Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

In the back seat of the car, Xu Xingcheng and Duan Tianying held hands tightly without saying a word. In the future, they will only rely on each other as they do now. For this, Xu Xingcheng was a little guilty, but looking at Tian Ying’s shiny eyes, he couldn’t say the word of regret. Through the car window, you can already see the candlelight dotted by the fishing boats on the pier, where they are waiting for their freedom and love.

The car stopped by the dock, and the two of them got off and thanked the driver. Running towards the pier, you can see a huge black merchant ship with a red circle painted with a pill in it.

Running to the ramp, Xu Xingcheng’s footsteps came to a halt. Because he saw a person, and Tianying who followed him also saw-Xu Rui’an who was waiting patiently at the gangway with a stick of civilization, and under his feet were two large suitcases of Xu Xingcheng. Next to him was a kneeling man who was delivering luggage for him.

“Is it okay to go abroad without saying hello to my father?” Xu Rui’an asked him with a smile, but his eyes turned to Duan Tianying next to him.

This is the first time he saw Duan Tianying. In the night, his eyes flickered, and the figure before him overlapped with the woman he remembered. I really deserve to be my own son, even the woman I like has the same taste.

“Dad, please I beg you and Tianying!” Xu Xingcheng said as he knelt down and Tianying held him.

“Uncle Xu, my husband and I are happy with each other. We are willing to leave the house, please don’t embarrass us.”

“It is said that the ability of the actors to seduce people is far better than ordinary people, because they are the best at making plays to others. Even I am almost going to be fooled by your touching love. What future does my son promise you? He said He will support you? You have been together for a long time, besides sitting and eating some of the money brought out from Shankong. I am afraid you will have to come back to raise him.”

“Dad! I won’t!” Xu Xingcheng was irritated by his father’s words.

“Okay, just now Miss Duan said to be clean. This is all right. The clothes and silver tickets in this box are the property of my Xu family. You all stay.”

“Yes. We don’t want anything.” Tian Ying replied neither humble nor humble, but he was opposed by Xu Xingcheng. She didn’t know how much money he put in it. Fully fifty thousand! Enough for them to buy a small building in France and settle down. If they don’t want a penny, they can’t even afford a ticket to France.

Duan Tianying also had silver tickets given by Luo Fusheng, enough for them to respond for a while. So she can promise to be so confident. But Xu Xingcheng did not know.

“Very good.” Xu Ruian asked the housekeeper Mao Bo to take two suitcases back to the car. “Xu Xingcheng, I will ask you one last time. You are really penniless now. Are you going to leave this life for your so-called love? Do you raise your gold and silver nest? You will never be me again this time. Xu Rui’an’s son. Don’t ever want to come back to this beach! I know you don’t care about the weak relationship between us, but what about money? You really can afford it?”

“Dad. Have you always looked at me like this?” Xu Xingcheng smiled sadly. His father had pursued these two things all his life, and at the last minute, he would not even lie to deceive him with affection.

“I want to leave with Tianying.” He looked like a child of anger and grabbed Tianying and walked toward the ramp.

“Bang.” A gunshot rang behind him, and Tianying screamed. Xu Xingcheng turned incredulously, and saw the muzzle of his father still smoking. The servant who had just brought his suitcase to the dock had been shot to the ground.

“I don’t want unfaithful dogs.”

Xu Xingcheng ran to the rescue immediately, but the bullet hit the heart without even a call, and he died. Tianying saw a big living person die in front of her like this, and it was considered to die for them, and his whole body was shaking. For the first time she knew that life was so fragile.

The sound of gunshots in the ears has been buzzing back, and some pictures flashed in my head.

[“Mom!” Bleeding dress.

“help me……”

“Ruomeng!” The little boy’s dark eyes and sprinting footsteps.

The gurgling sound washed the ears. 】

Who is Ruomeng…

When the two sides were deadlocked, Mao Bo ran to Xu Rui’an’s ear and said a few words. Xu Rui’an changed his face suddenly and smiled suddenly.

“Feng Darong is dead.”


“It doesn’t matter who he is. What matters is that the Red Pill Club is now tracking down the murderer. Guests who left the banquet but didn’t go home but disappeared at Dashang Beach, I’m afraid only you.”

“Impossible. His Highness Hiroshima personally arranged for us to get on board. She knew we were not murderers!

“You still think that this is a place to find the truth? All it needs is an answer. The murders are on their territory. If they don’t give Merle and Jardine a satisfactory explanation, the two will be turned upside down. “Xu Rui’an said slowly close to his ear. “If I am right, this matter is inseparable from your brother Luo Fusheng’s 80%. Maybe… he made up his mind to use you as a scapegoat from the beginning.”

Xu Xingcheng’s eyes shook violently, and Duan Tianying held him. “Let’s go. Let’s go!”

She had only one strong thought now and left here immediately. Immediately, immediately, don’t want to stay longer for a second. This is a place to eat people.

Xu Xingcheng broke free of her hand. “Sorry, Tianying, I can’t leave at this time.”

“Why? Are you worried about having no money? I have, I have!” Duan Tianying took out the silver ticket in his arms as if in a frenzy.

“Where did you get so much money? Luo Fusheng gave it to you? Why did he give you money? Do you know that he likes you, and he hasn’t given up yet!” Xu Xingcheng took the money in her hand.

Duan Tianying watched the silver tickets in his hand scattered in the river and smiled indifferently. “I know… you didn’t want to go from the beginning. I forced you, Luo Fusheng forced you, you have to go. Now you finally find a suitable reason to stay. Congratulations.”

Xu Xingcheng couldn’t answer her question, only to watch the sorrow in her eyes gradually calm down.

“Hahahaha. Miss Duan has a slender mind.”

The baggage in Duan Tianying’s hands fell to the ground, staggering back to him. “How can I believe people like you, how can I believe people with the surname… What love, what freedom. You don’t want these at all. Ha ha ha ha.”

Tears in laughter penetrated the board of the dock. Xu Xingcheng wanted to pull him, and she was forced to break free, and the star bracelet on her wrist fell to the ground.

“She’s right, this is the real Xu family.” Xu Rui’an patted his shoulder. “As for this woman, you can get your hand if you want. Both the fish and the bear’s paw, Xu’s family!”

Duan Tianying walked alone to the door of the troupe like a lone soul and ghost, and collapsed outside the gate.

Nishimoto is close to Luo Fusheng and has smiled away. “Did you kill the person?”

“Who is dead?”

“Feng Darong.”

“How did you die?”


Luo Fusheng smiled. “If I remember correctly, all guests were given weapons before entering Ningyuan. Do you check if my gun is still in your warehouse?”

“Who knows if you have another gun hidden in your body, search for it!” He Zhenwu raised his hand and came to two Japanese officers. Luo Fusheng looked to Liben future, she did not express an opinion, frowning and backed away.

Two Japanese people unkindly pressed him on the wine case, took off his top, searched up and down, and found no weapons.

They released Luo Fusheng and shook their heads at He Zhenwu. Luo Fusheng put his shirt around without a button, and made a gesture of spreading his hands.

Reimoto smiled again in the future, and the models stepped forward one by one to help him fasten his shirt buttons. “Aggrieved?”

“Huh. This is the way of hospitality in Japan, I understand.” He sneered and lifted Rikamoto’s hand. With obvious anger on his body, it is normal for Hong Kong to be the young man who is headed by such treatment.

Liben future coaxed him with a soft tone. “You know how much this matter will affect our red pill, please forgive me for being less.”

“I don’t know! What is Feng Darong?” Luo Fusheng dropped a sake pot. With the sound of a knife drawing next to him, Ryumoto Mirai raised his hand to stop their movements.

“It was our offense. Next time I personally went to the door to thank the guilt.” Liben future shouted. “Come here, send the younger to go home!”

It wasn’t until Luo Fusheng went out that He Yang Zhenwu asked angrily: “Isn’t it just a gangster bastard. Why are you giving him this face?”

“If he doesn’t get angry, I suspect a ghost.” Liben future squatted down to pick up pieces of the ground. The phrase “Welcome to the adult world” that Luo Fusheng said is really a prophecy.

It wasn’t until he stepped into the door of MGM’s suite that Luo Fusheng really exhaled and called Luo Cheng. “Look for a reliable person to get the gun from the artificial lake in the back garden of Ningyuan. Be careful!”

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