Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, Memeda! Ch 3

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Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, Memeda!

Chapter 3 – I Will Take Care of You For Life

In actuality, most beastmen have never seen a fire before.

Beasts were naturally afraid of fire. Even after they evolved into beastmen, they still had a natural fear of fire.

Bai Di was part of a small group of beastmen who has seen fire before, and he had personally witnessed the powerful destructive force of fire.

He looked into the little female’s eyes, “Must fire be used?”

Lin Huanhuan nodded, “En.”

Bai Di had no choice but to hug her up, “I will take you to find a source of fire.”

Lin Huanhuan asked, “Can’t we drill wood for fire?”

“Drilling wood for fire? How do you get that?”

Lin Huanhuan found two branches and began to drill wood for fire. As a result, after rubbing the wood for a long time, her palms were almost worn away, but she still could not drill out the slightest bit of spark.

She was angry.

It really was all deceptions on TV! Slam!¹

¹TN: Imagine table flipping…except you’re throwing something onto the ground instead.

Finally, Bai Di couldn’t stand to continue watching anymore and licked her palm distressingly, “Stop it. I will take you to find a source of fire.”

Lin Huanhuan was licked by him until her face and ears were red.

She drew back her hand in embarrassment, and said to him after considering, “Didn’t you need to go to the wolves’ tribe?”

While reminiscing about the taste of the little female, Bai Di said, “We’ll head to the wolves’ tribe first. After the witch doctor finishes examining you, I’ll take you to find a source of fire.”

Lin Huanhuan immediately said, “I am not sick. I don’t need to see a witch doctor.”

“If you are not sick, why did you suddenly faint before?”

Lin Huanhuan couldn’t answer back.

She couldn’t exactly say that she was scared by him to the point she fainted, right?!

Bai Di hugged her, “Don’t be afraid, it’s just letting the witch doctor take a look at you. Whether or not you are sick, you are still my female. I will take care of you for life.”

Lin Huanhuan froze.

Ever since she was a child, both her parents died, so she lived with her uncle. Although her uncle’s family did not abuse her, they also did not pay much attention to her.

When she was sick, no one was by her side. She could only hide in the bed, crying secretly as she held a picture of her parents.

The extreme lack of affection made her both sensitive and self-abased.

She thought she would never get the love of others and was destined to live alone.

Bai Di’s words were the warmest words she has ever heard in her life.

No one has ever told her that they would take care of her for life while hugging her before.

He was the first.

Originally, Lin Huanhuan wanted to push him away, but in the end, she still couldn’t bear to part with the warmth of this moment. Her hands quietly lowered and just allowed him to hug her as he liked.

Bai Di cleanly ate the wild pork and then turned into a big white tiger, carrying Lin Huanhuan to continue on their journey.

Along their way, they met with wild beasts but Bai Di was already full so he was not interested in these prey.

He planned to ignore these beasts and continue on his way.

Lin Huanhuan remembered the task given by the system. After hesitating for a while, she still chose to speak to Bai Di in the end.

“I want two more hides, is that alright?”

Bai Di didn’t understand the reason when it came to the little female’s request but he agreed without any hesitation.

He continuously slaughtered five beasts one after another along the way. He then peeled and washed the hide of each beast cleanly before handing them over to his little female.

Seeing how joyful the little female appeared while holding the animal hides, Bai Di’s mood also became happy as he asked gently, “Is this enough? If not, I will go help you kill a few more beasts.”

Lin Huanhuan hurriedly shook her head, “No need, these skins are already enough.”

She looked at the blood stains on Bai Di’s face and body along with a scratch wound from a beast on his arm. She felt both guilty and moved.

Lin Huanhuan reached her hand out and helped him wipe away the blood from his face, “Thank you.”

This was the first time the little female took the initiative to touch himself. Bai Di was so happy that he couldn’t help but embrace her within his arms, lowering and rubbing his head against her hair.

“You are my female. I am perfectly willing to do anything for you. You never have to say thank you to me.”

This big tiger seemed to particularly like hugging her.

Lin Huanhuan felt a little awkward at first but got used to it as it was done more often later.

She pushed against Bai Di’s chest, “You should go wash up.”

Slaughtering five beasts in a row caused Bai Di to exude a heavy bloody air.

However, there were no nearby water sources. Bai Di could only find a bunch of clean leaves to scrub his body clean.

Currently, Lin Huanhuan was talking to the system within her mind.

Lin Huanhuan, “The amount of hides you wanted has been collected.”

System 438, “Confirming the completion of the novice task. Issuing the novice gift pack. Would the host please check it over closely!”

Suddenly, a cloth bag appeared out of thin air in Lin Huanhuan’s hand.

She carefully opened the cloth bag. Inside there was a wooden stick that was about as thick as a finger with a hollow inside. Upon opening the lid, the inside were filled with fire starters.

Seeing that there was fire, Lin Huanhuan was very happy.

Aside from the tinder, there was also a sheepskin picture album within the cloth bag.

A few words were written on the cover, “One of the Ancient Animals and Plants Encyclopedia”.

Lin Huanhuan opened the picture album and briefly skimmed through it. She found that the characteristics and functions of many animals and plants were recorded within it.

This was something good!

With this, Lin Huanhuan would be able to distinguish which plants could be used for medicinal use and which plants could be used for cooking in the future. This would be a great help to her future life!

Lin Huanhuan carefully put the album and the tinder away.

When Bai Di came back from cleaning the blood off his body, he saw that the little female was carrying a small cloth bag from who knows where.

It seemed that the little female was afraid that he would ask about the origin of the little cloth bag; her eyes were dodgy.

Bai Di couldn’t help but smile. It appeared that there was a secret hidden in his little female!

But that doesn’t matter. Later, he would slowly unravel all her secrets once they have interacted with each other longer.

Bai Di turned into a tiger and continued on the road while carrying the little female.


The wolf clan was the largest beastmen group in this area.

Not only were they numerous, but they were also very good at cooperative hunting. Their powerful attacking power made other beastmen around them very afraid.

The tribe of the wolf clan was built on the side of the rocky mountain.

The mountain terrain was complicated. If a person that was unfamiliar with it rushed it, it would be very easy for them to get lost.

There was an empty lot at the foot of the mountain. Every ten days, the wolf tribe would hold a market here. The beastmen in the surrounding areas would rush over, bringing their own goods to exchange with each other according to their needs.

Today just happened to be that market day. There were a lot of beastmen gathered at the foot of the mountain. Everyone was selecting and buying goods, creating a very bustling spectacle.

Bai Di turned back into a humanoid and helped Lin Huanhuan tighten her hide.

Her entire body was tightly wrapped within animal skin. Only half of her face was exposed.

Bai Di warned, “You need to follow me closely later. Do not run around no matter what. There are many bad beastmen within the market. If they find out you are a female, they will abduct and sell you.”

Lin Huanhuan blinked her eyes, “That sounds like a human trafficker.”

“Human trafficker?”

Lin Huanhuan explained, “Those bad guys that rely on the abduction and trafficking of women…females and children.”

“En, those bad guys are human traffickers. You must be careful. You must not leave me even half a step. Capisce?”

Seeing Bai Di’s serious appearance, Lin Huanhuan also became serious, “Un, I’ll remember.”

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