Ch 96: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

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Chapter 96: The hitman’s little koi 10 (part 1/2)

This time, taking deep breaths and doing other meditative techniques were completely ineffective. Pei Lie rigidly stood still, with a pair of bloodshot eyes, as he subconsciously grab a hold of the little koi’s hand.

The little koi who was seriously worrying about his ‘paws’ at first tilted his head in confusion, then used his little pink tongue to help lick Pei Lie’s ‘paw’.

This soft touch immediately made Pei Lie’s lower part harden even more, as his entire body became as stiff as a rock. Only a thread of reason which suppresses himself remained. A pair of voices inside him were having an intense row, and were momentarily on a deadlock.  

Want him……

But he’s drunk and not sensible……

Want him……

But this is a despicable exploitation and entry……

Want him……

But he might alienate me more after he wakes up……

Want him……

Hot sweat continued to seep out from Pei Lie’s forehead, as he used all of his strength to restrain himself, and tried to straighten up the body of the little koi. However, the little koi who determined that he was a cat refused to sit properly, but stretched out his body on all fours instead, which resulted to the dainty butt to be brought higher.


The youth even raised his head to proudly look at Pei Lie, while swaying the tail that did not exist, then hinted the other party to smoothen the fur on his back.

Pei Lie had almost gone completely insane.

You are a little koi, so why imitate the sound of a cat?! The lethality of the fish tail in the human body on a daily basis was already very terrible, but with the addition to the soft and glutinous meowing of a cat, isn’t this practically hooking the living soul out of people!!!

Pei Lie’s oppressively heavy gasp of breaths filled the entire bathroom. The man’s appearance right now could be considered as terrible, having bloodshot eyes, with violently bulging blue veins on his forehead. Persistently repressing himself might put an end to his lower half, so he immediately tilted the youth’s chin up and impatiently overwhelmed his lips.

The tip of the tongue brushed against the seam’s of the lips, vigorously suckling the delicate lips, the little koi didn’t put a struggle, but leaned towards the man’s arms like a docile kitty instead. A pleasant feeling struck Pei Lie’s heart. He then felt up the cute little canines of the youth, before the tongue finally reached in.

The suffocating feeling of the mouth being deeply encroached as well as the feeling of tenacious and passionate entanglement by the tongue caused the little koi to gasp for breath from the nasal cavity while uncontrollably letting out moans, which was as sweet as confectioners’ sugar. Pei Lie felt magma surging in his veins, as tremendous desire and dissatisfaction swallowed him like a monster, bringing the intensity of the kiss a step further, as he simultaneously ripped apart the cotton shirt of the little koi.

“You still remember me right?” Pei Lie hoarsely gasped, the voice was so hoarse that he could hardly speak, “You remember the food I previously made for you, remember my kiss, remember the feeling of our embrace underwater once before……”

The intoxicated little koi didn’t know how to answer. After the cotton shirt had been ripped open, his entire body had been completely exposed from head to toe, just like an unclothed newborn baby. He subconsciously shrank back into the bottom of the bathtub, with a helpless and confused look in those wide eyes of his underneath the water, as he puffed out two tiny round bubbles.

Not knowing that even if he immersed his head in the water, his buttocks still remained exposed on the outside. The wide palm of the man effortlessly enveloped the uplifted buttocks, kneading and fondling it in different ways, as the delicate and tender opening of the chrysanthemum tightened and loosened a bit. The prodding of the hand, startled it to clamp down, but stealthily loosened as well, similar to a shy and curious little animal.

The tiny bubbles also became rapid and chaotic, the series of glub lub lub formed a streak. The little koi had just realized that what he needed to hide shouldn’t have been his head but his buttocks instead, so he surfaced from the water again. However, Pei Lie had grabbed his waist and drew his body close, then took this chance to repeatedly nip on the left side of his chest. This stimulus made the little koi want to resist and indulge at the same time, and didn’t know what to do at all.

“Wu, uncomfortable, don’t bite……” The youth’s misty eyes gazed at Pei Lie, as he spoke in a heartbreakingly aggrieved and pitiful tone, but also had a tone of helplessness: “……uhn, don’t-, don’t just nip on one side, the right side is also uncomfortable……don’t ignore it……”

Pei Lie died from his kitten-like voice and honest reaction, which also had a bit of reluctant resistance. However, he couldn’t withstand the constant licentious plea, which makes him incessantly fall for him and want to dominate him as much as he likes.

When he entered, the little koi still cried out due to unendurable pain.

Pei Lie also realized that he was a bit too hasty and the loosening process may have still been insufficient. But he had truly reached the end point of his endurance. If changed to other people, the loosening might have already been thrown aside, and even the foreplay would not be done before directly heading into battle. Pei Lie could only speak coaxing words: “Baby is good, don’t cry, relax a bit so it won’t hurt……”

Under the man’s dwindling reason, being able to still remember how to cherish and adjust is really not an easy feat. The little koi never knew that Pei Lie has always been adjusting to him since the first time he met the other, to the best of his ability

Even though he is a hitman who kills people in cold-blood, but he nevertheless, could still comprehend the most gentle and tender feelings on this earth.

The little koi whimpered in complaint, but still tried hard to relax his body in the end. This action enabled Pei Lie to have free rein, and invade without restraint. He lifted the youth’s legs onto his shoulders, with the youth on top and him at the bottom as he ferociously possessed him, causing the youth to be bereft of speech apart from the moans, in addition to constantly spilling psychological tears. At this time, the great hitman no longer said clumsy and pitying words such as “Baby, don’t cry” and so on, as his excitement grew higher the more intense the little koi cried.

—— Because the tear filled eyes of his lover underneath him due to overwhelming pleasure, was probably the soft spot of any man with extreme possessiveness.

The sky brightened little by little.

The extremely weary little koi finally dozed off mindlessly, not waking during the time he was being cleaned and even when he was brought back to bed. The slightly swollen rear end been smeared with medicine as well, as he continued to fall deeply into the land of dreams. Pei Lie gazed at him through the golden rays of the morning. The eternally wandering heart without a place to stay had finally fallen into place, the intense love surged up so violently which totally overwhelmed him.

The little koi continuously slept and only opened his eyes in the afternoon.

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