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    General Forum Rules

    These are the general rules for the Foxaholic forum, applicable for every thread and post. These rules may be subject to revision.
    Please note that there may be additional specific rules in sub-forum.

    The general rules for posting:​

    1. Use English please and thank you.
    2. Spoilers are allowed, but please hide them using the spoiler code. The code is:
      [spoiler title='Title']Spoiler content[/spoiler]


      Spoiler Code example

      Spoiler content


    3. Do not spam.
      1. Double posting is tolerated but only within moderation.
      2. Your comment should add meaningful contribution to the thread – no, a post of solely cusses is not adding “meaningful contribution”, sorry to disappoint.
      3. Title of the thread should be representing the content of thread. Blank title “…..”, misleading, or ambiguous title is not recommended. Similarly, the thread must at least contain an idea to discuss. Thread that is made for spam posting will be locked and the user banned.
    4. Threads and posts related to religion and politics are banned.
    5. No NSFW/racist/propaganda post.
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