Ch 95: Transmigrating into a demon spirit to blow up the world (1/2)

Chapter 95: The hitman’s little koi 9 (part 1/2)

Pei Lie believes that the little koi wanted to secretly run away without a doubt, but the little koi was simply sneaking out to pilfer food. For fear of being discovered by Pei Lie, he specially utilized his spiritual energy to create a soundproof enchantment, to ensure that the other side would not be able to hear any movement of his.

While groping around the dark towards the kitchen, the little koi inexplicably had the feeling of having done this once before. Even if the memories were completely gone, but the vague feeling of driving a lightweight chariot on a familiar road* popped up. In a short while, the door of the refrigerator had been opened. He remembered that a lot of food were left in the afternoon meal, the same was true for dinner as well. There was even a whole steak which had been left untouched, at least two-thirds of the sweet apple pie was also left. Pei Lie who saw the little koi not having a good appetite, had been unable to eat much as well.

*to do sth routinely and with ease

Despite this, the little koi was actually unable to find a little bit of food this moment.

Rummaging through the cupboards and refrigerator, only bottles of spring mineral water, milk, juice and other beverages could be found. But the unfinished food before was nowhere to be found at all.

Because Pei Lie had completely thrown it all away.

Even if the steak had been left untouched, leaving it for the next day will still make it an overnight dish. However, Pei Lie loves the little koi so much that he even wanted to pick the stars for him, and would naturally ensure that the meal’s eaten were both fresh and sumptuous. The little koi eventually found a part of the pie’s ‘residual body’ in the trash bin. His eyes immediately widened upon the realization that Pei Lie had tossed all the food away

Ah ah ah, wasting food is the most atrocious matter, especially the delectable food!!

From the perspective of a foodie, the first most depressing thing is to see but not able to eat, the second is to see other people waste food. But the little koi had completely experienced these two things today. If he had been in his fish form, it is estimated that the little pectoral fins and the large tail would have already been drooping despondently. Feeling sad, depressed and a little cold, on top of being thirsty, made him take a swig out of the fruit juice he took out from the cupboard.  

However, what the little koi thought to be fruit juices were actually the highest quality of whiskys and wines.

This bottle of wine he drank from happened to be the very sweet sort, without the astringent feeling in the mouth, but was rather full of fruity fragrance. The mood of the little koi finally got a bit better. After unwittingly drinking the entire bottle clean, he then set his eyes on the whisky with a beautiful color and luster.

Pei Lie who was inside the bedroom had also woken up at this time.

As a hitman, he can quickly let himself fall into a deep sleep in order to save time, and can also keep his keen senses in top condition, the moment he wakes up. Thus, the moment Pei Lie discovered that there was no fish inside the crystal tank, he swiftly got out of bed, as his heart instantly sank to the bottom, he then turned on the light and went outside.

Then successfully stumbled upon a wild drunken little koi soon after.

Even if the scene of forcibly trying to open the door to escape that the great hitman originally thought of did not appear, but facing a drunk youth, still gave the same uncomfortable feeling. So much so that a kind of inexpressible anger unavoidably rushed forth, as he asked with a calm and collected look: “Why are you drinking in the middle of the night?!”

—— Did he simply not want to be together with him that much, up to the extent that he got up in the middle of the night and ran out to drink alcohol to wash away all his problems?

The youth sat on the kitchen’s countertop while clinging to a half empty bottle of wine, there was still another empty bottle of wine beside him. The small huddled into a ball-like appearance was truly like using alcohol to wash away the worries. The soundproof enchantment before had also been dispelled due to drunkenness.

The great hitman didn’t conceal his momentum. When walking down the road in any normal day, not a single creature would dare to approach within a 10 meters distance around him. A school of fish could be disperse while diving, the intimidation factor was comparable to a great white shark. The little koi did not fear Pei Lie when sober, but would conversely feel terrified when drunk. The inebriated brain did not understand what Pei Lie had asked, but was intimidated by his ruthlessly cold tone. The wide pair of eyes clearly revealed his panic.

Pei Lie’s chest felt stifled and couldn’t bear to harm the little koi, so he could only pour his anger on the wine. Raising his hand, the two remaining bottles of whisky in the cupboard went hua la la* as it was poured into the sink.

*I gave up looking for a suitable onomatopoeia

The little koi who saw this immediately became anxious.

To actually waste food right in front of him was simply too wretched!! That he couldn’t help but instantly feel distressed, “Not allowed to throw!”

Even so, a glint passed through Pei Lie’s ruthlessly cold face, throwing the empty bottle away, he seized the youth’s hand that tried to stop his action, “Do you not like me so much, that you’d rather do this to hurt yourself?! Don’t you know how uncomfortable it is for me to see?!”

However, the little koi thought that the other person wanted to grab the only remaining bottle of wine in his hand, so he subconsciously mobilized the spiritual energy and broke free from the other, then, broke into a run and scurried into the study room next door with unprecedented speed while clinging onto the bottle of wine, just like a tiny hamster clinging onto a raw peanut.

Pei Lie who had been struck with spiritual energy, was almost unable to stand still, the brief interval actually caused him to lose the chance to catch up. Only the click sound could be heard, the little koi actually went so far as to fasten the ant-theft bolt from inside, making Pei Lie unable to open the door even with a key.

The great hitman knocked on the door for quite a long time without obtaining any response, that he inevitably became anxious, so he hurriedly turned to the audio-visual room. The balcony of the audio-visual room just happens to be facing the study room’s window. As soon as he stepped into the balcony, he, from a distance noticed that the little koi had already opened the window, with half of his body leaning out the window.

His heart almost jumped out of his throat, as he hurriedly exclaimed: “Tong Tong, don’t lean over there! Get back in!!”

The head of the drunk little koi was filled with sweat, that made the blowing breeze comfortable. He somewhat sluggishly turned his head to the direction of Pei Lie’s voice, then vigilantly clung onto the bottle of wine, “No, you’re not allowed to come over to grab my fruit juice!”

Pei Lie furrowed his brows. —— Did the other party think of the wine as a fruit juice?

But he didn’t have the time to ponder too much about this issue at this moment, as his mind was overflowing with dread that the little koi might accidentally fall off the building, that his face turned a bit pale. The balcony he was standing on was just 6 to 7 meters away from the window of the study, he originally thought of climbing over with the help of tools. But for fear that the youth might lose his balance and directly fall over in panic, he could only lower his voice as best as he could while coaxing him: “Be good, I won’t take it. I still have a new bottle to give you over here, so can you help me open the door?”

The little koi on the contrary pursed his lip and cried out, “You don’t have any new ones, you poured it all away, wu wu wu*!”

*sfx: cry

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