Ch 70: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 70: 6th instance: But his gaze gave off a feeling of seeking praise (part 1 of 4)

Most of the facts that third sister-in-law had said, were more or less similar to the things everyone had heard of before. This was quite obviously the version commonly known by the villagers. That narrative about how the ghost marriage had angered the mountain god which lead to the village’s tragic happenings.

However, third sister-in-law also told everyone about a few more details that were not known or were concealed by others.

Almost everything in this village can now be considered as under the control of the village chief, because the village chief was said to be the only person who can communicate with the mountain god, so his position was naturally much higher.

But the scary part was, from the time when she came in to marry from outside the village, the village chief had never changed, even his appearance remained the same.

Everyone’s expression became solemn after hearing this, they had already guessed that the village chief wasn’t normal much earlier.  But hearing this now, could the village chief of this village from the past few decades until now possibly be the same person?

Third sister-in-law continued to to talk. Since the time that Ah’ Ying’s body had appeared, those female ghosts had also began to appear in the village. It was during that time, when going out at the very late night must be avoided at all cost, this approach was also only learned by the village chief after consultation with the mountain god. Once the night sets in the village, a strange mist will start to emerge, and those female ghosts will appear amid the mist. Only by hanging lanterns on their houses will they be safe and sound.

Those households, who had already offered a daughter as a bride, don’t have this kind of lanterns, as this seems to be some taboo of the village chief. Families that had once forced their daughters to be sacrifices, would all be violently killed before long, on the other hand, those who hadn’t done such shameful deeds, had no problem at all. But were still faintly shunned by the other people in the village.

Moreover, these red lanterns, weren’t ordinary things as well. So long as people happened to touch it, they will start to have a series of bad luck and be haunted by ghosts. The village chief himself didn’t understand this matter, but attributed this all to the mountain god’s anger. Thus, the villagers formed the habit of refraining from going out at night as a result.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, in rejoice for having not touched that red lantern. While Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu, who actually experienced touching it, naturally didn’t want to do it again.

“But going out at night is still possible indeed. Although it’s isn’t possible with the red lanterns, but the white lanterns are safe!” Third sister-in-law said in one breath: “I saw it with my very eyes one night, the village chief went out with a white lantern. But that should probably only be found in his home……”

“The reason why I know these things is precisely because I often go out in the middle of the night.” Third sister-in-law said: “Ah’ Ying was probably protecting me, and prevented anything from happening to me……”

Third sister-in-law naturally couldn’t accept that her daughter had died just like that, so she thought of looking into the village’s curse. But when she went out at the very late night, she came across the village chief several times.

“I don’t know what he’s up to. But I would regularly see the village chief sneakily head towards the cave’s direction in the middle of the night. Moreover, some villagers would often go missing the following day…… it’s just that those people, who had gone missing in the few recent years, have no relatives or friends. So, it didn’t cause any commotion in the village.” Third sister-in-law suddenly became agitated, “If you really want to investigate, then you must definitely find out what he’s doing!”

Everyone swiftly nodded. After third sister-in-law went out, Ah’ Ying’s ghost appeared in the room at once. Her ice-cold gaze swept through everyone, before she passed through the bodies of several people.

The group only felt a momentary burst of bone-chilling coldness. Soon after, scenes from a memory vaguely appeared in their mind. Unlike Gu Wuji, who frequently looks at the memories of ghosts this way, the majority of the other people, who had experienced this for the first time ever, had an incomparably novel feeling.

The perspective was surprisingly of a first-person view. The view was red at first, soon after, the curtain of the sedan chair seemed to have been lifted open, the scene that appeared in front of everyone, was exactly the scene inside the cave that Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu had entered before.

This scene was spooky and terrifying. The walls in this dark cave were covered with various talismans, but the most conspicuous thing was the strange stone statue located nearby.

Third sister-in-law had previously said to them, that this stone statue had existed in the cave right from the start. Because of it’s very human-like shape, in addition to the fact that the person who discovered it at that time also had bit of means, and considered this stone statue to be something extraordinary. So, offerings were immediately placed, the development of the village became better and better after that. This stone statue was then regarded as a mountain god by the villagers.

Ah’ Ying, nevertheless, had a comparatively bold personality. She unexpectedly stepped down from the sedan chair, and searched around the interior of the cave, in order to see if she could find a way to escape.

Maybe she was quite fortunate, or maybe the village chief and the others didn’t placed too much importance in this matter, and had never thought that an ordinary girl would be able to do any tricks. There wasn’t even any puppet placed inside this cave, so no one prevented Ah’ Ying from moving around in this place.

A short while later, she soon found a notebook in the drawer by chance, but the contents written inside made people chilled. Inside was a list of the information of all the women living in the village, with annotations of which was the most suitable sacrifice to choose from, and which can make the great mountain god happy…… Moreover, the handwriting on it was exactly identical to the village chief.

To say the least, the village chief was clearly still a person who considered the sake of the villagers on the surface at that time. This matter could be said to be an  extremely shocking thing.

After having realized what she had discovered, Ah’ Ying stumbled to the ground in fear, only then did she unexpectedly discover a sealed box placed at the very corner.

Ah’ Ying didn’t want to open it at first, she could even be seen to have momentarily hesitated from this perspective. But she still reached out then opened this box in the end. Soon after, she discovered the things she wanted to see the least –Those were the relics of the sacrificed brides, in addition to their human remains, which all seemed to show signs of having been killed through extremely cruel methods.

The cave suddenly shook soon after she screamed in sheer fright. Innumerable pitch-black hands subsequently reached out from her surroundings without warning.

Just as this aberration was about to reach Ah’ Ying, several female ghosts wearing red dresses appeared in the vicinity, and unexpectedly helped her out to block the attack of the so-called mountain god.

The players felt a surge of fright from the core, and was able to determine that this was certainly the villain boss of this instance.

They still wanted to observe a bit more, but since this was just a piece of Ah’ Ying memory, added on to the fact that she was too frightened at that time, and had chosen to escape straightaway with staggering steps. The perspective also kept moving about, which made it completely impossible for people to observe the surroundings carefully.

But Ah’ Ying discovered that she couldn’t get out of the cave no matter what. No matter how far she ran, she still couldn’t see the entrance of the cave, and would even strangely keep returning to this place.

The moment she ran into this ghost wall, an ominous air would faintly approach her as well. The despairing Ah’ Ying then carved those words on the cave walls in her last moments.



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