Ch 73: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 73: 6th instance: They were already aware of Qi Yunxiu being a gay guy, okay! (part 2 of 4)

Reaching the village chief’s house, Gu Wuji pushed the door open, and immediately ran into the village chief’s wife. The other party was sweeping the hallway. She didn’t look surprised with his arrival, as if she had expected this to happen a long time ago.

“You’ve finally come.”

“Did you know I would come?” Gu Wuji looked over with a bit of bewilderment.

“The ceremony is going to be held soon after all. Those who want to investigate things wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity, right? You must certainly want to know the things about the mountain god and those brides.” The village chief’s wife said, “If you can trust me, then follow me.”

Having said this, she then set aside her broom, and hurriedly walked to the inner part of the residence.

Following her footsteps, Gu Wuji noticed the wound on the other party’s arm, “Your wound……”

“It was me that night.” A tangled expression appeared on the face of the village chief’s wife, as she looked at Gu Wuji with a bit of unease.

“For what reason did you do such a thing?” Gu Wuji asked.

“This was all forced by him.” A slightly resentful look faintly appeared in the gaze of the village chief’s wife, “If it weren’t for him, I would’ve never step foot in this village…… You should also known, about this old undead thing. His original partner had died a long time ago, I was married to him following that.”

“I wanted to leave this village after knowing the truth, but I came across that so-called mountain god. It turned me into something that was neither a human nor ghost. If I don’t listen to his command, he will make me live a life worse than death.” Upon mentioning the mountain god, the village chief’s wife showed a very resentful look again.

“So that’s it.” Gu Wuji nodded.

“But in that moment when I was hurt by you, I suddenly came to realize, that this was a good opportunity to kill him. I don’t care if I die, I don’t want to continue living like this anyway.” The village chief’s wife resentfully said, “But I really don’t trust the others, if someone else had come here at this time, I would’ve never welcome them.”

Gu Wuji became more and more certain that it was really right for him to come here.

In the midst of their conversation, the two individuals had already passed through the back yard, and had arrived in front an even more isolated room. Even though the door of this room here didn’t have any lock, but there were numerous talismans pasted all over the walls, as if to keep away something.

This scene reminded Gu Wuji of when he was still inside the cave, where there were also a lot of talismans pasted inside. At first, he naturally thought that it’s purpose was to drive evil away…… But come to think of it, that mountain god itself should already be pretty evil, right?

“These talismans are?”

After all, the village chief could be said to be able to hide the sky with one hand in this village, and even the door had no lock, so he wasn’t worried of anyone daring to come in. He even believes that he already has complete control over his wife, beating and abusing her very audaciously.

But under such circumstances, he was still afraid of something, or to say, of a certain ghost.

The thing that popped into Gu Wuji’s mind, was the female ghost he saw in his dream last night.

“I don’t know either.” The village chief’s wife shook her head, “But he cares about this talismans very much. If I touch it, I will receive a very severe punishment.”

Before pushing the door open, the village chief’s wife turned to Gu Wuji once more and said in a low voice: “You mustn’t speak loudly here, otherwise you might alarm that mountain god. You can carefully take a look at the things here……”

Gu Wuji nodded.

“Another thing, the things inside must never be brought out, otherwise the mountain god will directly appear.” The village chief’s wife warned him once more.


“It’s best for you to come out quickly. After all, I also have no idea what time he will be back.” The village chief’s wife nodded, then pushed the door open, before going out to sweep the yard outside again, and was probably to cover up.

Gu Wuji ventured inside by himself.

The decorations inside the room was very eerie. There were no windows inside, and the only light source came from the candles in the room. The interior of the room was reminiscent of that cave, with the innumerable talismans pasted on the walls.

An exquisite plate was located at the center of the room, which seemed to be enshrined, with an impressive-looking stone in it.

Placed on the table up ahead, were things like data and notebooks that Gu Wuji was thinking about, which he immediately skimmed through.

The data contained information of almost all the villagers, followed by some writings about the measure of their devotion to the great mountain god, which gives a hair-raising feeling.

Gu Wuji suspected that this so-called measure of devotion, was actually the mountain god’s will to brainwash the villagers, and only those those family of the female ghosts seemed to be able to avoid such brainwashing. After some time, everyone in this village may become the servant of this so-called mountain god.

At that time, maybe this village will not be the only one affected, as the impact will spread down the mountain, and relying in strength alone, this so-called mountain god at that time, might also become a real mountain god.

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