Ch 73: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 73: 6th instance: They were already aware of Qi Yunxiu being a gay guy, okay! (part 3 of 4)

Gu Wuji cursorily inspected the layout several times. He had gone through all the places in the village these past few days, and already knows most of the layout of this village. But he discovered that there was quite a huge difference from this one on the paper.

This drawing should’ve been made several years ago…… and the biggest difference was the place they resided in. The spot of this residence seemed to have been an abode dedicated to the mountain god in the past, which had actually been demolished.

Gu Wuji couldn’t help but furrow his brows. According to reason, the village chief currently has a good relationship with this mountain god, so what reason did he have to demolish that abode?…… Or could it be, that the difference between the current mountain god from the past was so great, that the abode will also have some sort of influence?

Gu Wuji hurriedly flipped through another notebook soon after, which shockingly had some vague photos of woman attached inside. Although vague, but the picture of the photograph still looks very clear, with various information recorded next to it.

These were presumably the information of those brides. In the first piece of information, Gu Wuji could infer that she was the ghost marriage partner of the village chief’s son base on the written date.

She was completely different from that bride Gu Wuji had met, that he couldn’t help but feel disappointed. After all, he felt that the most likely person was that woman.

Gu Wuji hurriedly looked at the following pages, and saw several familiar-looking faces on it.

After all, he had actually seen those female ghosts before.

But even after flipping through the end, Gu Wuji was still unable to see the person he was looking for. What gave him an even greater shock was that the date when the information was compiled seemed to be the most recent. On top of that, those extremely detailed information seemed to be inferring to something.

Could it be that the village chief and others were also looking for that person?

Gu Wuji closed this notebook, and was about to turn and leave, when he heard a ruckus coming from outside. The village chief had apparently returned.

“Uh-oh.” Gu Wuji scanned his surroundings, and saw that it was impossible to run away as there were completely no backdoor or any windows in this room.

Without any better option, Gu Wuji finally decided to hide in the cabinet at the corner of the room.

There was no other alternative in this current situation as well. If this situation were to turn for the worse, then he might need to come face to face with the village chief and the mountain god in advance…… However, in this place, only a part of the mountain god might appear, so he should still have a bit of hope.

The sound of a woman and man quarreling came from outside again, the village chief’s wife deliberately made a very loud sound, as if to give notice to Gu Wuji inside.

Soon after, a sharp and clear slap sounded, followed by the sound of a woman’s cry. That person then pushed the door open without warning.

Gu Wuji could see from the small opening of the cabinet that the person coming over wasn’t the village chief at all, but rather a brawny middle-aged man, and was actually Big Zhu from yesterday.

“It’s just a shabby place. I thought that there would something good.” Coming in, Big Zhu saw the interior of the room, and snorted a few more times, “To actually make such a gimmick, isn’t it just wanting to sacrifice to the mountain god in order to get some good things?”

Gu Wuji surmised that Big Zhu’s daughter might be one of the future sacrifices prepared by the village, which was why he hadn’t been brainwashed very much, so he didn’t have such a very high respect for the mountain god as well. After suffering from a loss yesterday, he also took the chance to come over and do something today while the village chief was away.

Big Zhu looked all over the place but was unable to see anything of value. Just as he was thinking of opening the cabinet Gu Wuji was hidden in, but his attention was suddenly attracted by the stone on the nearby table.

“This stone placed here, shouldn’t be some cheap thing, right?” Having said this, he reached out and picked that stone, then placed it in his pocket and turned to leave.

But in the next instant, a very large black hand suddenly stretched out from inside that stone.

Big Zhu knelt on the ground in fright, but before he could scream, that hand had already grabbed his head.



The village chief hurriedly rushed back home.

Qi Yunxiu and the others hurriedly followed from behind, they had still been stalling for time a moment ago, who would have known that the village chief would suddenly have a great change, running back so fast that they couldn’t keep up.

“Damn it.” Qi yunxiu’s gaze had already cooled down. He didn’t know whether or not Gu Wuji was still inside, if the situation were really to turn for the worst, then he would have no choice but to plan for the worst as well.

The village chief was too urgent, and couldn’t be bothered to care about Qi Yunxiu and the others. He was immeasurably worried and indignant. No wonder he didn’t couldn’t find Sun Shi before, could Sun Shi have already sneaked in there? Dammit, if he really finds that person, even if he didn’t pay any attention at first, he will certainly remember him later!

If this was truly the case, even if it was still before the ceremony, he would still have to immediately put an end to Sun Shi.

Swiftly rushing into the yard, he saw his wife crying while sitting on the ground, in addition to an ajar door.

At this moment, the people behind Qi Yunxiu gasped in shock, even if they didn’t know what was happening before, but after seeing this, they couldn’t help but surmise that Gu Wuji had certainly come over in order to investigate something……

The village chief immediately pushed the door open, coming into his sight was a headless corpse lying on the ground.

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