Ch 98: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 98: The hitman’s little koi 12 (part 1 of 2)

Spiritual perception was truly faster and more accurate than any probing method. The positions of the three remaining killers were completely exposed at once. But during the moment when the last one was resolved, another bomb hidden on the ceiling exploded. Rubble and beams fell down along with an ear-splitting loud noise.

A thick steel reinforcement bar was broken by the explosion, breaking through the wall and headed straight to the nape of the little koi.

Pei Lie looked up just in time to see this happening. The blood in his entire body congealed in shock, as he rushed to push the youth away without a second thought.

In just a split second, Pei Lie only had the time to save but not the time to move away. The steel reinforcement bar instantly pierced his back, his’ sides were also quickly filled up with fallen beams and rubble. Luckily, a portion of the tilting wall prevented him from being buried completely.

A moment of gap appeared in Pei Lie’s mind during the process of the collapse. It took him less than two seconds to regain his senses, then finally noticed the panicked eyes and the deathly pale face of the little koi through a narrow gap. He didn’t care about the pain in his body as the first thing that came to his mind was the feeling of distress. He gasped in a somewhat strenuous manner: “Tong Tong, this place might completely collapse soon. You have to quickly get away!”

The little koi also felt the same feeling of distress.

A strange yet familiar feeling kept stirring, the memory fragments that flashed before had risen up once more. He didn’t have the time to dwell on it at this moment. The only thought in his mind was that the man in front of him must not die. Just the thought of the other side’s death, made him feel like his entire heart was being hollowed out.

The little koi forced himself to keep his calm. He quickly judged the situation, then immediately took up the gun and without being instructed fired all the bullets to the top of the beam that was pressing down on Pei Lie. The cement loosed as a result of this, enabling him to push everything away through the use of the spiritual energy, that Pei Lie’s upper body was soon revealed. He then clenched his teeth as he told the other: “I said, we will go together!”

Pei Lie’s back has been pierced through by a steel reinforcement bar, the blood had almost completely stained his upper body red. Although the man’s breath gradually grew weaker, but the eyes watching the little koi were still very bright, like a blazing fire in the dark.  

He would probably never forget this instance. As the surrounding continued to collapse and rubble kept on falling. But the half-kneeling youth on the ground had a resolute expression, as he dug on the wreckage bit by bit with his bare hands.

Chen Tong had eventually cleared off all the obstacles as quick as possible. Pei Lie quietly gasped as he clutched his shoulder, then used all his strength to pull himself out of from the steel reinforcement bar.

They both felt the anxiety in their hearts the moment they jumped out from the window hand in hand.

The multistoried building completely collapsed the instant they took the jump. War and fire, death and slaughter, collapse and destruction. This sort of purgatory like scenarios could nevertheless stimulate the man’s adrenaline the best. Especially to Pei Lie, a man who has a belligerent disposition beneath the surface and walks on the edge of darkness all year round, this kind of thing has an indescribable fatal appeal to him. Men are more likely to feel emotional after going through a battle of life and death. The incessant bleeding of the wounds in Pei Lie’s body became more glaring when the the steel reinforcement bar was pulled out. His complexion also appeared somewhat wan due to pain, but the dark eyes looking at Chen Tong were dyed with a crystal clear desire. Even this near death feeling brought about by severe injuries and blood loss has become a bolster of sexual passion.

But the following action of the little koi caused Pei Lie’s eyes to widen in shock.

The youth actually took the initiative to kiss his wound, the tenderly soft lips brought an irrepressible ripple on his body. What happened next caused him an even greater shock. The wound on his body receded like a tide because of the youth’s kiss, and continually healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, until it disappeared without a trace.

This is the healing skill [Untraceable water]. The complexion of the little koi became even paler due to the consumption of spiritual energy. The blood lining the lips were remarkably bright red, the contrast of white and red was so alluring, that Pei Lie finally couldn’t help but kiss the lips of the little koi. They were supported by the parachute as they dropped down from a 20 meters distance away from the ground. The passionate kiss was wrapped around by the freezing air, the bloody scent was entangled by a sweet tenderness, as the intertwining breath of the two people seemed to grow thick.

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