Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 326

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326 – “Murder, He’s Murdering Someone”

After some thinking through, Xu Jing finally came to a conclusion.

Song Wuyou should be repeating a line from a TV drama.

As far as she knows, anyone who wanted to join the army needed to be at least 18 years old.

When she first joined Song Family as a servant, Song Wuyou was only 17 years old.

Afterwards, they were together every day. When had she ever join the army?

Xu jing gently walked into the room. When Song Wuyou noticed that someone came into the room, she turned her head and looked at Xu Jing. 

Xu Jing walked straight to Song Wuyou and handed her mobile phone over, “Miss, Master Gu called you just now.”

Song Wuyou’s eyes flashed slightly, “Did he said anything?”

“I didn’t pick up the call and it stopped ringing by itself. I think Master Gu will call again afterwards.”

After Xu Jing just stepped out of the room, the phone started to ring again.

Song Wuyou answered the phone with one hand holding onto the phone and another hand being held by Ban Jianing

“Not yet sleep?” Gu Yanhao’s pleasant voice was spread into Song Wuyou’s ear through the phone.

Earlier she was still in a heavy mood but she did know why when she heard Gu Yanhao’s voice, she suddenly felt better.

Song Wuyou softly said: “No.”

“What are you doing now?”

Song Wuyou looked at Ban Jianing and did not answer the question: “When are you coming back?”

Gu Yanhao smiled, “Miss me?”

“……..” Song Wuyou frowned slightly, miss him? 

Maybe she had a bit……

“When will you come back?” she asked again.



“Song Wuyou.”


“I really miss you!”


“Now that I’m in a foreign country, I really miss you like crazy.”

“If you miss me then you faster come back.” She did not know why she didn’t feel comfortable without him around.

Especially when she looked at Ban Jianing who looked exactly like her younger brother. She suddenly wanted him to be home…..

Her words made Gu Yanhao very happy.

A sweet and clear laugh came through the phone, “With your words, I had more energy to work. I will be back as soon as possible.”

“……..” Since when you had no energy to work?

“In a little while, I will have a meeting. So, I’m hanging up now.” Gu Yanhao reluctantly said.

“En.” After ended the call, Song Wuyou continued to accompany Ban Jianing.

She just continued to accompany him like this. When it was late into the night, she could no longer continue to stay awake. So she simply sat on the ground and leaned against the bed. She closed her eyes with her head resting on the bed.

On the next day, she was woken up by the noise from the construction site outside.

She looked up and opened her eyes. Ban Jianing was already sitting on the bedside and looked at her.

She smiled at him, “You awake?”

When Ban Jianing saw her smile, he blinked and smiled, “Jiejie.”

Song Wuyou strenuously tried to stand up. After sitting on the floor for so long, it was very difficult to stand up.

“Jianing, go wash your face and brush your teeth. After you finish, Jiejie will accompany you to eat breakfast.”

Ban Jianing got down from the bed, “Okay.”

Ban Jianing was afraid of everyone except for Song Wuyou.

After they had breakfast, Ban Jianing followed her around like her shadow.

In order to help him overcome his fear, Song Wuyou took Ban Jianing out of the villa and watched the construction work in progress. 

In the beginning, Ban Jianing did not show any differences. He also did not make any noises.

However, all these changed when he saw a construction worker wearing a labour glove and dust mask while his hand was holding an iron hammer. As he hammered down the wall that had not been blown down after the explosion, Ban Jianing seemed to saw a very tall man who was wearing a mask and a pair of gloves. With a knife on hand, delivering stab after stab onto the body of someone.

“Ahhhhhh……murder, murder…..” His emotions suddenly went out of control.

His eyes widened as he pointed at the construction worker in horror.

He retreated to the back while he continued to point his finger towards the construction worker. He then stumbled down when he stepped on a brick.

“Murder, he’s murdering someone!” He continued to retreat in horror as his face turned pale. 

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