Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, Memeda! Ch 2

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Cute Beast World: Beast Husband, Memeda!

Chapter 2 – Bai Di


Confirming the host, Lin Huanhuan.

Beginning information docking.

Successfully docked information. System has fully started!

“Hello host, welcome to your use of system 438!”


Lin Huanhuan woke up.

She rubbed her head. It seemed like there was a voice in her head talking to her just now.

The other party seemed to be some system of sorts…

Bai Di’s voice suddenly sounded out, “You’ve awakened.”

Lin Huanhuan snapped out of it.

She then discovered that she was actually lying on a tiger’s back!

As soon as she saw it, Lin Huanhuan remembered the scene where a living person had transformed into a tiger just earlier, still feeling a bit of lingering fear.

As Bai Di was carrying her while running, he asked, “How are you feeling? Do you still feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Lin Huanhuan carefully sat up.

“No, I’m fine. Where are you taking me?”

Bai Di’s speed was very fast. The wind whizzed past him, and the undressed Lin Huanhuan shivered from the cold.

“I’m taking you to find the witch doctor in the wolf clan.” Bai Di noticed the change in her and immediately stopped.

He placed Lin Huanhuan on a big tree, then took off his leather skirt, shoved both the leather skirt along with a bone knife into her hand, and told her, “Wait for me a little bit. I will be back soon.”

After he finished, he jumped off the tree; his figure landed lithely on the grass.

Lin Huanhuan sat on the tree branch, clutching the bone knife tightly in both hands.

She saw a huge white tiger hiding in the bushes. Not far away in front of him, there was a wild boar that had just eaten its fill.

The white tiger silently waited for a moment. When the wild boar had completely relaxed its vigilance, the tiger suddenly rushed out. With a stance of being faster than a clap of thunder, it bit into the wild boar’s neck in a single bite!

Blood spilled all over as the wild boar screamed out in pain.

The wild boar struggled desperately, but still failed to escape the tiger’s fangs in the end as it was bitten to death.

Lin Huanhuan, who witnessed the entire process, was stunned silly by the hunting display.

Such a big wild boar could knock her flying with just a light bump.

But Bai Di simply just killed the other party with a single bite!

Lin Huanhuan felt that she had to re-evaluate the amount of force Bai Di had. If such a powerful man really wanted to do something, he could have pinched her to death with just two of his fingers.

For the sake of her own personal safety, she would try not to provoke him in the future.

Bai Di transformed back to a humanoid and walked under the tree. With his arms spread open, he tilted his head and looked up at the little female on the tree, “Jump down.”

Lin Huanhuan was very scared.

There was a height of around 4 meters. If she didn’t jump well enough, even if she didn’t die from the impact, she would still break a few bones.

Seeing her fear, Bai Di immediately understood.

It turns out that his little female was afraid of heights.

Ever since Bai Di left his parents after he became an adult, he had never lived with another female again. When it came to the living habits of a female, he was basically walking with his eyes blind, knowing absolutely nothing.

Later when he arrived at the wolves’ tribe, he had to go to inquire around a bit.

There were a large number of wolves, and there were females within the tribe. They must know how to take care of a female.

Bai Di nimbly climbed the tree, picked up Lin Huanhuan, then jumped down, and landed firmly on the ground.

He said, “Give me the knife.”

Lin Huanhuan handed the bone knife back to Bai Di.

Bai Di used the bone knife to completely peel off the wild boar’s skin and then cut the meat and bones separately.

After Bai Di had finished cleaning and washing the wild boar skin, he wrapped it around Lin Huanhuan’s body, “This way, it won’t be cold anymore.”

The familiar voice suddenly sounded within in her mind—

“Received one wild boar skin. Triggering novice mission!”

“Asking the host to please collect three animal skins. After the task is completed, a novice gift pack will be issued!”

Lin Huanhuan froze.

Novice tasks and novice gift packs? What kind of thing was that?!

But the system did not respond.

She could only ponder about the answer to that alone in her heart as she wrapped the boar skin tightly around herself.

Although the wild boar skin had a bloody smell since it had not been tanned, she had to admit that it really was warmer being wrapped within it. At least she would no longer be running around this world naked anymore.

Lin Huanhuan said to Bai Di quietly, “Thank you.”

Bai Di looked at how she hid her small body within the wild boar’s skin and couldn’t help but reach out to touch her ear, “Later when we reach the wolves’ tribe, I will buy you clothes.”

Lin Huanhuan’s ears were very sensitive. They immediately turned red when he touched them.

She forcibly resisted her bashfulness as she asked, “Where is the wolves’ tribe?”

“That is the place where the wolf clan lives. It’s not too far from here. Usually, whenever I have a need for anything, I would go there to exchange or buy from them.”

“It sounds very much like a village.”

“Village?” Bai Di didn’t quite understand the meaning of this word. “I have only heard of tribes and cities, but I have never heard of villages before.”

Lin Huanhuan’s eyes brightened, “City? Where is that? Are there humans in it?”

“Humans? I haven’t heard of that before. Those cities were built by beastmen. They are very powerful, but also very fierce. If you are interested, I can take you there to play in the future.”

Lin Huanhuan didn’t know what the city meant for the beastmen. She just regarded it as an ordinary tourist trip and nodded, “Oh.”

Bai Di cut off the tenderest part of the wild boar and handed it to Lin Huanhuan, “Eat it.”

Lin Huanhuan looked at the bloody flesh in front of her and was immediately stupefied.

“This, this is raw meat!”

Bai Di said, “What’s wrong with the raw meat? This meat is very fresh and tastes good. You should hurry and eat it.”

Lin Huanhuan shook her head in panic, “No no no! I don’t eat raw meat!”

Bai Di frowned, “You don’t eat meat? No wonder you look so thin and tiny. You can’t do this. It’s bad for your health to not eat meat. Quickly eat it now.”

But no matter what he said, Lin Huanhuan refused to touch that piece of bloody raw meat even if she died.

Bai Di didn’t know what to do with her. In the end, he could only find some wild fruits for her to eat.

Lin Huanhuan held the wild fruit and ate it, very satisfied.

Bai Di stared at her for a moment, then suddenly asked, “You’re not a vegetarian beastman are you? Like rabbits and deer for example.”

Lin Huanhuan felt a bit guilty.

She was neither a rabbit nor a deer.

She was human!

But Bai Di had never seen human beings before. She did not know what the consequences of telling the truth would be. After thinking about it a bit, she vaguely said, “I am an omnivorous animal.”

“Omnivorous? Does that mean you can eat meat and vegetarian food?”

Lin Huanhuan nodded, “En.”

“Then why did you refuse to eat meat just now?”

Lin Huanhuan swallowed the wild fruit in her mouth and explained, “It’s not that I won’t eat meat; I just don’t eat raw meat. If it’s cooked meat, I still like to eat it.”

“Cooked meat? How do you get that? Tell me, I’ll get it for you!”

Bai Di was an out and out carnivorous animal. In his view, meat must be eaten for all three meals a day otherwise you will get sick!

He mustn’t let the little female get sick.

There was no pot here so it was definitely not possible to stir fry meat or make stew. Looks like you can just barely make do with a barbecue.

Lin Huanhuan said, “First of all there must be a fire.”


Lin Huanhuan cautiously asked, “Have you never seen a fire before?”

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