Ch 68: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (3/3)

Chapter 68: 6th instance: Did he come here for agritourism? (part 3 of 3)

A middle-aged man was sent by the village chief to act as a guide. He looked very talkative and constantly chattered on the road.

It’s just that everyone had put their guards up, and were very cautious in speaking, in addition to having a vigilant attitude. Aside from Gu Wuji, who was able to nonchalantly hold a conversation with him.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman suddenly appeared not too far away, and was slowly walking over with a basket in her hand, causing the players to take a deep breath, not knowing what she was going to do.

The middle-aged woman eventually stood before Gu Wuji soon after, and unhurriedly took out–, took out a bunch of fresh vegetables from her basket and stuffed it in Gu Wuji’s arms.

“Your such a skinny child. Eat a bit more of food in the mealtime today.” The middle-aged woman enthusiastically spoke a few more words to Gu Wuji. But when looking at the other players, her expression was comparatively indifferent. She then turned and left after speaking.

Everyone: “??”

Because they have been acting separately these past few days, so, no one had any idea what Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu had actually been doing. Seeing such a stunning scene, made all of them stupefied.

What happened to this villager!? She obviously couldn’t wait to avoid them when she saw them. But what’s with this enthusiasm when it comes to Gu Wuji? Could she possibly be looking at face value? Although they weren’t that good looking, but they also weren’t that ugly, okay!

No matter how much everyone had thought, they could never had imagined that Gu Wuji have actually been doing good deeds everywhere in the village for the past two days. At this time, they could only connect this with the most apparent reason, which was the face value.

Qi Yunxiu immediately remembered, that this was that woman, who Gu Wuji had helped in picking things up previously. He didn’t expect that the villagers here would still give things away, which was truly beyond his expectation.

Afterwards, another old man also came over from nearby. After having experienced the previous matter, everyone was no longer as vigilant as before at this moment. But they were still in a state of shock deep inside. Could it be-, could it be that this person also came to talk with Gu Wuji?

In the next moment, the old man patted Gu Wuji’s shoulder, and sent a handful of small animals, which were folded out of grass, he had been holding directly into the other person’s arms, with a clear and bright smile on his face, “Young man, these are for you to play with.”

“Thank you.” Gu Wuji hurriedly expressed his gratitude, the old man looked at Gu Wuji with a very appreciative gaze for a few more seconds before turning to leave.

Qi Yunxiu also remembered that this was the old man, who’s shoulder was forcibly massaged by Gu Wuji before. Although this old man expressed an extremely resistant attitude, but Gu Wuji still turned a deaf ear and helped the other do his farm work…… The old man was unexpectedly moved in the end, and looked at Gu Wuji like seeing his own son.

Of course, Qi Yunxiu, who was also in the old man’s house, but had always been doing the task with a cold face, didn’t receive this treatment. This was really looking at the face!

The other player, who were struck dumb once again: “……”

This time, even the middle-aged man sent by the village chief to act as a guide had been completely shocked. He knew how tricky this old man was in the village. Yet he was unexpectedly being so friendly to this outsider at this time? This was simply like the falling of red rain*.

*something very incredible/unexpected

Afterwards, many more villagers showed up to give Gu Wuji things. Everyone no longer felt shocked, as they were already numb, and had a new understanding of the extent of Gu Wuji’s popularity in this village.

If this weren’t in a supernatural instance, then this turn of events might still be considered as normal, but this was in a very terrible supernatural instance, ah! Will a normal person act like this!? They even began to wonder whether Gu Wuji has something like a Marty Stu halo* ability, the kind that also works in people of all ages and genders.

*just like Mary Sue but for males (similar to Gary Stu)

Xiao Cheng had a very difficult time in maintaining the smile on his face. Even though he worked so hard while Gu Wuji was away, and made everyone have an imperceptible tendency to depend on him. But so long as Gu Wuji shows up, everyone’s gaze would be centered to the other, and he would immediately dim under the opponent’s brilliance.

Even though all of this wasn’t a deliberate action made by Gu Wuji. The other people were just unconsciously attracted to him.

This caused Xiao Cheng to feel even more irritated. But he still inwardly sneered at Gu Wuji. Even if he brushed up the goodwill of so many villagers to this degree, so what? At most, only a few more points would be gained at the end of instance…… but there’s no certainty that Gu Wuji would still be able to survive to have this opportunity.

In the end, even Gu Wuji couldn’t manage to hold these mound of things in his hands, that even Qi Yunxiu, who was next to him, had no choice but to also share the burden, completely changing his whole image…… That’s right, Qi Yunxiu had unexpectedly been directed by Gu Wuji obediently!

There was a bit of helpless look on this person’s face, but he still honestly lent a hand. Was he really that infamous group exterminator Qi Yunxiu?!

Because this change of image was really too outlandish, it unwittingly made the other’s fear towards Qi Yunxiu slightly lessen.

In the end, everyone had no choice but to head back to their residence and put all these things down, only then did they continue their walk in the village.

This turn of events of having no option but to head back to their place because of having received too many gifts, was simply something no one had expected.

A short while later, they came to a vegetable field. Next to it was an old woman that seemed to have a very abnormal state of mind, constantly rambling things while doing something in the field.

Looking at this familiar place, Qi Yunxiu couldn’t help but think. Could Gu Wuji have guessed it much earlier?

But he also knew too well……that Gu Wuji was obviously not the kind of person with rigorous schemes and deep foresight. The previous things were clearly done by the other person wholeheartedly.

Maybe that’s what he’s best at, right?

The players undoubtedly didn’t want to go there at all. This old woman didn’t look normal at all. What’s to be done if she’s just waiting for the right time to do something terrible?

But the middle-aged man said without regard: “The first task today is vegetable picking. I think everyone is able to rarely enjoy such an ordinary country life outside, right?”

This can’t change the terrible reality, even if you say that this was just like an agritourism, okay!

Everyone’s complexion changed. They clearly saw that the underside of the leaves of these vegetables were blood-colored, as if it had been stained with blood.

This, how could they possible go forward……

Against everyone’s stunned gazes, Gu Wuji entered the vegetable field in a familiar manner, and started to help the old woman pick the vegetables quickly. That crazy old woman actually went so far as to smile kindly to Gu Wuji.

The others: “……” F*ck, why do they feel as if Gu Wuji actually came here to enjoy agritourism, ah!

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