Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 329

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Chapter 329 – “Who Wants to Kill Wuyou?”

Mu Gu dragged Liu Zhiming out and stopped in front of the Roman column outside of the villa.

When Liu Zhiming kidnapped Song Wuyou last time, he had met Mu Gu.

However, this time, he felt as if Mu Gu was King Yama. His whole body was emitting a dark and cold aura, which was very intimidating.

[TN: King Yama = King of Hell = God of Death]

“Say something!” Mu Gu’s two simple words were filled with incomparable coldness.

“The man Mrs Gu called Jianing was someone who ran out from a psychiatric hospital…..”

Mu Gu’s deep cold eyes looked at Li Zhiming chillingly: “Who wants to kill Wuyou?”

When Liu Zhiming heard this, only then he knew that what he said earlier was not the main point in this man’s heart.

He said: “I also don’t know. I have already investigated it but there was no clue.”

Mu Gu gaze turned colder: “Tell me all the ins and outs of the matter clearly without missing a beat!”

Liu Zhiming swallowed his saliva, “Okay.”

Therefore, he started to talk about how the person who rode a motorcycle wanted to hit Song Wuyou and how Song Wuyou encountered Ban Jianing. He also said how he investigated both the matters and how all the road monitoring devices within the area was destroyed. Without missing a word, he told everything in great details to Mu Gu.

Because the other party requested for full details, without missing a word.

Liu Zhiming very smart and talked about the main points before he started to elaborate on the rest, and Mu Gu listened to him patiently.

Mu Gu looked at Liu Zhiming gloomily and Liu Zhiming became nervous being looked by Mu Gu.

He looked at Mu Gu and said: “I have already finished explaining everything without missing a word.”

“Who are you?” Mu Gu suddenly asked.

“Ah?” Liu Zhiming was stunned. He didn’t remember him already? “I’m the one who kidnapped…..”

When the word kidnapped was mentioned, Mu Gu’s pupil suddenly shrunk and coldly looked at Liu Zhiming: “It was you?”

His coldness made Liu Zhiming felt oppressed and even his breathing also became somewhat uncomfortable.

What’s wrong about being him(LZM)?

The way he(MG) looked at him(LZM), did he have to be so cold?

Mu Gu looked at Liu Zhiming dangerously: “What were your motives for deliberately approached Wuyou?”

Liu Zhiming felt wronged: “There was no motive at all!”

“Do you think I will believe it?”

“Mrs Gu is an upright person and saved my life before. I had already discussed with my brothers and we will do things for Mrs Gu in the future.”

[TN: Over here he didn’t use the word work, instead he used the word ‘do things’ which can mean anything and everything and he won’t be paid for it.]

“What kind of things?”

“Protect Mrs Gu, help Mrs Gu gather information, etc.”

Mu Gu felt as if he had heard a big joke and he sneered from the corner of his mouth: “Just base on you?” 

“Perhaps you don’t look up to my strength. But since Mrs Gu had rescued me, I had already secretly made a vow that my life and death belong to her!” Liu Zhiming frankly said it out and looked at Mu Gu resolutely.

Last time when Mu Gu arrived, he only saw Song Wuyou held onto Xu Jing while they leave the car. Then, it exploded——

He did not know that Song Wuyou had save Liu Zhiming.

Mu Gu looked at Liu Zhiming coldly, “When did Wuyou save you?”

“The last time I kidnapped her, the car dropped towards the cliff. Both of us also fly out of the car. I was hanging over the cliff and it was she threw herself over to pulled my hand and dragged me up. That was the reason I am still alive now. If she did not threw herself over at that split second and pulled me over, I would have long been dead without a complete corpse.” Liu Zhiming said.

Upon hearing these, he was in deep thoughts.

Liu Zhiming looked at Mu Gu and said: “Your ability is stronger than mine. You must catch those people who wanted to kill Mrs Gu yesterday. I’m worried that since they had failed this time, there would be another time.”

Mu Gu coldly snorted, “I won’t let them have another chance.”

Liu Zhiming raised his eyebrow, “I don’t know if Jianing has any relationship with that motorcycle incident.”

Mu Gu frowned and his gaze was deep.

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