Ch 70: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

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Chapter 70: 6th instance: But his gaze gave off a feeling of seeking praise (part 4 of 4)

“The lantern should presumably be in the storeroom.” Little Meng wiped the cold sweat on her forehead.

They cautiously headed over to the storeroom in the village chief’s house. The village chief’s residence was very impressive, the courtyard was quite huge as well, and yet a lot spookier than the outside. In addition to the fact that the village chief might most probably be no longer a human being, gave the players an even greater pressure.

Not to mention, that they actually have no idea how long Gu Wuji can stall for time outside.

At this moment, even a simple gust of ordinary cold wind can make those players, who were already very scared and on edge, almost scream due to extreme fear.

Qi Yunxiu on the other hand, followed inside with a cold face. Although the others already had a slight improvement in their impression on him, but they still didn’t dare to communicate with him, and subsequently avoided the areas he was heading to.

The storeroom’s door was naturally locked. Fortunately, there was someone among the players with lockpicking skills, so it didn’t take long for the door to be unlocked. Everyone got in smoothly and immediately saw a row of white lanterns hanging on the wall.

These lanterns still looked eerie, that no one dared to take one for a while. Xiao Cheng couldn’t control himself anymore, and directly picked one up. The others also followed and immediately took one lantern each.

The moment they held it in their grasp, the system’s notification classified this as a type of item. The players sighed in relief, then swiftly kept the lantern. After all, if this was classified as an item, then it can be placed in the system storage.

But just as the group was about to leave, a woman’s surprised cry suddenly sounded outside. They saw the village chief’s wife, who still had a bandage on her arm, standing outside. Everyone’s expression solidified, they completely had no idea on how to deal with this woman, who might have been the monster that evening.

The village chief’s wife had only been stunned for a brief moment, before hurriedly opening the back door, “You should quickly leave from this place, lest you be discovered by that person.”

Although the players were somewhat astonished, but since the other was aiding them, so they also hurriedly left.

The village chief’s wife must surely deeply resent the village chief as well, as she was forced to act as an accomplice simply because of having done something before.

Just as Qi Yunxiu thought of heading back to notify Gu Wuji, the village chief’s wife took a deep look at him, then said in a hushed tone: “You’re Mr. Sun’s friend, right?…… tell him, to be very wary, of that man……no, that beast, he no longer has any humanity left at all. On that day of the ceremony, be sure to stay alert.”

Qi Yunxiu nodded. His expression had eased up a lot, mainly because he actually heard the other party say that he was Gu Wuji’s friend…… It seems like even passers-by could see the good relationship between him and Gu Wuji, and this made Qi Yunxiu very happy.



The dispute outside still hadn’t stopped until now, and even had the tendency to become more and more intense.

It’s wasn’t until Gu Wuji faintly saw Qi Yunxiu’s figure, did he realize that the matter should be settled, and only then did he take the edge off his voice, “Let’s not continue to entangle with the matter this way, okay? So long as Big Zhu is willing to give in, then I also won’t press on anymore. As for the matter of the clothes, I am also partly to be blamed after all.”

Seeing Gu Wuji unexpectedly back down, Big Zhu naturally became unwilling to concede.

However, at this point of time, a clamorous noise sounded outside. Several young villagers surprisingly showed up outside, but each and every one of them was beaten so much that they no longer looked like human beings. They seemed to have come to complain, but became so frightened after catching a glimpse of Gu Wuji’s face, that they quickly ran away like seeing a ghost.

The others: “……”

Village chief: “……”

Big Zhu, on the other hand, burst into cold sweat upon witnessing this scene. They were clear on how much of a scoundrel these group of young villagers were. Yet all of them had actually been beaten up to this point…… and even appeared like a grandson before Gu Wuji.

They knew in their hearts that this outsider must be difficult to deal with, so their attitudes took a drastic change. Big Zhu immediately expressed that he had been too impulsive before……

As such, the dispute which still seemed to drag on for several more days at first, was quickly settled due to the friendly attitude of both sides.

As for that little girl, the village chief asked a childless family to foster the child first. Only after the child’s father changes for the better can he be allowed to take the child back.

The villagers were quite satisfied with the resolution of this incident, and immediately dispersed. A lot of people had even praised Gu Wuji for really being a fine young man.

When Gu Wuji went out the door, that little girl walked over to Gu Wuji and expressed her gratitude in a somewhat inarticulate speech.

Gu Wuji touched the top of the other’s head once more, and secretly used his healing skill at the same time, to make the child feel a bit better.

Before leaving, the little girl tugged Gu Wuji’s hand, and said: “Big brother……you, careful, beautiful, bride……”

She seemed very anxious, but didn’t know how to organize her speech. After all, a child like her knows too little words. So she could only make a flurry of gestures to convey something.

Gu Wuji was surprised, he knew that this girl had secretly peeked at him on the first day, and must have presumably done this kind of thing before as well. When added on to the fact that a child can see things that some ordinary person can’t, so could she know of some hidden secret?

The married couple on the side was apparently unable to wait any longer, and immediately left with the little girl, leaving Gu Wuji to quietly ponder over the matter by himself.

That little girl’s hint a while ago seemed to be referring to the ghost marriage of this village. Does this mean that he needs to be on guard of a certain beautiful bride? ……but he currently has no idea of the outward appearances of the other female ghosts aside from Ah’ Ying, looks like he has to go and look into this.

Qi Yunxiu hurried forward and said to Gu Wuji, “Sun Shi, I have already done all the things you said.”

Although Qi Yunxiu’s tone still sounded cold, but his gaze faintly gave off a feeling of seeking praise.

Had the other players been here, they would probably be so shocked and think that there was a problem with their eyes.

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