I Really Am a Slag Shou! Chapter 22

Translator: LiLi041

Proofreader: Lore

Chapter 22- I Love You

Chi Zhao had gotten the first kill for three consecutive games. While he was being very excited, the system came back.
After having cleaned out all the redundant garbage data, the system felt very good and refreshed.
It subconsciously scanned its host’s environment. It had done this to ensure its host’s safety, but halfway through the scanning process, it got stuck.
Chi Zhao’s eyes followed the enemies on the screen, currently in a very nervous state. He only spared a little bit of his attention for the system and asked impatiently, “What’s the matter?”
【L-L-L-L-L-L-Li Yihan is outside…】
Very good. Now Chi Zhao was stuck as well.
Chi Zhao’s thumb was pressed on the attack button. He continuously attacked a mob, directly punching more than 20 holes in it. The mob’s body had disappeared, but his character was still punching at air with no expression on his face. His teammates were going crazy. They could have let it go if he were hitting the corpse, but what was he doing hitting at air? Could this person be an elementary school student?
His teammates started to voice their complaints, but Chi Zhao didn’t hear them at all. Right now, his inner self could already cosplay as a very famous painting——”The Scream.”

{T/N: Below is the famous painting “The Scream”

(蒙克的呐喊- méng kè de nà hǎn) }

“How did Li Yihan come!? How did he know I was here!?”
【I-I-I-I also don’t know! You didn’t tell him where you were going, so maybe he thought that you were kidnapped. Then, he panicked and searched all over for you… all the domineering president novels are written like this. Domineering presidents are really powerful. With a single command, they can even destroy half of the sun!】
“You’re talking about a tengu, not a domineering president.”
Chi Zhao’s body was very stiff. After two seconds, he put down his hand and stood up, acting as if nothing had happened. Then he walked towards the elevator.
【Host, what are you going to do!?】
“I’m going back to the room! He’s already come all the way here to find me. What if he wanted to try to catch us in the act? If he discovers that I’m not in the room right now and am actually on the first floor playing games, it would just be too weird, okay!”
The system looked back. Li Yihan was still sitting in his car, looking ahead calmly. He didn’t seem to have any intention of trying to catch the cheaters in the act. His eyes were fixed on Chi Zhao’s body, the emotions in his eyes too deep for the system to calculate.
The system’s detection could only reach ten meters away from Chi Zhao at most. Once this range was exceeded, the system wouldn’t be able to see clearly. Only after entering the elevator and watching the door slide shut did one person and one system wipe their foreheads with relief, feeling as if they had just passed a calamity.
Then, they sighed simultaneously in their hearts. Goodness, too frightening.

Once Chi Zhao reached the third floor, he got out of the elevator. A man was standing outside the elevator. The two brushed shoulders as they passed each other. Chi Zhao had never seen the man before, so he didn’t stop. However, that man’s movements paused for a second before he continued walking to the elevator in a normal manner.
He went down in the elevator and reached Li Yihan’s car. After he opened the car door, he first gave Li Yihan a bow before stepping in.
“What’s the situation inside?” Li Yihan asked calmly.
“The room is clean and tidy. It looks as if no one is currently living in it. The lights are off and a man is lying on the ground, in a drowsy state. It seems that he has either been drugged or knocked out. I don’t see any wounds and bruises. It could be that he had been knocked out too quickly, so the bruises haven’t yet been revealed.”
Li Yihan’s expression didn’t change after hearing his subordinate’s words. He continued, “Did you take a picture?”
“I did.” His subordinate handed over his phone respectfully.
He took the phone. In the photo, Zhou Hetian was lying on the ground in a strange posture. This was a very uncomfortable posture that hurt his neck. He would definitely wake up with a stiff neck. His clothes were very tidy, with not even a single button unbuttoned.
Starting from when Li Yihan saw Zhou Hetian, a big, invisible hand seemed to be gripping his heart tightly. Now, that hand finally relaxed a little.
Li Yihan leaned back in his seat and closed his eyes as he said, “You can leave.”
The subordinate had been called over by the boss in the middle of the night to check on a room. Naturally, he was extremely curious, but he didn’t ask about anything. He also didn’t ask what Li Yihan wanted to do and left obediently.
A minute after his subordinate left, Li Yihan opened his eyes.
Qi Yuan had seen him.

At that moment, Qi Yuan’s back was extremely rigid. He didn’t even dare to look back as he stood up stiffly and re-entered the elevator.

He had been so relaxed before, but he suddenly stiffened. There could only be one reason for this. That was, he had discovered that Li Yihan was outside.
It was past eleven in the evening, almost twelve. Qi Yuan usually had a good work and rest schedule. He would yawn incessantly if he didn’t go to bed at half past ten. He had probably sat there for so long tonight because he planned to pass the night in the lobby. However, he returned to his room after he noticed Li Yihan.
Li Yihan stared ahead blankly for a long time. Then, he gave a low and bitter laugh. He lifted his defined right hand and covered his right eye. Broken fragments of laughter came out of his throat from time to time, bringing with them a heartbroken feeling.
Qi Yuan, Qi Yuan, did he want to leave him so much? So much that he didn’t even hesitate to make Li Yihan believe that he had betrayed him?
Chi Zhao returned to his room. He spent a long time moving Zhou Hetian onto the bed. Then, he tore off Zhou Hetian’s shirt and carelessly covered him with the blanket. After he finished with Zhou Hetian, he stripped himself bare, leaving only his underwear.
After shuddering, Chi Zhao sat on the bed and waited for someone to come catch them in the act.
But, almost half an hour had passed, and no one came to knock on the door. Chi Zhao even nearly fell asleep. Suddenly, his phone vibrated. He took it out and glanced at it. Li Yihan was calling him.
Chi Zhao became sober in an instant and called for the system, “Should I answer? Should I answer!?”
If the system knew, would it still just be a low-level system even now? No, it would’ve long been promoted.
While Chi Zhao struggled with the system, the phone rang eight more times. Then, the phone hung up automatically.
Chi Zhao & the system: “…” Okay, then.

Chi Zhao was nervous all night. Just after dawn, at six o’clock, he put on his clothes and went back to the Li home with a pair of panda eyes. As for Zhou Hetian, he didn’t need to worry. When he woke up and found that Qi Yuan wasn’t there, he would naturally go ask the front desk. When he put everything together, he would think that Qi Yuan ran away out of shame.

Chi Zhao stood at the door of the Li home. Chi Zhao spent a long time trying to muster up his courage before he was finally ready to face his bleak life. There was no one on the first floor when he walked in, so he simply returned to his room. He had just turned around when he saw Li Yihan sitting on his bed, holding in his hand a book written in a foreign language.
The two of them had met face to face. Li Yihan looked at him for a while. Chi Zhao was about to clear his throat, when Li Yihan asked, “Have you eaten breakfast yet?”
… Ah?
Chi Zhao was dumbfounded. Li Yihan put down his book, stood up, and smiled gently at him. “I haven’t eaten either. You should first change your clothes. When you go downstairs, I’ll fry two eggs for you.”
Having said that, Li Yihan started to leave. Just when he was about to walk past Chi Zhao, Chi Zhao grabbed his arm on impulse.
He stared fixedly at Li Yihan’s eyes. Why didn’t he bring that matter up?
Clearly, Li Yihan had seen him get a room with someone else last night. Why didn’t he say anything? Why didn’t he question him? Why didn’t he get angry?
Li Yihan was fairly calm, the complete opposite of Chi Zhao, whose eyes had already started to shoot flames.
Words full of anger were brewing in his throat, but Chi Zhao understood that he didn’t have ground with which to scold Li Yihan. His character design was a “slag shou.” Regardless of whether he was acting or not, every single one of his actions were meant to harm Li Yihan. He didn’t have any reason to be angry.
Li Yihan let him pull at his arm. After a long time, Chi Zhao finally squeezed out a sentence from his throat, his voice trembling slightly. “You… don’t want to ask me where I was last night?”
In the quiet space, the sound of cloth rustling was heard. Li Yihan gently pulled his arm out and pressed his slender fingers against the side of Chi Zhao’s face, his slightly rough fingers rubbing Chi Zhao’s soft cheeks. The surroundings were very quiet. Chi Zhao seemed to hear his heart beating violently.
Li Yihan had a very shallow smile on his face, and his voice was low and raspy like that of a cello, but his words were completely unrelated to Chi Zhao’s question.
“I love you, Qi Yuan.”
Chi Zhao suddenly opened his eyes. At that moment, his heart stopped.

Author’s Note: Oohhhhhhh!——Go for it! This old mother author is crying tears of excitement and yearning.

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Translator’s Note: My first chapter for this story, yay! I really liked reading it, so I was doubly excited to translate it! But this might be my only chapter… ? I think Foxaholic is dropping this group project and KK Translates will be picking it up from chapter 25 onward.

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