Healing QT: Blackened Male God, Come For a Hug Ch 1

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Healing QT: Blackened Male God, Come For a Hug

Chapter 1 – Contracted

Following the instruction, the system flew for a long time before it squeezed into a cave.

At that time, the cave was quiet. There was a small opening at the top of the cave.

Through that small opening, the sun beamed in, casting its inclined light onto the small lake within the cave.

The surroundings were so beautiful that it didn’t appear like a cave.

An abundance of plants and flora were planted next to the lake. A fragrance floated within the cave.

There were also several butterflies that lingered on top of the flowers, fusing their colorful wings together and becoming one with the flower petals.

The system was a bit puzzled. According to the instructions, that person should clearly be right here.

Did something go wrong?

It still didn’t give up as it floated towards the lake.

A touch of red underneath the water suddenly caught its attention.

There was a person submerged within the water. Her muslin dress was like a big blooming flower as it rippled along with the waves.

The ebony-colored hair was like flowing ink as it melded together with the red dress; like a rich colorful painting, causing people’s hearts to tremble.

The fish in the lake surrounded her sparkling crystalline feet as if kissing her.

It flew a bit further down, wanting to approach closer to her.

The eyelashes of the person in the water moved slightly, opening their eyes.

The system was startled and flew far away.

Afterwards, it just saw splashes of water scatter into the air, as the red skirt flew up. After she came out of the water, her clothes and hair all gradually became dry. The muslin dress was like the floating clouds in the sky, swirling around her ankle.

She was as gorgeous as a new peach within the hazy morning mist; charming and full of life.

Yun Fanfan looked at the system in midair. After a long pause, she asked, “What are you?”

She has been here for a long time. Although she has never left, she has also never seen anything like this fly in before.

The system pulled itself together and slowly moved closer to Yun Fanfan, saying, “I am the system.”


Yun Fanfan didn’t seem to care much, even if she didn’t even know what kind of a thing this system was.

The system watched as she walked next to the flower bush, picked a flower bud in passing, and threaded it into the long inky hair. As soon as that flower bud had touched her, it suddenly bloomed. She picked another flower, this time with the vine attached. When that vine met her wrist, it automatically formed into a ring.

The system saw that she was not very interested in itself, and immediately initiated its inquisition mode.

“What’s your name?”

“Yun Fanfan.”

“Why are you here?”

“I don’t know.”

“How long have you lived for?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then…do you want to leave this place?”

“Not really,” Yun Fanfan yawned, adding, “Even though I’m not clear how many thousands of years I have lived here, I think it’s pretty good. I’m even planning on growing some vegetables myself.”

The system quickly looked up the 180 ways of persuasion¹. When Yun Fanfan was about to enter the water again, the system said: “If you bind yourself to me, I can take you to different worlds to see different sceneries, learn different things. Not just growing vegetables but there are still a lot of very different very special things. How about it, would you like to give it a try?”

¹TN: Think of it as ‘Persuading people 101’.

Sure enough, Yun Fanfan stopped her steps. She turned around, frowning in hesitation: “But I can’t leave.”

She has been trapped in here for a very long time already. So long that she already didn’t know why she would be here for such a long time. But this place was also very interesting. The cave that had absolutely nothing, in the beginning, has been made into what it is now by her hands. She had a very strong sense of accomplishment. Occasionally, the idea of ​​going out would sprout, but it was impossible to leave at all.

The system saw that there was hope for contracting and threw out the last olive branch: “That won’t be a problem, I have a method, as long as you agree…to be contracted.”

Yun Fanfan: “I agree.”

Right after, Yun Fanfan fell unconscious.

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