Ch 99: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (3/3)

Chapter 99: The hitman’s little koi 13 (part 3 of 3)

In order to get away from being tracked, apart from some cash and necessary documents, the rest of the things that can’t be taken were left behind, in order to try and keep everything simple. The great hitman had already gone through all the hardships, and was already hardened to all challenging experiences. Packed inside the trunk of the car were all the things of the little koi, such as snacks, blankets and small pillows. There was also an airtight fish tank equipped with a water purifier.

It didn’t take long for the little koi to jump out of the water and turn to a healthy-looking bare naked youth inside the car, he then sat on the front passenger seat with a T-shirt on. Pei Lie raised his hand and checked the temperature on the youth’s forehead to determine whether his fever had returned, “Do you still feel unwell?”

The little koi shook his head, then inquired while looking at the constantly changing scenery outside the car’s window: “Where are we going?”

Pei Lie showed him a slight smile, and answered with a bit of mean intention: “To elope.”


The little koi blinked his eyes, he actually presented no retort or even an expression of doubt. He then began to eat the sandwich Pei Lie took out. The rich fragrance of the cheese caused him to slightly squint in satisfaction, “The gaze that the waitress looked at you in the restaurant was especially passionate. She looked like she really wanted to strike up a conversation with you.”

The little koi merely stated what he saw and heard, but Pei Lie deliberately asked in return: “Is baby feeling jealous?”

Speaking so, his unoccupied hand reached out and hooked the youth’s finger, “Rest assured. I already have a wife, so I’ll never give other people even a single glance.”

The scales of the little koi couldn’t help but slightly bristle because of the word wife. He discontentedly moved his finger away, and sternly declared: “Not only is this great deity a male fish. I also never held a wedding ceremony with you.”

Pei Lie continued to tirelessly catch his sweetheart’s hand, “Then we’ll go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and hold a wedding ceremony there.”

The earnest and determined tone inevitably caused the little koi to be dumbstruck for a moment, as he subconsciously asked: “Can two men hold a wedding ceremony? ……isn’t this too weird and ostentatious?”

Pei Lie immediately stated that since he would tie a knot and get married only once in his life, it would be strange if he doesn’t display it so ostentatiously. The little koi had become slightly bereft of speech for a brief moment, that his finger had finally been caught by the other side, in a tight grip that also left no room for struggle.

Chen Tong also felt that the continuous act of struggling free and chasing was quite senseless, so he allowed the continuous entanglement of the other. But indescribably felt that he should knock down the other side’s impressive enthusiasm a notch for no reason at all, so he deliberately said: “If you want to do an ostentatious wedding ceremony, you still need to spend quite a lot of money to make it work. There should at least be a luxury car, a villa, in addition to a huge diamond ring.”

“Tong Tong” But Pei Lie’s eyes instantly lit up in spite of these, “Does this mean that you agree to marry me?”

The little koi then found himself completely surrounded. The love on Pei Lie’s face was so strong that it could drown the youth, the voice was also full of deep affections: “……as long as you are willing to be with me, I’m willing to lose everything*.

*idiom: to lose a family fortune

Chen Tong’s heart uncontrollably skipped because of deep affection revealed by the man’s expression, beating faster and faster. Some seemingly familiar scenes began to flash through his mind once more, causing him to subconsciously press a hand against his own chest.

But he still remained stubborn and hard-mouthed, “How can it be that easy?”

The very aloof little koi expressed that he is a very difficult to please type of great deity koi, and is not that easy to string along, “There is a lot more that needs to be done.”

The great hitman immediately cooperated and showed an all ears posture. So the little koi raised his head, and deliberately lifted his chin up in order to look down on him. The eyes that looked over unconsciously exuded pride and beauty, as he said: “You need to serve me with a lot of delicious food everyday. You must buy me whatever food I want to eat. You need to give me delicious food when I’m unhappy, and even more delicious food must be given to me when I’m happy. You can’t lie to me, shout at me or intimidate me. Help me pick out the slices of ginger when I’m eating, help me peel the shell when I’m eating shrimps. You must hate who I hate, you must not like eating anything that I don’t like to eat. Oh, that’s right. You can’t prattle around me that eating too much cold stuff will make me get sick when I’m eating ice cream, you’re also not allowed to dampen my spirits by saying that I will turn dumb when I’m eating popcorn. You need to look for some snacks to feed me when I’m bored, make me midnight snacks when I can’t fall asleep at night. The cakes need to be prepared in advance during birthdays, ——En, it’s best to have the flavors of mango and chocolate.”

The central idea of this entire passage can be completely summarized in the single word food.

Even the little koi himself felt a bit tired from saying such a very long statement. Not only did the great hitman attentively listen to this to the end without missing a single word, but he seriously nodded as well, “Alright. ——Is there anything else?”

“.…..En, ” The little koi tilted his head to the side and thought once more, “You also have to carry me when I can’t move.”

Needless to say, Pei Lie nodded once more, then the little koi said with great compassion: “I can’t think of anything for the time being, I’ll think of things to add on later.”  

“I have noted it all down,” Pei Lie resisted the urge to kiss the youth, the corner of his lips titled up with indulgence, “……that’s right, there are some snacks at the back of the car, would you like to see which one you like?”

The expression on the face of the little koi remained unchanged, but had inwardly raised his tail up high. But the moment he wanted to crawl to the back seat to rummage for the snacks, he heard Pei Lie speak once more: “But, a partner’s responsibility must be mutual. If I do what you have said, shouldn’t I also have the right to make a single request?”

The little koi couldn’t help but pause for a moment, “What do you want?”

“It’s simple. Just let me eat my fill as well.”

The little koi didn’t have any reaction for a period of time, until he noticed the expression on Pei Lie’s eyes that scanned his body from top to bottom. Only then did he understood what the actual meaning of the word ‘eat’ means. His ears immediately flushed, as he fiercely glared at Pei Lie.

But his glaring appearance in Pei Lie’s perspective felt too adorable instead, that he even wanted to stop the car and take the other person in his arms, to give him a deep and passionate kiss.

The road was very smooth, and the performance of the off-road vehicle was also very excellent. That after the little koi finished eating his snack, he unwitting fell asleep once more while listening to the music in the car.

But he had never expected Pei Lie to actually get a tattoo.

They did not continue their journey after nightfall, but stayed in a hotel in the town. Although the room was not large, but it could still be considered as clean and tidy. Coincidentally, there is a tattoo shop next to the hotel. The great hitman directly went in and purchased the tools and dye, then prepared a personal pattern for himself.

Pei Lie loves the little koi so much, and had established a relationship with him after great difficulties. So he would naturally be unwilling to let the other side out of his sight. Because the feet had not yet been completely healed, so the little koi sat up on the bed. In his hands was a ballpoint pen and a small notebook, he then leaned on the bed’s headboard and wrote a diary.

For fear that he would lose his memory again, he decided to write down the daily events, like a clever primary school student, with a specially serious countenance. But was given a fright when he looked up and noticed the mechanical tool, that his eyes widened, “……What are you doing?”

Pei Lie had already created two styles of the character Tong on the paper, which he held up as he asked the little koi: “Which one do you prefer?”

The youth knitted his brows, “Hey, don’t mess around, ah. You…… ”

“Then this should be good.”

The great hitman personally chose the one that has a small tail, then took off of his shirt, exposing the smooth and fine muscular lines on his upper body. Then carefully drew the pattern below the left collarbone with the use of a surgical marker.

The brows of the little koi became more furrowed, but didn’t know how to stop the other, and could only helplessly watch him take the tattoo machine fitted with a sharp needle on the tip.

The motor sound unique to the tattoo machine came along, a slight bloody smell also spread a bit. But the color on Pei Lie’s face never changed right from the start, as if the skin being pricked by the needle was not his own. There were no stifled grunt, his hand did not have the slightest shake as well.

However, the little koi felt an indescribable anxiety, that he wanted to cover his ears and eyes. But for some unknown reason, he also couldn’t help but force himself to watch.

The Chinese character Tong has a lot of strokes, so it requires a longer time as well. Pei Lie soon noticed the youth’s nervousness, so he immediately told him: “Tong Tong be good, turn your head away. It will be done soon. You can look again once it’s finished.”

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