503 Service Unavailable

This error means that the website servers are overwhelmed and the server resources are maxed out. Sometimes just refreshing the page again will solve the issue.

Other times, you will have to wait for the issue to disappear – aka the time it takes for Fox23 to notice and fix the error. (Thus please report 503 errors to the Foxaholic Discord!)

Difference between Foxaholic and 18.Foxaholic

Foxaholic.com is our main website for posting translations. 18.Foxaholic hosts our sexually explicit (ahem smutty) translations.

Disabled right click

We have found that disabling it has helped to prevent our translations from appearing on other aggregate sites, particularly Wattpad.

EPUB/MOBI/PDFs for Foxaholic translations

We do not offer epub/mobi/PDFs of translations. Other sites have done this, and it resulted in other people downloading the PDFs to sell or host on aggregate sites.

Support Foxaholic

Other than ko-fi donations and patreon, you can support Foxaholic by:

  • Disabling Adblock
  • Viewing (and clicking) ads
  • Not reading from aggregate sites
  • Reporting Wattpad stories that have stolen our translations “for offline reading” – You can report to Wattpad or to us

Translation schedule

Not everyone on Foxaholic has a translation schedule; you will have to ask the translator in the comment section of their project or on Discord to get this information.

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