Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 330

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Chapter 330 – Need a Large Team

After a long time only he coldly said: “I will investigate this.”


Mu Gu squinted at Liu Zhiming, “Do you really want to do things for Wuyou?”

Liu Zhiming firmly nodded: “Yes!”

Mu Gu handed a business card over to Liu Zhiming: “If there’s anything happen in the future, give me a call.”

Liu Zhiming stared blankly before he took the business card, “Oh…..”

“Just now you said you have a team?”

Liu Zhiming nodded: “Yes, I have a team.”

“Tell me about it.”

“We are a group of orphans that were abandoned by our parents. In order to survive, whatever work also we accept. We had suffered a lot. From robbery to kidnapping to intimidating and to fighting…..all these also we had done before.”

Mu Gu sneered: “All those called suffering?”

The corner of Liu Zhiming’s mouth twitched, “All these can be ignored.”

Who said it was not bitter works?

All these were dangerous works and valuable lives could be lost at any time.

Mu Gu asked again: “How many people are there?”

Liu Zhiming was stunned. Why did he want to ask so clearly?

However, he still answered honestly: “Almost 100 people.”

“Same age as you?”

Liu Zhiming nodded: “Not much difference.”

Mu Gu: “You’re their leader?”

Liu Zhiming: “Yes.”

Mu Gu took out his mobile phone: “Leave your phone number.”

Liu Zhiming did not understand Mu Gu intentions but he still obediently gave out his phone number.

After he saved Liu Zhiming’s phone number, Mu Gu laughed and sneered, “Robbery, kidnapping and intimidating also already did before. This was probably a poor team.”

Liu Zhiming pursed his lips in embarrassment. They were indeed a very poor team. 

Mu Gu managed to see through what was in Liu Zhiming’s heart at a glance. He opened his lips lightly, “I need a loyal and devoted team. A big and united team. The bigger the better.”

Liu Zhiming was surprised: “A big team?”

Mu Gu looked down on him: “You didn’t understand?”

Liu Zhiming nodded: “I understand but I’m only loyal to Mrs Gu.”

Mu Gu’s eyes were bright and sharp: “I wanted you all to be loyal to her and protect her. The bigger the team, the safer she will be.”

Liu Zhiming nodded: “No problem!”

“You can go now.” Liu Zhiming nodded.

He turned around and looked at the construction workers at the side as he walked away.

The construction workers were moving the demolition waste earlier into a dump truck.

After they clean up the demolition waste, they prepared the land for them to lay down the sod.

Liu Zhiming suddenly stopped and turned around to called Mu Gu who just wanted to enter the villa, “Sir, can I and my brothers come and help in the future?”

Mu Gu slowly turned around and looked at Liu Zhiming coldly.

Liu Zhiming looked at Mu Gu calmly: “To tell you the truth, before knowing Mrs Gu, we specialized in accepting kidnapping works to live. Afterwards, we had already abandoned our life as an outlaw. Without accepting these kinds of works, we had no income. I saw that the work as a construction worker was kind of suitable for us also. We can undertake this project. We….”

Mu Gu waved his hand to interrupt Liu Zhiming words. With a cold look and indifference voice, he said, “Go back first. I have work for you all.”

“What kind of work?”

Mu Gu looked at him with his stern eyes.

Liu Zhiming pursed his lips. Alright, he won’t ask then.

The man can kill a person with only a look. He’s too terrifying.

Mu Gu returned to the villa.

Ban Jianing already calmed down.

He no longer made any ruckus but he just wanted to curl up behind the door. Refused to move to where the sofa was.

Song Wuyou also did not force him. She brought a bottle of yoghurt and let him drink it from where he was.

His was staring at a spot without blinking while he was drinking the yoghurt.

Mu Gu sat on the sofa. His eyebrows raised slightly while he looked at Ban Jianing intently.

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