 

    Feng Prime Minister Residence, the magnificent Bi Yu Pavilion. 

    The second Madam, Chen Bi Yu’s face had a contorted expression. She was so angry that she waved her hand and knocked down all the teacups on the table. She gnawed her teeth, “I didn’t expect that the little bitch’s life was so fortunate, that she still wouldn’t die after these few times. That little bitch saved Seventh Prince, and even won the emperor’s good feelings, through that coincidence.” 

    Feng Yan Er did not understand: “Mother, isn’t this good, the emperor will definitely let the seventh Prince marry Feng Xi Er, then won’t I be able to become the Crown Prince’s consort smoothly?”  


[1]self-address used by married/middle-aged woman or in her case would be an arrogant, domineering form of self-address

[2]Emperor’s way of addressing himself; “We” in imperial use.


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