Ch 96: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (2/2)

Chapter 96: The hitman’s little koi 10 (part 2/2)

Drunk people would more often than not forget what had happened after getting drunk. Pei Lie had already expected that the youth might not remember his drunken state, but never expected he would completely forget all the things that had happened even before drinking.

The little koi had actually lost his memory this time again.

There was a blank space in his memory, as he confusedly took a look around the empty bedroom, and was unable to tell where he was right now. Lifting up his nightclothes, the messy and dense marks on his body as well as the vague ache coming from his rear end gave him a clear understanding on what had happened before. A sense of fear which had never happened during his several loss of memories in the past immediately appeared.

Even if he will forget the people and things around him, but some of the basic common sense will still remain, so words such as homosexuality and indecent assault surged up in his thoughts, even the word kidnap and AIDS also popped up. The beautiful pair of eyes widened even further due to the increase in agitation, as he then scrambled out the bed at once.

But the initially weak pair of legs became even more limp and tender because of the love|making last night. The head also felt lightheaded due to hangover. That he lost his balance on his first step, and fell down on his knees on the floor with a bang.

Fortunately, a carpet covered the floor, so the little koi did not sustain any injury. Inside the kitchen, Pei Lie who keenly heard the sound of movement, set aside the soup ladle and anxiously rushed to the bedroom, then swiftly scooped up his precious darling who had fallen down into his arms.

The strange man who suddenly appeared made the alarm bells rise inside the little koi, so he made a struggle to avoid the other person’s touch. Pei Lie mistakenly thought that the little guy was just being difficult, so he forcefully held the other in his arms while coaxingly said: “Baby is good, the ground is cold, so let’s go back to bed okay? Let me check and see if you sustained an injury from the fall, okay?”

The little koi who had been carried back to the bed without any room for resistance, made the panic he inwardly felt increase once more, but he also felt indignant because the man had coaxed him like speaking to a child. So he clenched his hand and sent him a glare, with an angry flush appearing on his face.

In Pei Lie’s perspective, the angry appearance of the youth only felt especially adorable. So much so, that he couldn’t resist dropping a kiss at the edge of his ear, he even took a nip on his delicate earlobe.

This is an expression of love in Pei Lie’s view, but this felt frivolous and demeaning from the perspective of the amnesiac youth. Truth be told, he still felt a sense of familiarity towards Pei Lie, such as the light kiss and hug at this moment. But he couldn’t remember that he likes men, so he firmly believes that he was being forced by the other party. Relying on the fact that he lacked any capability on resistance, so he could only endure and bite his lip fearfully.

But Pei Lie who was totally oblivious to this, sighed in relief upon realizing that the little koi didn’t receive any injury from the fall, and asked: “Is your tummy* hungry? How about going out for a meal?”

*babyish way

The little koi already regarded Pei Lie as a bad person who imprisoned him, so he defiantly shook his head even when he was really starving. It was almost 2 o’clock in the afternoon now, the youth had not eaten both breakfast and lunch today. So for the sake of his well-being, Pei Lie, at any rate, decided to coerce him into eating something. Hence, he ignored his resistance and helped him properly organize his clothes, then skillfully and gently carried him out.

Chen Tong finally couldn’t tolerate it any longer and started to desperately struggle, “Let go of me!”

But Pei Lie determinedly brought him to the dining chair before relinquishing his hold.

The dining chair had been carefully covered with a soft cushion mat, the food on the table exuded a strong mouthwatering aroma, and the warm sun outside the window looked even warmer. However, the expression of the youth was at odds and ice-cold, that he even refused to touch the food on the table.

Worried about him starving himself, Pei Lie began to soothe and coax him patiently, but the other party did not give a bit of response no matter what he did or said. So Pei Lie tried to feed him personally, but even the spoon was overturned by him, falling down the ground and breaking into two pieces with a peng*.

Ceramic soup spoons

Left without a choice, he diligently cleaned up the broken fragments and changed to another spoon to go on with feeding.

Which was still overturn afterwards.

Then did another attempt to feed him once more.

And was overturned once again.

At this time, even the great hitman’s huge amount of patience will also be exhausted, so he gripped the youth’s wrist and said: “Not eating will easily give you stomach pains. Do you really have to risk your body’s health to fight me at this time? ”

The man shoved the spoon into the hand of the youth, then ordered him to finish his meal in a cold voice, and also unleashed the terrible pressure hidden deep in his bones which could never be washed off, making the youth to tremble with fright. So he lowered his head and nervously bit his lips even more, then finally took the porridge bowl.

The little koi who obediently ate his meal finally allowed Pei Lie to breath out a sigh of relief, the strong intimidating facade he strove to build had also faded bit by bit. The little koi still remained very well-behaved after he finished his meal, then quietly read a book as he curled up in the sofa in a very well-behaved manner. This docile appearance couldn’t help but make Pei Lie drop a tender and heartwrenching kiss on his forehead

The ding dong sounded from the doorbell rang.

Standing outside the door is the doctor introduced by Jones, who arrived at a quarter past 3 for a home visit as scheduled. The doctor named Max, had done a lot of studies on the fields of both amnesia and psychology. So even if the charge fee were shocking, but the most important matter is trustworthiness, so even if he has knowledge of Pei Lie’s identity as a hitman, he would never reveal anything that cannot be exposed. A fingerprint lock was added to the main entrance, which only Pei Lie could open. Pei Lie dropped a kiss on Chen Tong’s hair once more before heading to the main entrance, totally unaware that the other person had raised his head the moment he left, and looked at his back with pursed lips, then silently got out in barefoot from the sofa.

Chen Tong nervously clenched his fists, then the moment the door was opened, he seized this opportunity to run out at a speed which exceeded the capacity of his legs.

The doctor had just stepped out from the elevator, so the gradually closing door of the elevator gave him just enough time to squeeze through. However, Pei Lie who ran after him failed to reach the elevator on time, and could only helplessly look on as the slender figure of the youth disappeared behind the completely closed doors of the elevator.

Chen Tong’s heart was beating as fierce as a drum, so much so that both his hands slightly shook, as he nervously stared at the constantly falling numbers of the floor, until it finally reached the 1st floor. He had no idea where he should go, and only knew that he had to go forward. The most vulnerable moment of a person is when he is all alone. He didn’t even know that he had stabbed a sharp blade at someone’s chest, and who should have been the person who feels the pain.

Pei Lie felt as if a sharp blade had pierced his chest. However, this was not because of the escape of the youth, but for fear that the other party will encounter any accident. In this world, accidents can happen at any given moment, not to mention that he had just submitted an application for withdrawal to the organization not so long ago.  

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