Ch 72: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 72: 6th instance: Echoes of happy laughter and cheerful voices in the haunted house (part 3 of 4)

Xiao Cheng, for the first time, felt that Gu Wuji was so pleasing to the eye, and was so moved that he almost felt like crying.

The female ghost swept the other with an indifferent glance, then spoke with a hoarse voice: “Will you really save this person? He wants to kill you.”

“No, no, we’re also aware of that matter.” Gu Wuji then said: “Now, we just want to ask him about a few things, so he can’t die yet.”

“Don’t think about it.” The female ghost coldly spoke: “Do I look like a good person who will help others, to you? I’m the reason of this whole family’s death. I even made them turn against each other, before finally wiping out their last bit of hope.”

Having said so, her hair coiling around Xiao Cheng’s neck also became a bit tighter, that obviously pushed Xiao Cheng to the verge of unconsciousness.

“No, I know that you really don’t want to do this things as well.” Gu Wuji sighed, then hurriedly said: “You’ve always longed for family affection and warmth, but was unable to fit in this family. Because they have long thought of you as a sacrifice to be exchanged for benefits, so that the family can live a good life…… Therefore, they never invested in feelings at all, and even treated you like a beast.”

These were all the previous things that a few family members immediately confessed in fright when they were still downstairs.

“What are you saying these things for?” The female ghost showed a slight tendency to become angry, “Could it be that you want to die with this person now?”

“They’ve all done something wrong. But you didn’t, you’re just someone who wants to live a normal life.” Gu Wuji said very sincerely: “The things at home are your business, but Xiao Cheng isn’t. Killing such a living person, who you bear no animosity to, is surely not an easy for you to do as well. So, why must you continue to add pain to yourself?…… So let me handle our affairs by myself.”

Hearing the words Gu Wuji said, the female ghost’s expression had obviously been somewhat emotionally moved, but she still hadn’t given up on her decision, and merely said: “I didn’t expect you to be quite a smooth-talker.”

But at this moment, she vaguely saw something red pass by the window. Which immediately made her complexion changed, and caused a bit of dread to flit through her eyes.

“It’s him…. for this kind of person, he actually……”

The female ghost silently mulled over this matter, then after having suddenly thought of something, looked at Gu Wuji with a different gaze.

The hair that was originally coiled around Xiao Cheng’s neck were completely loosened. The female ghost then looked at them, “Now that you’ve said it, I also think that it really makes sense. Then, I will allow this guy live. You’d better not regret about having saved him today, in the future.”

After having said this, the figure of the female ghost gradually became transparent, before finally disappearing in this room.

Xiao Cheng knelt on the ground weakly, and constantly coughed while covering his throat. He completely didn’t have the energy to pay attention to the conversation between Gu Wuji and the female ghost, due to his life hanging on the thread before. Therefore, he still didn’t know that he’d already been completely exposed. Because of this, he immediately looked at Gu Wuji with a feigned emotional gaze at this moment, “Thank you so much.”

Although Xiao Cheng had originally thought that Sun Shi must be a man with deep thoughts at the start. But after going through those things later, his opinion had changed once more, thinking that this guy was just a lucky fool. But seeing as the other party was a good person, it would also be impossible for him not to take advantage of this.

“There’s no need for gratitude.” Gu Wuji also sighed in relief about this incident, then looked at Xiao Cheng with a smile.

Qi Yunxiu, who was behind him, immediately stepped forward with a rope in hand.

“What-, what do you want to do?!” Xiao Cheng was instantly taken aback, and hurriedly looked at Gu Wuji for help. He didn’t even pass the opportunity to provoke the relationship between the two people, “Quickly stop Qi Yunxiu, ah! What’s wrong with him? Could he have been possessed by a ghost?”

“He isn’t. I made him do this.” Gu Wuji stated expressionlessly.

They weren’t fools. Just by listening to those things the ghost had said, had obviously made them more or less understand that they were plotted by Xiao Cheng, not to mention the things that the female ghost had previously revealed to them.

After having experienced so many instance, he was already very clear that he mustn’t be softhearted when facing some people.

“Huh?” Xiao Cheng simply couldn’t believe that Gu Wuji would treat him like this. Wait, no, there’s something wrong here, maybe he was just duping him, “What-, what are you guys doing? I didn’t expect you guys to actually be this kind of people……”

“Shut up, stop acting already! Do you think that you have very good acting skills? We already know of everything.” Qi Yunxiu coldly snorted.

Xiao Cheng also stopped speaking after hearing this. He realized that he had unexpectedly been completely exposed here.

Qi Yunxiu securely and firmly tied Xiao Cheng, then coldly said: “Now, quickly reveal everything you know!”

“What if I don’t want to say it?” Although Xiao Cheng had received a shock, but he still relied on the fact that these two wouldn’t dare do anything to him, which was why he could still speak boldly.

“What should we do?” Qi Yunxiu looked at Gu Wuji, to ask for his opinion.

“We should probably just leave first.” Gu Wuji muttered out loud: “In any case, seeing as how Xiao Cheng ran in here himself, then he should like this house a lot, so we might as well leave him here.”

Xiao Cheng looked at Gu Wuji with shock. The point is, he actually felt that Gu Wuji was serious! It was definitely not to threaten him or for something else. The other party really just meant this.

If it were the usual, Qi Yunxiu would have come forward to disagree, after all, they could obtain quite a lot of information from him at this moment.


Qi Yunxiu looked at Gu Wuji very agreeably. He absolutely didn’t have the slightest bit of objection at all, and even behaved that the things Gu Wuji had said were very reasonable.

Seeing that the two of them were about to turn and leave, then thinking of the female ghost in this room, caused an unprecedented sense of extreme fear washed over Xiao Cheng.

“Hold on! Listen to what I have to say!”



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