Ch 70: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 70: 6th instance: But his gaze gave off a feeling of seeking praise (part 2 of 4)

After the memory came to the end, third sister-in-law had already gone quite far. Ah’ Ying’s breath was no longer present in this room as well.

Everyone stayed silent, and seemed to have understood what had happened before. Those ghost brides were definitely sealed by the village chief through some methods. Maybe to be used in the future, or may also be because of fear. But who would have imagined that they would actually be released by Ah’ Ying and even be able to successfully escape?

After that incident, the very furious mountain god immediately dismembered Ah’ Ying’s corpse, and made her soul incapable of returning home forever.

This also caused these female ghosts to appear around the village. As for the mass graves, there were actually no bodies buried inside. This was done as a mean to try shaking these female ghost to move out, after the village became haunted.

However, these female ghosts were in fact, not some evil beings at all, but were all just feared by the people in the village.

Even if this was the case, none of them also had the nerve to head over and negotiate with the female ghosts. The present situation was nothing but their guess after all, who knows if these female ghosts were really dangerous, okay?

“It seems that in order to know the actual truth about this instance, we will still have to start from the village chief.” Gu Wuji relayed his thoughts.

“But the village chief seems to have made some deal with that mountain god, and is more likely no longer a living being. If we were to act rashly, what should be done if the village chief starts taking action?” Xiao Cheng promptly expressed, with a tone that was somewhat unable to conceal his anxiety.

Qi Yunxiu looked at Xiao Cheng with extreme dissatisfaction, then immediately said with a cold sneer: “Since you said that, then do you know of something? If not, why else would you disapprove? You wouldn’t be hiding anything right?”

The others were somewhat displeased with Qi Yunxiu’s attitude, but all of them clearly agreed a bit with his words.

Xiao Cheng cursed this pair of shrews*, while feeling that he had been too stimulated for a moment. But he couldn’t sigh now, as he promptly remedied: “I just think that we should be a bit more cautious, and it wouldn’t do us any good if we beat the grass and startle the snake and end up angering the village chief. I think we should think of a way to get that white lantern, then secretly sneak into the village chief’s house at night to investigate, this way, we might still be able to find that mountain god’s weakness……”

*fits better that a bitch couple (狗男男)

Since the words he said were very reasonable, so it unanimously obtained everyone’s approval at once, as they felt that this was a much more reliable proposal than catching the village chief at this moment.

Xiao Cheng sighed in relief, and was thankful for his quick thinking. Truth be told, the information he got here was that…… everything that was happening in this village, stemmed from the grievances of the woman, who had a ghost marriage with the village chief’s son, resulting to the pollution of the consciousness of the mountain god, so it needed to devour sacrifices from time to time.

But the village chief was able to establish some kind of cooperative relationship with the mountain god by chance, and had even benefited from it, changing into a half-human and half-ghost state, which enabled him to live even until now…… and this matter was even considered to be a manifestation of the mountain god by the other people, making them revere the village chief even more.

The reason why it was called as ghost marriage ceremony as a cover-up every time, was also an idea the village chief came up with, because such a ceremony can rile up the grievances of those woman who once took part in the ghost marriage, in order for the mountain god to become even stronger and to be able to cover a much wider area. This would enable the village chief to obtain even greater benefits, and might even be able to bring his son back to life one day.

The only way to survive was to precisely sell out a teammate on the day of the ceremony.

Xiao Cheng had already decided to hand over little Meng to the village chief as a sacrifice on that day, then take advantage of the opportunity to get out of this village, during the time when the others would still be foolishly dealing with these pair of unbeatable opponents.

Escaping from this village was undoubtedly not such a simple task as well, as an item was needed. This item was exactly that white lantern.

Everything will be well so long as he obtains that white lantern tonight. This was the reason why Xiao Cheng must prevent these people from making a move on the village chief now, so as to avoid the risk of sabotaging his plan.

Although Xiao Cheng still felt very shocked whenever he occasionally recalls how unexpectedly willing that big shot in the advance instance was, in telling him such important information. But he ultimately attributed all of this to his good fortune. What’s more, intermediate level instances were like child’s play to people in the advanced instances, so, there’s no way the other party would lie to a passer-by like him, right?

Xiao Cheng still had an inexplicable confidence in his luck, he is such an awesome person after all.

Of course, if Gu Wuji had heard of his experience at this time, then he will discover how similar all of it seems to be. After all, when he was on that ghost cruise ship instance before, the other players on the ship had similar experiences, and had almost lost their lives by this plot.

“Then what should we do to lead the village chief out?” A person frowned, “The village chief basically stays in his house all the time, we can’t get around him…… if only we can find a way to direct his attention somewhere else.”

“I have an idea.” Gu Wuji faintly voiced out.

Had this still been the first day, then the others would certainly question Gu Wuji, wondering where he actually got his confidence from.

But after having experienced Gu Wuji’s various feats just now, everyone’s impression towards him had already undergone a complete change. With a hunch that he was an unpredictable and hidden big shot, who acts very mysteriously.

As for Xiao Cheng, he was a very amiable leader, although he was quite reliable, but he still wasn’t as amazing like Gu Wuji.

Because of this, after hearing Gu Wuji speak up, everyone simply looked over with admiring gazes in succession, and waited for the big shot to show his prowess.


In the afternoon, Gu Wuji had a scuffle with a middle-aged man in the liveliest place in the village, attracting everyone’s shocked gazes.

The matter eventually created such a huge disturbance, that the village chief had no choice but to go over to meditate.

The village chief looked at the not so trifling Gu Wuji before him, then at the badly beaten brawny middle-aged man dressed in ragged clothes at the side, and that crowd of villagers who came over to watch the excitement, before falling into a momentary silence.

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