Ch 69: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (4/4)

Chapter 69: 6th instance: “I just had a sudden impulse to hold the kitchen knife in my hand that’s all.” (part 4 of 4)

It was obviously the middle-aged man, who ran off and informed the other villagers, which lead to so many villagers gathering over here and creating a disturbance.

However, out of a certain mentality of wanting to take revenge against the village chief, and the mentality of making others taste their own pain, the middle-aged man was completely vague about the strength of Gu Wuji and others. Coupled with the fact that Gu Wuji and the others appeared very weak, so this made these villagers come running here to find faults before asking the village chief’s opinion.

Gu Wuji and others frowned. After their investigations in the village these past few days, the young people in this village had apparently not received much education, in addition to various other reasons, and having grown up in this village which didn’t particularly have the normal three moral views. So there were a lot of young people idling about.

After catching sight of a few female players, the faces of these several young villagers immediately became lecherous.

Because in these past few years, the women outside were no longer easily deceived as well. No one wanted to come to this backward and feudalistic village that even lacked electricity. Hence, these young people were unable to find a wife to marry.

As early as on the day when Gu Wuji and the others has stepped in, these people already couldn’t help but want to take action. In their view point, the people who stepped into their village were already considered as theirs.

But the village chief had said to forcibly keep these men in check for the sake of the ceremony later. He also promised them that they could do whatever they please after the ceremony was over, this was what made everyone forcibly stay still.

But something like this had unexpectedly happened today, which made these villagers feel that this was simply a godsend opportunity, so they subsequently rushed over to find fault in them at once.

The complexion of the female players became quite unpleasant. During their investigations in the village these past few days, these villagers would look upon them with lecherous gazes from time to time. Had it not been for the fear of affecting the mainline task, then they would have already dealt with them much earlier.

Gu Wuji stepped forwards and looked at these people, and thought to himself, it seems that this should be the other thing Ah’ Ying asked him to do, right? Then he would have to do so properly.

Seeing Gu Wuji, the other villagers became even more displeased, and sneeringly said: “Look at this pretty boy stepping forward like this, this is just looking for death! Let’s see whether there will still be a woman who’ll like him after we beat him up until he has a bloody nose and swollen face.”

The players: “……” Are you really going to fight this person who can beat up a ghost with a kitchen knife?

These villagers quickly charged forward, and was ready to attack Gu Wuji.

The players also noticed that there were several dark shadows vaguely attached to all these villagers. These people may also not be so easy to handle, they were inside a supernatural instance after all. Who knows when they’ll be haunted by ghosts?

Gu Wuji looked at these people, with a rare coldness in his gaze, “Although I really dislike using violence, but now……”

Before his voice fell, the villager in the forefront had already been punched on the face by Gu Wuji, causing several teeth to fly out. Another villager was dealt a heavy blow on the abdomen by Gu Wuji’s elbow, causing the person to kneel down, and almost pass out from sheer pain.

Gu Wuji was still only using a portion of his strength, otherwise these villagers would have already been beaten to death by him. Even if they were originally half-human and half-ghost, then they would have already directly turned into a ghost now.

After being taught by Gu Wuji, these group of villagers already looked very terrified. They never expected that such an extremely delicate-looking outsider, would actually posses this kind of strength.

“Don’t-, don’t think we’re afraid. We just don’t want to entangle with you too much!” The lead person still spoke out vicious words while entertaining the thought of running away, and could care less about his companions who fell on the ground.

But Qi Yunxiu had already appeared behind them unknowingly, looking at these villagers with a cold gaze, “Still want to run?”

Not wanting to be outdone, the other players also stepped forward, especially the female players. They had long felt that these villagers were extremely displeasing to the eyes, it’s just that they were worried that something bad would happen before. But since this had already happened now, then wouldn’t it be a waste if they didn’t beat them up to their heart’s content?

The only person who didn’t step forward was Xiao Cheng. He didn’t want to offend the npcs in this village, so he stayed in the house by pretending to continue on comforting the old woman.

Even Xiao Meng, whom everyone always thought of as a weak girl, also caught a villager with a standard uppercut, fracturing the opponent’s chin.

“Hehe, I also practiced a bit.” Facing everyone’s somewhat stupefied gazes, Xiao Meng still touched her head with a bashful appearance.

Villagers: “……”

They suddenly seemed to have realized, that they have run into a hard stubble*. A person who had been beaten up still tried to stealthily crawl away while the other’s weren’t paying attention, but saw a female player that he had always thought of molesting before the moment he looked up.

*difficult situation or matter

The latter gave him a smile. As the man was still in awe, the other party’s heavy beating already fell upon him.

The incessant miserable cries went on for a while, but due to how remote this area was, no one discovered what was happening here……



All the villagers, who came to pick out faults, had already fainted outside. After the players went back in, they saw that the the third sister-in-law, who had somewhat been mentally unstable right from the start, was already much clear-headed at this time. She held the box which contains the remains of her daughter in her hands, and looked at everyone with grateful expression as well.

“Thank you very much for your help. I have already decided to go and bury Ah’ Ying next to her father at the back of the mountain.” While saying this, third sister-in-law’s expression also became a bit heavy, “You still haven’t been in here for 7 days, so you’d better leave quickly. This village isn’t a place where people can stay……”

Everyone immediately expressed their gratitude, but still found a pretext to decline.

Third sister-in-law could also see that these outsiders weren’t simple at all, and might have some other purpose in coming here. So after saying these few sentences, she once again touched the box in her hands.

“If you really insist on staying here, then I will let this child tell you about the matter in this village……”

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