LGC ch 2.1 – This prince will not marry you

On the fourth day after the injury, Seventh Prince, that heartless man, finally visited. 

    Feng Xi Er was laying down on the massage chair, basking in the sun and gnawing on melon seeds, when Xiao Tu Dou rushed to tell her: “Miss, the Seventh Prince finally came to see you.” 

    Looking at the excited little appearance of Xiao Tu Dou, Feng Xi Er lightly tapped her head: “Why, that heartless thing coming to see me makes you so happy?”  

    Xiao Tu Dou showed a wronged look: “No.. Miss, that is, it is…still better than not coming.” 

    Feng Xi Er, made some big movements in the room, and made her face look like a flower. Her original alluring small face now looked like a small clown. Satisfied, she nodded and laid back on the bed. 

    Xiao Tu Dou was puzzled: “M.. miss, what are you doing?” 

    Feng Xi Er winked, and smiled mischievously: “This day is too monotonous, let’s play with them, cough cough, I mean.. Xiao Tu Dou, I naturally have my own plans, you just need to cooperate with me. Now, go and welcome Seventh Prince in”.

    Looking at her Miss’s malicious smile, Xiao Tu Dou immediately came to a realisation. After these few days, she is changing her thoughts of her Miss. She gave Miss a smile and bumbled out to welcome the Seventh Prince. 

    Feng Xi Er squinted and looked at the white-clothed man brought in by Xiao Tu Dou. 

    This shitty thing is Seventh Prince? What a waste of this temperament. Because she was half-squinting, her vision was blurry. However, with just one look, he gave people the feeling of being as graceful as a fairy with a gentlemanly bearing.

    Seventh Prince did not speak and just stared at Feng Xi Er. Feng Xi Er felt very uncomfortable, so she opened her lazy eyes and saw him clearly.

    He was tall and thin, wearing a white inner robe with an outer white robe, a jade hanging on his waist, wearing a medium-length white boots with an embroidered dragon on top. He was dressed simply but revealed an unparalleled royal-ness.

    Looking at his face…exquisite and profound facial features, below his sharp brows were a pair of glowing Wo Can [1]Danfeng eyes, black and white distinct eyeballs revealing infinite affection, almost-perfect high nose bridge, and a pair of sexy thin lips slightly pursed, seemingly unhappy. He also exuded indifference. 

    Three thousand black hairs all tied up, with a simple golden hoop on top, and his long hair naturally falling behind his head, what a beautiful man. I used to watch TV and always felt that the men in ancient times were particularly good-looking. Looking at it with my own eyes, I realized that that kind of beauty was indescribable. 

    Temperament is something that couldn’t be imitated. The fact that Seventh Prince was called the first beautiful man of the Tianlong Dynasty was not unreasonable. 

    But, just thinking of his taste, Feng Xi Er only felt ironic. He was just an empty-shelled vulgar prince. 

    Feng Xi Er got out of bed to salute the Seventh Prince. She slightly bent her body and excitedly said: “Gr…Greetings to Your Highness”.  After saying this, she made to fall and Seventh Prince reached out and held her. Feng Xi Er laid in his arms and blinked mischievously. She looked up at Seventh Prince and smiled, classically like a flower, sweetly spitting out a sentence: “Thank you… Your Highness” 

    Looking at Seventh Prince’s constipated appearance, Feng Xi Er really wanted to rub all of the rouge from her face onto his body.

    Seventh Prince had a face of awkwardness, as he gently supported Feng Xi Er. He clenched his fist in front of his mouth and coughed, saying: “Miss is injured, it’ll be better to lie down”. 

    Feng Xi Er suddenly opened her mouth wanting to sneeze. Seventh Prince looked at her, his handsome face wrinkled and he moved his head backwards to get further away from Feng Xi Er. 

Feng Xi Er smiled, reached out and rubbed her nose. She said, “Xi-er’s injury has gotten a lot… better…ah.. HACHOOO….”

Seventh Prince had a face full of saliva, so Feng Xi Er raised up her sleeve to help him wipe it. Seventh Prince’s five senses suffered damage, and he quickly raised his hand to stop Feng Xi Er’s actions. He finally shouted loudly, “Enough ”.

Feng Xi Er lowered her eyes, bit her lips and had tears in her eyes. She looked like a scared little wife who suffered grievances.

Seventh Prince realised his roughness, and coughed, covering his mouth with his clenched fist. He widened the distance between them, and said, coldly: “Feng Xi Er, This Prince {Ben Wang} came here today to tell you that although you have saved This Prince, This Prince will not marry you.” 


[1]Wo Can – plump lower eyelid


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