Intercepting the Boyfriend When he Was Young Ch 1.2

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Intercepting the Boyfriend When he Was Young

Chapter 1.2

He shook, and the table followed suit. Xia Jiujiu’s stool, that was against the table, also shook. It was not difficult to guess that the reason why Wu Yi would suddenly spring up must be related to this person.

Xia Jiujiu was being shaken so much that she almost resonated. She was a bit helpless. After tucking her school bag into her desk, she turned her head and whispered, “Hey classmate, can you please stop shaking?”

That person raised his head. He had a pair of very bright eyes, like a fox. You could tell at a glance that he wasn’t some good person. He nodded and hurriedly regained his composure. Then he leaned back in his chair and started to play his game console with his head down.

Not long after that person leaned back, Xia Jiujiu took out the textbook, notebook, and practice test papers and began…

Zoning out.

Currently, she had a lot of matters on hand. Learning wasn’t a priority.

Just like many novels, as the female lead of a fantasy novel, Xia Jiujiu was definitely not an ordinary person.

Although she has no special abilities, she was a genuine reborn person.

Before her rebirth, she was 23 years old and a college graduate. She met Jiang Huaian in her junior year of college and was in a relationship with him. They got married and picked up their marriage certificate on the day of her graduation ceremony. Unfortunately, on the second day after the wedding, she was met with a car accident on the way when she followed Jian Huaian to go see his parents. When she woke up, she had returned to when she was sixteen years old.

People have said that rebirth was to let you make up for your past regrets.

Xia Jiujiu contemplated. She lived smoothly for 23 years. She really didn’t have any regrets.

Her parents were the bosses of a coal company; later, they switched to real estate. She had a mischievous younger brother. The family followed the policy of “a daughter should be preciously raised”, and loved her even more.

Her family was harmonious, her friends were upright, and on top of that, she was also beautiful with a normal IQ. Except for not testing well enough on her college entrance examination, her entire life was virtually how other people dreamed to live. It could be considered as a model example.

Those who were richer than her were not as pretty as her; those who were prettier were not as rich as her; those who were richer and prettier than her were not as happy as her!

That’s why, before she married Jiang Huaian, the one thing people said the most was —— Xia Jiujiu really reincarnated well.

Later, after she married Jiang Huaian, the thing people said most was —— Xia Jiujiu seriously married well.

If it was said that Xia Jiujiu’s reincarnation was done through the efforts of her previous life, then to have married Jiang Huaian, she probably saved the whole galaxy.

The two met each other at a blind date.

Jiang Huaian was a year older than her. Although he was a college student just like her, he had already achieved success and obtained recognition at a young age, founding a gaming company early on. It was said that his net worth could almost keep up with her father’s with the company’s profit plus his own investment dividends every year. In addition to being rich, he also had a very handsome face. Especially that pair of eyes. The corners of his eyes peaked into peach flower eyes, giving people a feeling of temptation even if they were hidden under his gold-wired lenses. He was clearly a clean and proper noble son, but no matter how one looked at him, he had a sort of ruffian air to him. Rumor has it that apparently several film and television companies couldn’t help but send Jiang Huaian their business cards once they’ve had any type of contact with him, enthusiastically inviting him to enter the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, he rejected all of them.

In short, this was a wealthy young talent, commonly known as the diamond bachelor.

Sadly, she had no interest¹ in these kinds of men who were too successful because she felt that these types of men must be particularly arrogant and she wasn’t willing to tolerate that.

¹TN: For those of you who read the raws, here it says ‘不感冒’ which would normally mean ‘to not catch a cold’. However, this actually is a Chinese internet slang which means to ‘have no interest’ in sb.

As a result, on the very first day of meeting, Jiang Huaian refreshed her point of view.

Jiang Huaiai recounted his tragic childhood to her.

He told her about how his family was poor at that time and how it was hard to study. In order to accumulate the tuition, he stood on the streets, begging in the middle of the raging wind and snow.

He told her about how at that time, because he was poor and did not dress well, he was ostracized in class. In high school, he was often charged protection fees, beaten, mocked, and bullied by his classmates. He was good-tempered and timid, so he could only bear with it silently.

But no matter what, he had an ambitious heart. He refused to ever give up studying. He strived hard and got a loan to go to college. He also worked to earn money. Finally, he swiftly established a game company after learning how to program and made his way towards the pinnacle of life.

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