Ch 69: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/4)

Chapter 69: 6th instance: “I just had a sudden impulse to hold the kitchen knife in my hand that’s all.” (part 3 of 4)

The middle-aged man had a terrified expression when he spoke of this. The incident at that time, which he spoke of, had quite obviously left him with a psychological shadow.

Moreover, that corpse couldn’t be brought away from that area unpredictably. In the end, the people in the village could only bury her corpse in the ground, in order to conceal this matter. After all, in the word of mouth of a lot of villagers; the girls, who were married to the mountain god, all went to have a good life.

At least, all those brides had never returned before. But who would have imagined that the bride would actually be dismembered this time? Not knowing what to do, the people finally decided to cover it up.

But Ah’ Ying’s mother had still become aware of this. She had already suffer from a huge psychological shock at the start, but this time’s matter had directly made her mentally unstable, that she would wander around this area everyday. At first, the other people still tried to stop her, but all of this was to no effect, this also made everyone decide to just let her do as she please.

But after that, haunting incidents started to continuously appear in this village. This time was obviously not due to the mountain god’s anger, but by those brides that had once been sent away instead……

They have come to exact revenge. Everyone were well aware of this, but so long as the village rules were followed, and going out at night was avoided, then there won’t be any danger. So everything continue as is through this.

The middle-aged man no longer continued to talk about it anymore. The others could guess what he didn’t say, this ghost of Ah’ Ying must have done something during the ceremony that enabled the other female ghosts to come out.

With this in mind, everyone wanted to do an even better job in sending this female ghost back home! This way, they would certainly be able to learn a lot of important information from Ah’ Ying.

They eventually reached third sister-in-law’s residence, which was situated in a relatively remote area in the village, and surrounded by several empty houses. The other people were probably afraid of being affected by bad luck or something, as nobody dared to live nearby.

The moment everyone had stepped into the place, the middle-aged man ran away like there’s oil on his feet.

After Gu Wuji knocked on the door, third sister-in-law immediately opened the door, which allowed everyone to see the state of her home’s interior.

Not only was the condition outside dilapidated, even the interior was also very dilapidated. Had there not been some traces of life, the people would have started to wonder whether there was anyone living here.

But everyone also noticed, that in this room, only the cabinet, with a black and white picture of a pretty girl smiling shyly on top of it, was clean and neat, in addition to a few school certificates hanging on the wall.

All these things were well kept, as if they had been carefully wiped every day for lest there would be the slightest speck of dust.

The few emotional players were already teary-eyed.

Although the people in this village were unable to leave after that incident, but leaving for a short time was still possible, so they will also allow the people in the village study outside. Of course, there would still be some people who would trick some women from outside to enter the village, in order to maintain the population of the village.

It would also be too late even if those women learned about the problem of this village. Even if they wanted to completely escape from this village, it would already be too difficult do so at that time. As they would only get lost in the mountain forest before finally returning to this place like running into a ghost wall.

Moreover, Ah’ Ying, was clearly one of the girls, who were rarely allowed to go study outside this village. How great her mother’s expectations for her were self-evident. After all, she was originally one of the pitiful people who were tricked to come in this village, but was unable to leave anymore. Even though she knew that her daughter was also inseparable from her, but she still wanted the other to be able to live a happy life.

Yet something like this happened afterwards……

Gu Wuji and the others showed the skeletal remains that were bundled in a coat to the view of the expectant old woman. The latter’s eyes immediately brimmed with tears, as she knelt and bitterly wept beside the skeletal remains.

Everyone hurriedly stepped forward to console her, but they also knew, that letting the other cry now without a moment’s hesitation was for the best.

However, Gu Wuji suddenly noticed that the handwriting on some of the notebooks left on the cabinet were exactly the same as the handwriting he had seen on the walls of the cave.

Is this really it? But what could have Ah’ Ying truly discovered that abruptly brought about the mountain god’s fury, that even her corpse was dismembered?

Ah’ Ying unsuspectingly appeared beside Gu Wuji. She reached out and touched her picture with some nostalgia, then looked at Gu Wuji, “Thank you very much for your help.”

“It’s okay, I also only did what I’m supposed to do, that’s all.” Gu Wuji replied.

“It’s just, I have to ask you for a favor again in the end.”

“It’s alright. But don’t you want to go see your mother?”

Ah’ Ying showed a slightly complicated gaze, then finally shook her head, before disappearing straightaway.

In the next instant, a loud raucous and someone smashing something came from outside all of a sudden. When everyone went out to look, they saw several strong and vigorous male villagers armed with farm tools, looking at them with unpleasant expressions.

“You people are just a bunch of outsiders, yet you actually dared to move the things in our village without permission! This requires compensation as an apology, don’t you know?”

“You actually went so far as to dig up the corpse of that woman, who had offended the great mountain god. What should be done if the mountain god becomes angered!”

“It seems to me, that those people were still being too kind to this old woman. Had her daughter not offended the great mountain god, how could our village end up like this now? So, we’re now going to tear it down!”

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