Ch 69: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/4)

Chapter 69: 6th instance: “I just had a sudden impulse to hold the kitchen knife in my hand that’s all.” (part 1 of 4)

The rest of them naturally couldn’t just stand aside and watch as Gu Wuji worked, so they also stepped into the field one after the other.

In that place, Gu Wuji was gently advising the old woman to return home first and rest, which made the others start to wonder why he was so warm to this npc.

The old woman shook her head, her sight never straying away from the vegetable field, as she kept murmuring, “Ah’ Ying, I want to find my Ah’ Ying. She has never left my side since she was a child, so she must be very scared now……”

The middle-aged man alongside sighed, then said to Gu Wuji: “Third sister-in-law has been like this right from the start. She had been greatly stimulated since Ah’ Ying departure…… The others couldn’t do anything at all. The people in our village really wants to help her as well, but she harbors a grudge against us, and wouldn’t listen to us at all.”

Hearing this piece, the players gaze showed a bit of disdain. This old woman’s daughter must have also been taken as a sacrificial bride, which caused her to be stimulated to this extent…… All of this made her reasonably much normal compared to the other people in this village.

Because of feeling sympathetic to this old woman, everyone’s action of harvesting the vegetables became even more diligent.

“Don’t worry.” Gu Wuji held the old woman’s hand, then handed her the vegetable basket, and said with a sincere tone, “You should head back first, okay? I will let your daughter return home as well.”

As soon as he uttered this sentence, all the people in the vicinity fell silent. The middle-aged man looked at Gu Wuji with a shocked expression, he even wanted to say something but hesitated afterwards. He wanted to tell this outsider that such irresponsible remarks shouldn’t be casually spoken.

More importantly, this third sister-in-law would never listen to such uncertain remarks of outsiders like him, right?

But the old woman unexpectedly became somewhat silent after listening to Gu Wuji’s words. She looked at Gu Wuji gratefully, and said the approximate location of her home, then turned and left.

The middle-aged man was utterly astonished, then soon after looked at Gu Wuji with a bit of pity, after all…… there are some things in the village that cannot be casually said, such as this arbitrary promise, which will definitely lead to the entanglement by those dirty things.

After the old woman left, a fearful exclamation sounded shortly afterwards. A player looked at the soil on the ground and the bloodstains on his hands with an ugly expression, “This-, this soil is full of blood!”

The others immediately felt a chill run down their spine, as their expression immediately turned serious. Although the others had been able to live through these past few days in the village, but they still encountered quite a few dangerous situations…… This village, which can be worthy to be called as a ghost nest in certain times, would cause quite a few people to use their life saving items, in order to escape during critical times and live for another day.

Of course, this didn’t happen to them. During the several times when they encountered extremely dangerous situations, Xiao Cheng would happen to be nearby…… and would coincidentally be able to give them timely help, which made several of these people have more faith in Xiao Cheng.

Seeing this scene happening before his eyes, Xiao Cheng hurriedly said: “Get back everyone, it’s dangerous!”

The instant his voice fell, the blood on the ground had unexpectedly overflowed from the soil. But it was already too late for everyone to escape. They unexpectedly couldn’t move a single step the moment their body came in contact with the blood.

Everyone became wholly trapped like this, with faces filled with cold sweat, and their items already at hand, as they waited for the upcoming appearance of the ghost with fear and trepidation.

As for that middle-aged man on the sideline, a look of horror also appeared on his face, as he totally didn’t expect this incident to occur by just making these people go down to harvest vegetables. He was so scared that he wanted to run away, but his body also seemed to be immobilize by something.

“How-, how is this possible!? Ah’ Ying, I wasn’t the one who harmed you!”

Xiao Cheng, who had long known the identity of the female ghost here, secretly felt very lofty, but still maintained a very nervous look on the surface, “Not good! It seems that the ghost here isn’t going to be easy, everyone must be careful-……”

But before his words could be completed, a deathly pale hand suddenly reached out from the ground, which had shockingly appeared beside Gu Wuji. The constantly trickling blood from the hands and fingers, resulted to a very frightening visual effect.

The others felt their blood run cold. Xiao Cheng inwardly sneered at this moment, who told Sun Shi to say such nonsense about sending the female ghost back home a while ago? Which just happens to be a taboo which shouldn’t have been spoken, so he had predictably became the first one to be targeted by the female ghost.

But Xiao Cheng would naturally continue to feign a very worried expression on the surface, which simply appeared as if he wished he could rush forward and stand in front of Gu Wuji to protect him, “Sun Shi–”

In the following second, Gu Wuji reached out and grabbed that hand, then simply pulled the other side out from the ground.

Seeing the female ghost suddenly appear in front of them, already made everyone incomparably shocked, but what caused an even greater shock to them, was of how very familiar Gu Wuji actually interacted with this female ghost. He didn’t even have the slightest bit of fear on his face; but had even spoken a few words with the other party instead……

What kind of development of event is this, ah!

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