Ch 69: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (2/4)

Chapter 69: 6th instance: “I just had a sudden impulse to hold the kitchen knife in my hand that’s all.” (part 2 of 4)

The feigned worried expression Xiao Cheng originally had went rigid, as he felt that he had been thwarted by Gu Wuji once again. He didn’t even have a single clue on what he actually needed to do just to harm Gu Wuji!

Gu Wuji said: “I’ve come to send you home.”

The female ghost took a quick look at Gu Wuji, and made sure he was telling the truth, before she nodded, as well as slightly draw back.

Everyone saw the blood flow back in the ground. Had it not been for that feeling of fear that was still fresh in their memory, then they would have probably been skeptical whether everything was just a piece of their imagination.

Gu Wuji quickly picked up a farm tool and started to dig on this spot of the ground. He even called Qi Yunxiu over to help him out.

On the sideline, the middle-aged man spoke with fear and trepidation: “No, you cannot dig in this spot!! Otherwise, otherwise, it will-……”

“It will what?” Gu Wuji looked over with a raised brow.

It will cause the female ghost to appear, ah!

The middle-aged man looked at the female ghost standing next to him, and was given a cold glance by the other side, which terrified him so much that he fell to the ground due to the weakening of his knees. So, how could he still dare to say anything more?

The others, who witnessed this scene, also hurried over to help.

Ultimately, under everyone’s cooperative work, they were finally able to unearth all the body parts that had already turned to bones in the end.

At this moment, the female ghost, Ah’ Ying also looked at her corpse with a somewhat complicated expression, before slowly fading away soon after.

This scene should have been somewhat scary. But the players, who had never seen anything of this sort, now had a sense of accomplishment of doing a good deed achieved from hard work, that the atmosphere still remained very warm for a moment longer.

Gu Wuji gathered it up properly, then meaningfully looked at the middle-aged man over there, “Lead us to third sister-in-law’s residence.”

The middle-aged man was so scared that his complexion became incomparably pale, “No. The mountain god will be furious at you for this! The great mountain god will never let you off……”

He currently wanted to curse the village chief. The village chief called on him to step forward in order to observe the actual situation of these outsiders and to meaninglessly lead them around. The middle-aged man had initially thought, weren’t they just some young people? They would certainly be easy to fool. But who would have imagined that these people could quickly make a huge mess of things? That even his life had almost been forfeited.

“It’s alright, you are just going to lead the way, that’s all.” Gu Wuji replied.

The others had also deeply contemplated, if that mountain god boss was really able to easily kill them, then they would have already died much earlier, and there was no need for it to kill one person per night. It must be the limitation in this instance…… Of course, this limitation will only be until the day of the ceremony, where it would probably be lifted, which was they want to investigate a few more things.

Although the middle-aged man really wanted to refuse, but these group in front of him were clearly people who weren’t good to offend. What’s more, who knows when that female ghost, Ah’ Ying would suddenly show up? So he had no choice but to brace himself and lead them to third sister-in-law’s residence.

Along the way, Gu Wuji also asked the middle-aged man on what had really happened.

There was no way the middle-aged man was going to talk about it, so he still thought of bluffing his way through irrelevant ramblings. However, Gu Wuji carelessly took out the blood-stained kitchen knife and held it out soon after.

The other players sucked in a cold breath one after another. They could still remember the previous valiant performance in attacking the ghost in the middle of the night of Gu Wuji until now.

The middle-aged man was given a start, “What-, what do you want to do?”

“I just had a sudden impulse to hold the kitchen knife in my hand that’s all.” Gu Wuji even showed an amiable smile, “You don’t need to mind me.”

Gu Wuji’s smile simply made the middle-aged man’s blood run cold, not to mention that the kitchen knife in the other party’s hand wasn’t like an ordinary kitchen knife at all! The cold gleam on it… convinced him that it wouldn’t be a problem for this kitchen knife to kill people.

What’s more, Qi Yunxiu, who was behind Gu Wuji, was also looking at him with a murderous gaze at this moment. That gaze was just like looking at a dead man.

The middle-aged man even wondered whether the village chief had given him this task because of bearing some enmity with him!

“We are actually merely ordinary travelers who had just gotten lost, that’s all. But the things happening in this village, really makes us very uneasy.” Gu Wuji sighed, “I hope you can understand.”

How the hell are you guys actually ordinary, ah?

“I’ll talk-, I’ll talk about it.” The middle-aged man immediately amended his words.

“This Ah’ Ying, was a bride offered to the mountain god more than ten years ago……” He looked at the group after saying this. He originally wanted to cover it up, but after thinking about how fierce this group was, and how they probably already knew about most of it, so he continued on: “But on the second day of the ceremony, her dismembered corpse was found in this area…… No one knew what actually happened on that day.”

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