Ch 70: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 70: 6th instance: But his gaze gave off a feeling of seeking praise (part 3 of 4)

“What’s going on here? What happened?”

“Isn’t it this bastard’s fault!? He unreasonably came over and beat me!” Although the brawny middle-aged man was very angry, but his voice still sounded a bit weak, as he obviously still had a bit of lingering fear towards Gu Wuji. The wound had stretched when he spoke, that he couldn’t help but grimace in pain.

“This traveler, what’s going on with you?” The village chief looked at Gu Wuji with an intimidating gaze, “The people in our village have treated you well this past few days, yet you still did such a thing to our simple and honest villagers?”

But just as the village chief finished his words, he immediately received protest from many of the villagers, saying that this matter was absolutely not Gu Wuji’s fault, and it was the fault of that brawny middle-aged man.

Village chief: “……” How could this happen, ah? Aren’t you all people in this village? Why are you not helping your fellow villager, instead of speaking up for this outsider?!

The village chief originally thought of intimidating Gu Wuji with a few sentences, in order to make the other behave a bit later until the start of the ceremony. Who could have imagined that the development of things would be completely different from his expectations?

Gu Wuji’s tone was very serious, as he spoke in a low voice: “I just couldn’t bear to watch any longer.”

Gu Wuji really felt this way at the start. When combined with his acting skills, made the whole individual appear melancholic. He obviously hadn’t been harmed, but he still appeared more pitiable than the beaten person. Which earned the sympathy of countless villagers in an instant, especially of those aunts and uncles, who immediately became indignant as if they saw their own nephew being beaten.

Once Gu Wuji’s voice fell, a very small figure peeked out from behind Gu Wuji, coming into view was a girl that looked about 7 to 8 years old, but had a red and swollen face, in addition to wearing tattered clothing.

The village chief’s complexion immediately changed upon seeing this, knowing that this wasn’t a matter that can be solved the conventional way deep inside.

The villagers also started to actively speak up: “Mr. Zhu beats this child everyday, we can’t continue to just standby and watch! This time, this little brother kindly came out to help.”

“That’s right. Even if he lost in gambling, how could he take it out on a child?”

The face of the brawny man known as Big Zhu flushed red, and reasoned with a somewhat guilty conscience: “Isn’t it precisely due to this despicable thing! She made me to lose so much money. Didn’t I just beat her? At least I didn’t let her starve to death! I’m her father!”

The village chief became hard-pressed for a moment. His original idea clearly couldn’t be put to use at all. He had somewhat heard about Big Zhu’s behaviour long before as well, but he simply couldn’t be bothered to deal with it. Who knew that this outsider would actually be involved today?

No one noticed that the figures of the other players had already disappeared without a word at this time, and had already taken the opportunity to enter the house straightaway while the village chief was not paying attention.

Gu Wuji touched the top of the little girl’s head, and looked at the other comfortingly.

This was the owner of that line of sight he perceived along the way on the first day of this instance, and that line of sight which also appeared on the second day.

At first, Gu Wuji just thought that it was of a certain ghost in this village, and had even wondered if he could lure it out. In the end, after a few inquires to the other people, he learned about the matter of the little girl.

Due to the connection between those female ghosts, in addition to the really backward thinking, this village was very heartless to young women and female children. This little girl’s mother was tricked into marrying here, then later died due to domestic violence.

But that brawny middle-aged man believed that his wife’s death was caused by his child, which gave him even more reason to beat and scold this daughter at every turn.

As soon as Gu Wuji arrived there, he instantly caught sight of this poor girl, and was naturally unable to resist from hitting that man, but all the things happening now didn’t seem to deviate from his plan.

The village chief didn’t notice what the other players had done at all, he also didn’t notice the strangeness of Gu Wuji. Gu Wuji had constantly been doing good deeds in the village these past few days after all. The village chief had still been wary at that time, but in consideration that Gu Wuji was essentially helping this village, so, he also didn’t say anything.

Who knew that Gu Wuji’s behavior of doing good deeds would grow more and more excessive, that it had actually reached up to this point now? Even if the village chief wanted to deliberately punish Gu Wuji, there’s no way the other villagers would agree to it. Not only was the ceremony about to be held, but this time’s ceremony was also extremely important, so no problems must be allowed to happen!

Moreover, the village chief was also somewhat wary of Gu Wuji, feeling that this man was really very tricky. In order to avoid him from doing something, he might as well coax him for the meantime.

Anyway, after the end of the ceremony, these people will be left in his disposal. A cold gleam flashed in the village chief’s eyes, but quickly became an amiable gaze when he looked at Gu Wuji, “It looks like I still need to thank you…… I have also heard about the matter of this child for quite some time, but I didn’t want to meddle in other people’s family matters. I just didn’t expect Big Zhu to actually grow worse. We’ll do it this way, I’ll let Big Zhu apologize to you, and then let the other watch him, so that he won’t hit the child again. What do you think?”

Big Zhu immediately became furious, so furious that he wished to immediately beat Gu Wuji up, but he immediately retracted his outstretched hand, and could only shout his grievance in place, “How can this be?! The person beaten was me, yet you actually want me to apologize to this pretty face?”

The main reason Gu Wuji couldn’t argue here was because of worry that a problem will arise in the midst of the fight. So he started very lightly. Otherwise, how could Big Zhu still have the courage to insult Gu Wuji here as a pretty face?

It must be known that those young villagers, who discriminated against Gu Wuji, were still unconscious until now, and would probably have a psychological shadow once they wake up.

The village chief had been itching to give this Big Zhu a beating, so why shouldn’t he just mediate honestly? For a moment, the village chief even felt that  Gu Wuji’s action had really vented his anger.

“I don’t believe I’ve done anything wrong.” Gu Wuji appeared like he wasn’t afraid of making things bigger, “After all, If I didn’t butt in this matter, then this child might have already been beaten to death!”

The villagers were even more outraged after having heard of this, although they normally didn’t want to meddle in other people’s matter. But since Gu Wuji had already step forward bravely this time, so they also couldn’t just stand on the sideline and watch the excitement.

However, Big Zhu at any rate was essentially a villager as well. So his brothers hurriedly rushed over after having heard the news. Then instantly showered Gu Wuji with curses at the side, and said that they would never allow their good brother to suffer.

Gu Wuji, at this time too, pulled to show the hole on his damaged clothes, saying that this was a branded apparel, and demanded that Big Zhu absolutely has to pay for the damages…… Of course, this matter was just a direct nonsense in order to stall for time.

The two sides fiercely disputed outside, causing the situation to fall into a deadlock. The village chief was so preoccupied, that he didn’t even have time to pay heed to the things happening inside his house.



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