Granting You a Dreamlike Life Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

“Bang.” A small gunshot came from a distance.

Tianying turned her head suddenly, and she had reached the back door. The garden behind it is like a black hole that eats people. She asked the maid around her: “Have you heard anything?”

The honest Japanese woman shook her head. Now the front yard is singing, and the sounds of the drums and drums drown out the back garden. She was also not sure whether she heard gunshots or firecrackers.

“Tianying!” Xu Xingcheng had arrived at the meeting place before her and was beckoning her hard on a Ford car. The expression is like a child who just jumped out of school.

She was infected by his excitement and ran to the car in three and two steps. The car galloped away at night.

When Luo Fusheng returned to the main banquet hall, the play was almost over. Hong Lan complained: “Where have you just been? Don’t you like to listen to Peking Opera the most? You missed a whole scene.”

“I was in the bathroom and meet some acquaintances and chat a few words.” At the scene, the young ladies and gentlemen gathered together to greet each other, looking for their favorite goals. The elderly toasted about business and current affairs. There are only a few ladies listening to the play seriously.

“Xu Xingcheng? Not long after you left, he was gone.”

“Oh. I just met him. He drank too much and went home first.” Luo Fusheng saw her suspicious and quickly digressed. “Are you going to attend the banquet to be held? Liben said he would like you to go together.”

“Yo. Now they all call their names by now. When did you get so familiar? I won’t go. Brother Lin sent me home.”

This coincided with Luo Fusheng’s intentions, he secretly relieved. Looking for advice from Lin Qikai.

“It’s no problem. I’ll take her home later. You will speak to His Highness Riemoto for us.”

After Hong Lan left their seats, Luo Fusheng looked at the empty seat beside him and let out a long breath. Take out the hip flask in his arms, and there are traces of the flask falling into the mountain and sinking into it. He smiled bitterly and drank a sip of sorghum liquor. The spicy sensation spread in the throat, it has long been said that the sake of Little Japan is too light.

Rikamoto came over and sat next to him, his elbows naturally climbed on his shoulders, leaning half on him, as if drunk. “They all left?”

“Huh.” Luo Fusheng was drinking in silence.

“Why don’t you leave?” the question asked pun.

Luo Fusheng turned his head to meet her confused eyes. “Because I want to accompany you to the first dance.”

“Yes, yes!” Nakamoto said happily, pointing three words at him, pulling him from the seat to the other courtyard.

On the stage, Duan Tianci’s play has ended. No one noticed when he left the field, everyone was busy with his homeland.

After he stepped down, he didn’t see Tianying, and he didn’t see her in a circle around the background. “Have any of you seen Tianying?”

“No.” The brothers answered. Duan Tianci felt uneasy, and wanted to call the brothers and sisters to find it. But after all, this is the territory of the Japanese, he did not dare to move at will.

At this time, a little girl with a maid-like appearance came to Duan Tianci and said, “Our Highness invited Miss Duan to attend the banquet, and later sent her back to the troupe. Send the car to take you back.”

Duan Tianci always feels that something is wrong, but he dare not say anything. Can only respectfully made a punch towards the maidservant. “Okay. Trouble girl.”

The rest of the banquet was basically Japanese. They abandoned their crappy Chinese and spoke directly about their mother tongue. Luo Fusheng observed carefully, and found that most of these people were not guests but Ningyuan’s domestic servants. He Zhenwu is also among them.

Reimoto sees his doubts and sighs. “The scenery in front of people is honored by His Highness. But in private, no one is willing to come to my banquet, except you. It is enough to call the servants to have fun.”

The first half of the feast was due to face, because the situation had to come, and it made sense. The second half of the private banquet will be re-participated, I am afraid that it will be labeled as a traitor. How much those people in the Republic of China government cherish feathers naturally understand this important relationship.

“Aren’t you afraid?” Liben asked him.

Luo Fusheng chuckled. “Are crows afraid of black?”

Liben future laughed heartily. “Then we chameleon, a crow is not a match?”

Luo Fusheng’s face changed slightly, and Lin Qikai’s joke on the mat spread to her ears so quickly that the person’s eyes and ears could be seen. Rikamoto doesn’t seem to be angry at this joke, but instead laughs at herself and raises his glass. “Cheers to the friendship between chameleon and crow!”

After three rounds of drinking, Luo Fusheng heard a music ringing in his ear, which was not familiar jazz or piano music. It is a fifth-order music played by shakuhachi, shamisen and Japanese zither.

“This is our traditional Japanese music called Bangle. This song is called “The Moon of the Deserted City”. I don’t know if I have the honor to dance with Mr. Luo?” Li Benwei took the initiative to get him to dance.

Luo Fusheng stood up, holding her shoulders and waist slowly swinging on the dance floor. This is not a waltz, there are no fixed dance steps, the two move freely, enjoying the music.

Luo Fusheng feels that this piece is somewhat like Chinese classical Tang music, and it is not surprising to think about it. Japanese culture is deeply influenced by China. Bangle must have the shadow of Tangle. The Japanese next to him seemed to sing this song, and he was humming. He couldn’t understand the lyrics, and Li Benwei translated the sentence in his ear.

“The bright spring night of the tall building in spring day, the feast was in Huatang.

The cups are intertwined with silhouettes, and the wine is flooded.

Thousand-year-old pine leaves are luxuriant and the strings are melodious.

Where is the prosperity in the past, where do the old people know?

In the autumn, the battlefield was covered with cold frost, and the declining grass reflected the setting sun.

The geese screamed across the sky, and Mu Yun was pale.

Yan Ying Jian Guang intersects each other, Fu Jian is confused.

Where is the beauty of Liangchen today, looking back at the sadness!

Fifteen bright moon nights in the deserted city, what desolate Siye.

Yue’er is still old, cold and clear.

The ruins of the ruined wall leave traces, and the withered vines surround the residual wall.

Songlin only listens to the storms and does not hear the strings!

The vastness of space is immortal, and the moonlight is immortal.

Withering and rising and falling of the world, the vicissitudes are changing in an instant.

Yun Yan passed through his eyes, and the residual dream was slim.

Tomorrow the moonlight in the deserted city tonight, let me wander alone! “

It’s a very sad song, and Li Benwei shed tears when he read the lyrics. “I’m homesick.”

Luo Fusheng sighed in a deep sigh, she was not born chameleon. “Why not go back?”

She wiped her tears again and looked bright and moving, and smiled at him. “Why don’t you go with her? Don’t you like that girl? We can’t always do things according to our own will. In fact, most of the time, we have to go against our own will. Don’t we?”

“Boom. Boom. Boom…” The western pendulum clock sounded twelve times.

“I am eighteen years old.” Ryumoto looked up at Luo Fusheng, who saw a head more than him, like a little girl begging for gifts.

“Congratulations, come to the adult world.” Luo Fusheng finally finally showed her the first sincere smile. Even if they will face each other in the future, they will be enemies who can’t live together.

“His Royal Highness, Master He Yang. Something happened!” A man rushed in panic. Then they whispered in Japanese, but Luo Fusheng couldn’t understand it, and stood aside safely.

After listening to what the next person reported, Liben looked at him with a complicated meaning.

A body was found in the back garden. Hidden in a humble rockery. If it weren’t for a couple of wild mandarin ducks in the house, I’m afraid the body will not be found until it smells.

The deceased is one of the rivals of the Red Pill Association, Feng Darong of the Customs Assessment Division.

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