Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! – Chapter 325

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325 – Strange

Song Wuyou had no mood and appetite. Don’t say milk, even water also she did not want to consume it now.

She glanced at Xu Jing, “Just leave it here.”

Xu Jing looked at Ban Jianing’s hand and said: “Miss, do you plan to accompany him tonight?”

Song Wuyou looked at the sleeping Ban Jianing and softly said: “He’s currently unwilling to let go of my hand. So, I’ll just accompany him.”

“You will be very tired.” Xu Jing said.

Song Wuyou smiled indifferently: “As long as he can sleep peacefully, even if I’m tired, it did not matter.”

“Miss, Jianing is just a stranger. Have you ever thought of Master Gu’s feeling when you treat a stranger so nice?”

“Gu Yanhao?” Song Wuyou raised her eyebrows.

“Both me and Song-jie also can see that he really loves you.”

Song Wuyou smiled: “If he loves me, then he will need to believe in me.”

“But you brought Jianing home from the street and both of you are not related to each other also.”

“Xu Jing, I know what you’re worried about. When Gu Yanhao come back, I’ll explain it to him.”

If Gu Yanhao wanted to question her, at most she can just reveal the fact that she was not the real Song Wuyou.

If he can really accept both her and Ban Jianing, then that will show that he really loves her.

If he could not even accept this, she would stop accepting his love. With such a shallow love, there was no loss to her even if she threw it away.

“Miss, no matter what, you still need to drink this milk.” Xu Jing brought the milk over to Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou took a deep breath, took the milk and finished drinking it.

The finish milk glass was passed to Xu Jing: “It’s not early anymore, you should go rest also.”

Xu Jing’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Miss, shall I accompany you?”

Song Wuyou smiled: “No need. You just go back and sleep. Tomorrow you still need to go back to the company and help me to scan my design draft into the computer. Then, ask Lin Xiumei to help me to colour it.”

Xu Jing pursed her lips: “Okay. Then I’ll go back to rest. Miss, if you are able to, you should also go back to your room and rest.”

Song Wuyou nodded and responded gently: “En.”

Xu Jing looked at Song Wuyou deeply. Then she took the glass and slowly walked out of the room.

Song Wuyou tried to pull back her hand.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

She only moved a bit but Ban Jianing already started to cry again.

She froze and stopped pulling her hand back. She continued to let him hold onto her hand.

Song Wuyou distressedly looked at Ban Jianing. Looking at how even in his sleep, there was no peace. He was even terrified in his dream. She felt really heartbroken. 

“Jianing, Jiejie is here. With Jiejie here, no one can kill you. You can sleep with ease, Jiejie will continue to accompany you. ”


She gently stroked Ban Jianing’s handsome and pale face with her other free hand.

The distressed Song Wuyou’s eyes were dark and sad. Her lips softly murmured, “It was Jiejie bad, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…… It was Jiejie who cause the death of all of you.”

“If not because Jiejie kept insisting wanted to join the army, if not because of Jiejie who loved Dongfang Xuan, all of you won’t die also. Jianing, I’m sorry….I’m sorry….. ”

When she speak until the end, she was choked with emotions and from her voice, it can be discerned that tears were just around the corner.

Xu Jing who went downstairs returned with Song Wuyou’s mobile phone in her hand.

When Song Wuyou came back earlier, she left her bag on the first floor.

[TN: Traditionally, Chinese always called ground floor as the first floor.]

As soon as she lay down to rest, she heard a ringtone coming from the living room. When she went out to check only she saw Song Wuyou’s mobile phone was ringing.

When she took the mobile phone for a look only she saw it was an international call. The call was all the way from England.

It was a call from Master Gu.

Xu Jing walked up with the mobile phone.

When she reached the top of the stairs, the ringing tone stopped.

Then when she reached the door, Xu Jing heard Song Wuyou’s voice that came from inside of the room.

She thought Ban Jianing was awake and Song Wuyou was talking to him.

Unexpectedly, when she approached nearer to the room, she heard the above sentences spoken by Song Wuyou.

Xu Jing was shocked and stood frozen outside the door.

Who died because of Miss?

Joined the army?

Dongfang Xuan?

What were all these?

Strange, why couldn’t she understand a word spoken by her Miss.

After knowing Song Wuyou for so long, this was the first time Xu Jing heard Song Wuyou said sorry in such a heart-wrenching voice.

Did the whole family of this Jianing died because of her Miss?

Xu Jing was taken aback by her own thoughts.

How could it be!

Since she knew her Miss, she had been by her side every since. If her Miss caused someone’s death, how could she not know about it?

Not to mention about joining the army or about loving Dongfang Xuan.

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