Commander in Chief’s Flash Marriage C 1.1

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Chapter 1.1 Will you marry me?

The traffic in the capital can’t be blocked anymore. What’s more, you can get a traffic light in less than 500 meters, especially in the busy streets.

Guan Lingchao, who was wearing a military uniform sitting on a Land Rover, was really bored, with his arms around his chest while he tapping his arm rhythmically with his slender fingers.

“Master …” The man sitting in the back seat was a little worried.

“What?” Guan LingChao raised his eyebrows slightly, his voice was a little low, and he was a little displeased, he glanced at his wristwatch. “Worried about being late?”

The man behind him lowered his head and dared not speak.

“Do you want me to run over?” Guan LingChao sneered, “The traffic in the capital is not normal until it’s not blocked. The Empress Dowager is not unclear. She is anxious to see me. She has the ability to send a helicopter. What is a Land Rover?”

His manner of speaking was very disdainful and provocative.

The man in the back seat was even more afraid to talk.

Who knew that the man beside him would laugh so joyfully.

“I say, Guan Shao, You can just let them go. They are merely responsible for coming over to pick you up.”

“You know fart.” Guan Lingchao glanced coldly at the man on the other side of the back seat. What he hated the most in his life was this cheapskate. Bai Lufei was just a scum, who can not tell good from bad. The Empress Dowager sent an edict to the general manager to pick him up and return to Beijing. Bai Lu insists on taking a ride with him. Now it’s fine. The roads have only been blocked for three hours.

“I’m in a hurry.” Bai Lufei ignores Guan LingChao’s sarcasm, opens the door and gets out of the Land Rover. “Guan LingChao, opposite there is a shopping mall. It is said that there are many beautiful women there. Do you want to go around and see?”

Guan Lingchao is not as appreciative as Bai Lufei. In Bai Lufei’s eyes, as long as it’s a woman, she is a beauty, and as long as it’s a man, he is handsome. Therefore, he always looked down on him (Bai Lufei). But he didn’t want to face the poker face manager behind him, so he opened the car door and got off. He didn’t know how long it will take for this traffic jam.

“Young master.” At the sight of Guan LingChao getting off the car, the general manager quickly opened the door and chased after him. What if he needs to relieve himself?

Guan Lingchao glanced at the general manager and speed up his pace. He didn’t intend to relieve himself… Now it seems that he must relieve himself.

The shopping mall was a very luxurious mall. It’s basically one of the best in the capital. It was said that female celebrities come here to spend money. When the salesperson saw that a man in a military uniform came in, he was basically dismissive. He didn’t even bow down to say hello.

“Hello, welcome.”

The sweet and enthusiastic voice behind him scared Guan Lingchao. He turned his face and saw a very beautiful and enchanting woman holding … A fast-growing old man walking in with a smile like a flower. She had a good figure, big breasts, small waist, long legs, especially the slender white legs wearing a pair of boots, were really beautiful.

And that beautiful big wavy curls, like seaweed, he really want to reach out and touch.

“Godfather, it’s said that Meijia’s new boots have come recently. Would you like to accompany others to have a look?” The beautiful woman’s voice was very sweet. She was coquetting to the old man who was going to enter the grave.

Guan Lingchao immediately had goosebumps, god-father?

The woman swayed her hips seductively as she passed Guan Lingchao toward the old man.

Guan Lingchao was stunned and watched the goddess walk away.

Alas, the real beauty was so ruined

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