Ch 68: A crowd of evil spirit lines up to confess to me (1/3)

Chapter 68: 6th instance: Did he come here for agritourism? (part 1 of 3)

The next day, Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu were found by the mass grave.

After being woken up by the villagers sent by the village chief, it was only then did the two of them realize that they had finally gotten out from that strange space.

The villagers looked at the two people with a somewhat subtle gaze, and were probably wondering how they actually survived the night in this decrepit place. They then said soon after: “The village chief seems to be looking for the both of you today, so you should head there soon.”

The villagers hurriedly left after saying so, and were obviously unwilling to linger around for a moment longer.

Gu Wuji and Qi Yunxiu got up, and only felt somewhat muddle-headed even now, as if they had slept for far too long.

“Thank you so much for yesterday.” Gu Wuji looked at Qi Yunxiu, then held his hand again, “How’s your injury? Do you want me to examine it once more?”

Being held by Gu Wuji’s hand, instantly made Qi Yunxiu’s face flush. He subconsciously wanted to shake him off, yet also felt reluctant to do so, so he could only reply dully, “It has already healed completely. I-, I want to thank you.”

Qi Yunxiu had almost completely lost his consciousness towards the end. He couldn’t remember what had exactly happened, but only remembered the warm and comfortable flow of healing ability used on him…… and had also faintly understood that Gu Wuji seemed to have given him the chance to escape at the end.

Fortunately, both of them had safely returned this time.

Gu Wuji looked at those deserted graves at the back, with a somewhat complicated expression. He then gathered a few wildflowers and finally laid it down in front of a grave.

“Thank you very much.” He whispered, not knowing whether that red dressed female ghost could hear it.

Had it not been for that female ghost extending a hand last night, both of their lives would most probably have ended in that place.

Although he still currently had no idea on what kind of existence the other side had in this instance, Gu Wuji felt that he should look into the families of those girls who had been married off, as they would presumably have pictures left behind.

He would definitely be able to distinguish her if he saw a picture.

Qi Yunxiu started to speak: “What we encountered last night, what do you think it actually was?”

“I’m not sure as well.” Gu Wuji frowned, “Although it looks like an illusion, but it feels very real as well. However, everything inside have a subtle difference from outside…… It doesn’t even feel like a place to me.”

“Even with the use of my eye, I still couldn’t perceive any abnormality…… but it would be better to say that this village was already very abnormal right from the start.” Qi Yunxiu said with a solemn expression: “But that village chief certainly has a problem.”

After all, in that strange space yesterday, the village chief was the only one who still retained his consciousness. All the other villagers were completely muddleheaded, just like npcs in a real game.

“But the village chief should still be incapable of taking action at this time.” Gu Wuji said: “Let’s go, the others should already be waiting…… if they still hadn’t died yet.”

After the two left the mass grave, several shadows appeared in the mist behind them, looking at their backs from a distance.

“Do you want to know about this eye of mine?” This was obviously something that had never been told to anyone, but Qi Yunxiu suddenly thought of bringing this out in the open.

“I will listen, if you want to say it.” Gu Wuji replied.

“This happened when I was still a newcomer. I obviously went to a basic instance, but I seemed to have run out of luck at that time. The malicious spirit that appeared there was actually just a part from the body of a terrifying entity in an advance instance.” Qi Yunxiu muttered.

Gu Wuji suddenly remembered the evil god in the instance he had experienced. That strange mark was still in his arm even until now……

“It was extremely dangerous at that time. I had been very lucky before, and had basically been able to smoothly clear the instances with the help of my teammates. But during the…… dangerous situation at that time, the others had naturally pushed the useless me towards where that fiery malicious spirit was, in order for them to have an opportunity to escape.”

“I thought I had died. But I, happened to obtain a certain thing left behind by the homeowner by sheer luck. That thing left behind by that madman was, the eye of the malicious spirit.” Qi Yunxiu face became extremely unsightly. That memory was obviously a very unpleasant experience for him, “They were the ones who died in the end. Not long after that, I managed to get out of that instanced.”

“This eye of mine really belongs to a malicious spirit. Even if it’s part of me now, I don’t know when he will lose control.” Qi Yunxiu said, “Moreover, maybe this eye really has the ability to bring disaster. Since then on, all the people who have approached me, whether they intended to exploit me or to cooperate with me, have all died in the end.”

“Did you tell me about this, because you want me to keep a distance?” Gu Wuji asked.

Qi Yunxiu’s body stiffened, but still turned his head then replied in a low voice: “I respect your decision.”

“I won’t leave.” Gu Wuji said.

Qi Yunxiu turned his head abruptly, with a complex expression, as if he was moved, but also as if he was a bit angry. His lips trembled, but he still said nothing in the end.

“I’ll go to wherever you go to.” Gu Wuji said this, then walked to his side in a few steps, as if to show his determination.

It took Qi Yunxiu quite some time to recover, before stating in a solemn tone: “I-, I will certainly make sure you don’t encounter something like that.”

“After all, you’re already my friend. How could I possibly leave my friend because of such thing?” Gu Wuji added on.

Besides, let alone something like an eye of a malicious spirit that he mentioned at the beginning…… he had even seen a malicious spirit that was actually capable of collecting stamps.


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