Ch 98: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 98: The hitman’s little koi 12 (part 2 of 2)

The kiss had a sense of thrill, as the beat of the heart were magnified innumerably. The mind fell empty with the fall. The body shook in the cold wind, and also shuddered due to the stimulation of the exciting kiss. The changes in Pei Lie’s lower body could not be concealed anymore, as if just a gasp from the youth can allow him to reach the peak without the act of soothing.

*bed activity

However, all sense of passion faded away the moment they fully landed. The little koi didn’t even have the strength to stand firmly, that both his feet immediately became soft as soon as it made contact with the ground. The sharp-sighted and deft Pei Lie took the person securely in his embrace, and only noticed something wrong at this time. With one arm around the youth’s waist, the other hand carefully took off the youth’s shoes.

The tragic appearance of both feet were immediately exposed before his very eyes.

The great hitman felt an intense heartache. His hands which were always as smooth and steady as a mountain had actually shook a bit. The skill [Untraceable water] can only heal the wounds of other people but not on himself. The body temperature of the little koi started to rise up. The pair of eyes which were misty due to the rising fever were as beautiful as the glistening dew drop in the night breeze. He obediently allowed Pei Lie to carry him to the car, then afterwards, looked at Pei Lie and asked: “What’s your name?”

Pei Lie’s hand which had originally been helping the little koi fasten his seat belt immediately froze,  his brow knitted. So shocked that he momentarily became bereft of speech because of this brief words, “——you……”

“I couldn’t remember anything when I woke up at noon,” The little koi calmly and truthfully spoke about his uneasiness during that time. “I was very panicked and confused at that time, and thought that you were a bad person who kidnapped me……”

Moreover, because the demon spirit of the white floccule also needed cultivation in order to materialize, so the reason it showed up late this time was due to the slow cultivation. So along the way when Chen Tong and Pei Lie were driving home, it hurriedly rushed over to quickly explain to him the entire matter once again. The little koi finally got to know of his identity. But knew nothing of Pei Lie, as well as whether or not those fragmented scenes flashing through his mind were real. He didn’t know why the face of that person in those images would faintly overlap with Pei Lie, or even where those strange yet familiar feelings come from……

In spite of that, the little koi who had learned of his identity immediately regained his self-confidence and poise. He raised his brow to arrogantly looked at Pei Lie, and spoke with a commanding tone: “From now on, you will only give this master the truth to whatever questions I have.”

The dazzling eyes of the youth gave off an exotic light under the moonlight that was shining in from the window, along with a slight sense of haughtiness. Such a haughty glance, caused Pei Lie to feel like his heart was being scratched by a cat’s paw or better yet a fish tail, as the feeling of love surged up layer by layer. The little koi then started to put forward his questions: “Who are you? What do you do? What is your relationship with me?”

So it was actually like this.

But only these 6 words flashed in Pei Lie’s mind, as he instantaneously understood all the things that had occurred. As he finally associated this matter to the special nature of fishes. ——The youth didn’t have the typical type of amnesia, so there was no use in seeking a doctor for treatment. Fishes were naturally born with a short-term memory span, and would never be able to recall things in long-term their entire life.

But the little koi who was in a state of memory loss once more, had risked his life to save him.

But seeing that the man was only fixedly looking at him without giving a reply, made the great deity koi feel unhappy. So he got up to grab the collar of Pei Lie’s shirt, in an attempt to have the predominant position. Unfortunately, the space in the car was too small, and the little koi didn’t have much strength as well. So doing such a pull almost made him fall down instead, so he immediately made a move and took this chance to straddle Pei Lie.

Pei Lie immediately let out a heavy groan, which was both painful and pleasurable.

——The tiny Lie has been-, has been forced down……

The little koi probably felt a bit uncomfortable, as he wriggled his hips to find a comfortable position, before seriously instructing: “Talk.”

“My name’s Pei Lie,” The great hitman finally answered in a husky voice, “I am your husband.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the man and the fish froze and didn’t make any sound.

Pei Lie, was naturally due to nervousness and a guilty conscience. The little koi subconsciously frowned. At the start, an indescribable sense of rejection emerged upon hearing this answer, but this also seemed reasonable after a careful deliberation.

The little koi then began to carefully size up Pei Lie, and very conscientiously gave him a once over from head to toe. He immediately noticed that Pei Lie, who always had a very exceptional psychological quality had started to quiver, right until he saw little Lie become even more invigorated, standing straight in salutation, shamelessly acting like a sentry keeping a watch on a castle.

Under Pei Lie’s restless expectant look with love and desire hidden underneath, the little koi finally uttered:“.…..oh.”

What does this oh mean?

The meticulously quick-witted great hitman was actually unable to react for a while, and took several seconds before he understood, which was followed by a burst of incomparable joy afterwards.

Does this mean, that the youth assented this answer?

The great hitman’s heart soared for half a day without touching the ground. But he strenuously restrained his excitement so that it would not appear that obvious. He heard the little koi ask again with wrinkled brows: “……We’re married? But why don’t you have a ring on your hand? Or proof like tattoos?”

Pei Lie secretly placed the purchase of ring in his agenda at once, then expressed his willingness to place the youth’s name all over his body.

The memories of the little koi isn’t really formatted like that of a computer, but will be cleared and emptied on irregular intervals. However, similar to a patient’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease who will never forget those deep-seated memories, even if some feelings may be forgotten, it could still be slowly stirred up over and over again.

Perhaps this is the miracle and beauty of love.

The youth’s body temperature seemed to rise higher and higher. Pei Lie immediately drove the car to the hidden residence that Jones had lent him in the past. Stocked with medicines and food all year round, and is a quiet and safe place to fall back to in the midst of chaos. Pei Lie carried the little koi over to the bed, then momentarily checked the temperature on his forehead, and hurriedly took out the antipyretic drug and medicine for wounds.

The face of the little koi had an abnormal slight flush, small beads of sweat also spilled from his forehead. He pursed his lips and didn’t utter a word as he allowed Pei Lie to deal with the injuries on his feet, while seemingly having a somewhat fragile appearance under the lights.

Pei Lie’s eyes were filled with anxiousness and distress, as he gently held the delicate ankle of the youth, and spoke in a tone that was similar to coaxing a dearly beloved child, “Baby be patient, bear with me a little, the pain will be gone soon…….”

When a person who falls ill, sees a person who gets worked up due to much worry because of them, a slight trace of an indescribable warm feeling will inevitably emerge. The little koi who was observing the side of Pei Lie’s face as he carefully applied the medicine, felt his heart slightly skip. A moist heat and itchy feeling came from the tip of his toe, ——Pei Lie who had finished the application of the medicine, had unexpectedly bowed down to place his lips on his toe.

Pei Lie’s action was completely an instinctive reaction. The toes of the youth were white and tender. The small and exquisite nails were pinkish, like beautifully shaped petals. Which inevitably made him feel emotional and fascinated, and by the time he returned to his senses, he had already placed it in his mouth.

The author has something to say: This is the so-called true sentiments are seen in the hardest times la 2333

Raw word count: 3120

The author has something to say:

This is the so-called true sentiments are seen in the hardest times la 2333

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