Chapter 1: A Feeble Ginger Cat

Translated by Kame, Edited by Shiny

Chapter 1:  A Feeble Ginger Cat

“Damn it!” Yan Leyang slapped the case. If he hadn’t restrained his strength, he might have almost broken the computer in front of him.

Of course, the main reason why he couldn’t do what he wanted to was because he didn’t have money.

As a beastman from the siberian tiger clan—whose original form was the world’s heaviest carnivore— their clan had numerous muscular males and females whose strength were just as strong.

However, Yan Leyang was an anomaly. His height was roughly 185cm. In fact, among a crowd of humans, he would be considered one of the taller ones. Unfortunately, his clansmen were all above 190cm, so it just…it just didn’t make any sense. 

Yan Leyang’s appearance was sort of a mix of Eastern and Western features. His lips were thin, his nose quite straight, and his hair was blonde. His bones were angular, though not exaggerated, and his skin possessed the softness of the oriental people.

Moreover, Yan Leyang had abs even though they weren’t that obvious, so he had the looks of a social elite once he wore a suit and tie. And he was also very slim like the cat or fox clans. 

Their appearances usually possessed some local characteristics, and they were not too ugly.

As a result, hybrid beasts were quite popular.

Nonetheless, regardless of how beautiful you were, the work still needed to be completed.

And Yan Leyang was a screenwriter. The type of screenwriter that took on any type of work, whether it was a movie, drama, or an animation. He was fine with whatever it was as long as he could earn some money.

Not to mention, as a Sibernian tiger, his fighting skills weren’t that weak. The main reason why his human form appeared so soft was because of his mother.

His mother was an Abyssinian cat; she was especially beautiful. And then his father became enamored with her, so she had an interspecies love affair with that guy.

And so, under the human form which had no separation between clans, his parents produced Yan Leyang–the crystallization of their love.

His beast form was a pure amur(sibernian) tiger; it was pretty obvious when you look at him in that form. However, his human form greatly resembles his mother. In any case, he didn’t look like he was from the tiger clan. 

Yan Leyang did not have a good temper. However, this bad temper of his was from before he had started working. After he entered the screenwriting business, he seemed to have lost the right to be angry.

If they want to change it, then let them change it. Afterall the investors held the highest power, how could he—a scriptwriter with no fame—object?

“F*K. Why doesn’t he write it himself then?” Yan Leyang brushed his hair. His hair was blonde which probably had something to do with the fur belonging to his actual form.

“You can’t say that.” the man sitting on the side said. He was sitting on the sofa and had dark gray hair and a deep countenance, his eyes a deep blue.

His appearance was top-notch. It was a pity that he was a husky—talkative and noisy.

This was Yan Leyang’s childhood friend. They had known each other since middle school and had been quite close till now.

Yan Leyang turned towards him and sneered: “That idiotic director wants to change the script. If it’s changed and winds up being filmed badly, the one who will be criticized the most would be me, ok!”

He still felt that he was quite qualified as a screenwriter. His recent works that he is working on was to modify some literary works into a drama script. 

He had already read the original novel. In all honesty, it was a pure feel-good novel. This type of adaptation was based on the premise that the original story’s scenes could be retained as much as possible.

But in the end, the director just didn’t want it. He wished to go in the deep, philosophical direction.

As soon as Yan Leyang finished writing a bit, the director would proceed to make some more edits.

It was still fine if it was edited well, but ultimately, he forcefully made out a trashy plotline out of the originally alright plotline. 

Like how the male lead had suddenly changed from a proud heavenly dragon1 type of character into a virgin, and a particularly annoying virgin at that.

Yan Leyang had a hunch that his Weibo would be attacked once the drama was broadcasted.

He was just a screenwriter. He wasn’t famous. He was the most abased person in the crew.He didn’t have much money. And it would be fine if he just had to change the script every day, but he would also have to become the scapegoat for it!

How could he not be mad?!

Husky Bro’s job was somewhat similar to his. He was a movie concept artist. In other words, he was involved in the vision for the look of the film/the vision for what was shown in the camera lens on screen

How would they achieve the most impact? What would be considered reasonable? He had worked with many directors

Even though he was a husky, he was an artistic husky whose drawing skills were quite decent.

“Oh, I know the director that you’re working with.” the husky tilted his head in thought, “Well, good luck.”

“Let’s not talk about this, ge 2 Lately I have been thinking of going to Siberia.” When the husky said this, his eyes lit up. Once his blue eyes widened, they appeared quite dumb.

“Oh.” Yan Leyang wasn’t very interested.

He knew what the husky wanted to do. He wanted to pull a sled and experience the happiness of his ancestors. He had said that it would help bring him inspiration.

“Leyang! Don’t be so cold!” the husky jumped from the sofa towards Yan Leyang.

Yan Leyang took a step back, “Hey! Calm down!”

Facts have proved that it was useless to try to calm down the husky. 

With a bang, the mentally retarded husky tripped over the cord and bumped into the computer desk in his muddle-headed state. The cup of water on the desk spilled out and splashed onto the ground.

Yan Leyang only felt like his perspective had changed in an instant, from that stupid dog to the ceiling, and then, he didn’t know anymore.

At the moment when he opened his eyes again, Yan Leyang saw something rushing towards him. In a moment of shock he performed a ‘black tiger steals the heart’ move 3 , he punched the other person four meters away. The other person hit a tree as thick as three people.

Wait? Tree?

Yan Leyang was still somewhat disoriented. He looked around him and discovered that he was not in a forest. Indeed, the tree was growing directly from the broken building.

The surrounding architecture was very good, but it looked like a transit area for zombies. The wasteland style was very strong. Yan Leyang thought that his husky friend would probably love this place.

To gather some material.

He stretched out his hand and touched his face, feeling something cold and hard. His hand travelled further along. Ok. It was a muzzle. The type that was quite solid.


Yan Leyang was a little confused. He reached out and touched the collar on his neck. Then with a bang, Yan Leyang fell to the ground. The hand he had touched the collar with was still shaking.

Why was it that this plaything was also electrocuting people?

 【Don’t touch what you shouldn’t touch】

The electronic voice said. Its tone was very solemn as it  warned Yan Leyang.

“F*K.” Yan Leyang wasn’t a good-tempered tiger. His external appearance was rather deceiving, but he was still quite irritable on the inside. “You..You bastard…”

His words stuck in his throat.

A tablet appeared in front of Yan Leyang. It had really just appeared out of nowhere. It was a  blue, semi-transparent tablet and it had Yan Leyang’s picture, name and race on it.

There was no problem with the picture and the name…it was just that the race column stated… cat?

Yan Leyang just lay there for a while, and his mind had been blank for a long time before he sat up abruptly.

He reached out to touch his elbow and pinched it. Well, it hurts.

So it meant that he might have transmigrated.

He had transmigrated into the novel that he had read before.

Yan Leyang quite enjoyed reading web novels. This novel had a supporting character with the same name as him, and the description of the character was also very similar to him. However, this was not a coincidence.

This was because Yan Leyang was friends with the author of this novel. That guy had difficulty coming up with names for his characters of his novel, and so, he would scourge his friends. Yan Leyang had accepted this quite well and he had read the novel after it was completed.

Moreover, he had had to study it thoroughly because the novel had been adapted and Yan Leyang was responsible for refining it into a script, which was also the work that he had quarreled about with the director not long ago.

It was precisely because of this that Yan Leyang felt so desperate. Because now, looking at the character’s appearance and the surrounding environment;

“Yan Leyang’s” story had reached the end.

This character was merely an inconspicuous small Boss in the early days. He had plotted to assassinate the crown prince of the feline clan, and was thrown into the Twilight planet after his plan was discovered by the main characters.

Oh, right. This was an interstellar novel. Twilight planet was named Twilight and it was written to be a penitentiary planet.

It was filled with criminals. Once they were thrown in, the League wouldn’t pay too much attention to them, unless the criminals revealed any hints that they were plotting an escape.  

Yao Leyan was sentenced to be imprisoned for life. Everyone on this planet was. But the problematic issue was that the League did not prevent the criminals from killing each other. Rather, they were happy to see such a result.

After all, there was a channel on the Internet that monitored the criminals in real time. You gained access to this channel once you turned 20 years old.

The moment these criminals were thrown in, they became fighting/violent/struggling beasts without any privacy.  

And the original Yan Leyang should have died in the first attack after he reached this planet.

That was to say, he had died in the hands of the big brother who had just rushed towards him, the big brother who  still hadn’t regained his consciousness after being struck by his ‘black tiger steals/stealing the heart’ move.

Yan Leyang walked over and looked down at the comatose brother before stretching out his hand and patting him. He was still breathing, it’s just that he was unconscious.

Then there’s no problem. Yan Leyang rose up and ran as far as he could from this big brother. 

At the same time, a ‘click’  from his muzzle.

The muzzle opened, and a voice reverberated from inside the collar:【Surveillance turned on】.

Yan Leyang knew that the 365 degree monitor without any dead angles had been turned on and he had now become one of the targets monitored by the interstellar people.

Running into an abandoned building, Yan Leyang calmed himself down and sat down on the sagging sofa in the hall, contemplating what he should do.  

If he recalled correctly, there was no tiger clan in this world.  No tigers, lions, and not even leopards. 

It was because the author thought that it was not easy to write about this kind of large carnivore. In fact, Yan Leyang thought that it was just that the guy [the author friend of his who wrote this novel] wasn’t fond of large beasts. 

Yan Leyang sat there, his mind a tangled mess of confusion.

He did not know that after the release of his channel on the Internet, a large number of spectators had poured in. After all, Yan Leyang had done some f*cking badass things, trying to assassinate the crown prince.

Although the assassination was unsuccessful, it did not prevent the feline people from cursing him to an early death.

The other clans didn’t really hate him. Afterall, everyone loved to watch a commotion.


Translator’s note (Tl/n) :

Kame: Hello humans, I have now decided to go and translate this novel with Mizuki. It will be another long long journey…But I’m sure we will be able to pull it through.

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A Helplessly Weak Big Ginger Cat


  1. 龙傲天 Lóng ào tiān: Literally ‘ Dragon proud sky’, an internet term often used to satirize characters in novels, comics or animations who just appeared very strong, do things without common sense, no brain, but can easily kill a powerful enemy characters.
  2. 哥 is older brother, but it is also referred to someone older or you have respect for. It is also a term to refer to some young merchant. Will just italicized ge as this person isn’t exactly her older brother..
  3. 黑虎掏心Hēi hǔ tāoxīn: Literal translation is: A black tiger tears out the heart. It’s a martial art technique called “Black tiger steals the heart”. It looks like this:

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